Jerusalem 1000–1400: Every People Under Heaven | Met Exhibitions

(din of crowd) (single piano note plays) MELANIE HOLCOMB: In this period
from 1000 to 1400, the whole world is looking
at Jerusalem. “Every People Under Heaven”
is more than just Jews, Muslims,
and Christians. It’s every people
you can imagine, from Scandinavia to Spain,
from England to Ethiopia, all coming together
in this space not much larger than midtown Manhattan. HOLCOMB: Part of what makes it
a magical place is really that complication. It’s all about
all of those peoples there from around the world, investing it
with their own traditions, their own beliefs, their own
artistic sensibilities. The exhibition is really
about Jerusalem as an inspiration
for works of art, but we also have works of art
made by people who never lay eyes on the city. It’s not Jerusalem
on the ground, but that Jerusalem of
the spiritual imagination. BOEHM: There’s everything from a prayer book made for
an Armenian queen and princess to capitals from Nazareth
with saints and demons, and there are manuscript
illuminations. HOLCOMB: This includes Bibles,
exquisitely illuminated Qu’rans, Hebrew manuscripts. This is your opportunity
to get a sense of why that city has held such an important place
in the history of humankind. And we suspect people who will
be visiting this exhibition will come with something
in their mind about what they expect to find. We hope that they will find
what they’re looking for, but that they will also find
something they didn’t expect. (music playing softly) (music fades out)

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