Jim Crow Museum Documentary Ferris State

(soft jazz music)>>(narrator)
In the 1830s, Thomas Rice, a white minstrel
entertainer, created a stage character
named “Jim Crow” who mocked and
belittled blacks. Later, Jim Crow became
a name for the system of racial segregation that operated from the
1870s to the 1960s. Jim Crow laws,
customs, and etiquette denied blacks basic
human rights. This oppression was aided by
thousands of material objects that portrayed blacks as
negative caricatures. (jazz music) (door creaking)>>The lecture that
most people get when they come to the
Jim Crow Museum is objective. They get the
sociologist me. My graduate school
professors would be proud. It is dispassioned. It is objective. In other words,
it’s killing me. When I was 12 years old,
I saw a Mammy piece at a flea market. I don’t remember
exactly what it was. I think it was probably
a salt and pepper shaker, but I’m not
certain. What I am certain
of, however, is that I purchased the piece,
which was cheap at that time– purchased the piece, and then
broke it in front of the person. I don’t think it was
a philosophical thing. I think I just didn’t
like the piece.
(ceramic breaking) At some point– and I
don’t remember when– I started collecting the
items and not breaking them. I remember, in my teenage
years, always having two, or three, or four,
or five pieces. I have been collecting
these racist items for over
three decades. I’ve only been angry
three times. On one occasion, which
was in the mid-1980s, I came upon
this piece. This piece was originally
produced in 1916 and it shows a
young black child, softly caricatured. It is an ink ad. And if you look closely,
you’ll notice it says, “Nigger Milk.” On this occasion,
I saw the piece. It cost $22, which, for a racist memorabilia,
it was not very expensive. And I went to the clerk, and
on the receipt she wrote, “black print.” And I said, “No, I want
you to write what it says. “It says
‘Nigger Milk.’ “I want you to
write what it says. “Please write
‘Nigger Milk’ on there.” She refused, and we had a
little bit of an argument. Actually, I owe
her an apology. Sometimes, when people come
in, I seem so detached, and they think that the material
doesn’t bother me any more. But, as this incident
demonstrates, yeah, it continues
to bother me. Black children are often
portrayed as naked, not possessing modesty.
(light music) They are presented as
equivalence of animals. They are shown
on all fours. They are ragged. The little boys are presented
as miniature Sambos, the little girls as female
Topsys or other picaninnies. They are even
sexualized. Here, you have a child who
appears to be ten years of age, and yet she is
shown pregnant. (music) I’ve noticed when people
come into the Jim Crow Museum that they have a need to
create psychological distance. They do that primarily
in four ways. Some people
come in here… they go over and find
the least offensive item in the museum,
and then they say, “What’s wrong
with this?” They skip the other
4,000 pieces, and they say, “Well, this
is an image of blacks “that’s positive
in some way.” And then, what some people do
when they come in here, in order to create distance,
what they say is, “Well, we never
had it in our home. “Therefore, this
is irrelevant. “I don’t know
about that. “I’ve never seen
this before. “This is the first time
I’ve ever seen it.” Other people come in and
they say, “You know what? “These are items all
produced 100 years ago, “or 75, or
50 years ago.” Again, trying to
create some distance. What I say to them is, “Yes,
but, if you look closely, “you’ll notice that many of
these items produced in here “were produced in
the last decade.” Others come in, they go
to the Klan material, and they think
to themselves, “You see, I’m not a
member of the clan. “I don’t belong to some
right-winged fascist group. “Therefore, these items–
they don’t reflect who I am. “They don’t reflect
how I think.” And what I try to
explain to them is this– that the Klan operates
because of this. Without all of
these images– you see, these are
the fertile ground that produce
the Klan. The Klan simply represents
the far end of a continuum. The same continuum has Mammy,
and Sambo, and picaninny at other points. Here, we have an 1896 portrait
of African-American children. Look at them. You’ll notice that
they are naked. That nakedness implies
that they’re not as human. And it is summarized
in the bottom caption, which reads,
“Alligator Bait.” The idea that blacks
were bait for animals, especially alligators, has a long history in
everyday material items. Here, I have
a pencil. Here, we’re making fun of
African-American people and also equating them
with lower life forms. We have here a “Little African
Licorice Drops” advertisement. This is from
the 1920s. But, notice
beneath it, there is a 10 piece,
which is a reproduction, which was done
in the past decade. There is a company in Ohio
which makes these, as we speak. It is very common
for individuals to take old flat images
of African-Americans. Negative,
racist images, that were found
on postcards, found on trade cards,
or labels. And then, recreate them,
for example, a mouse pad. In this shelf, we have the
so-called “Coon” image. And we also have the “Tom”
or “Uncle Tom” caricature. The Coon shows blacks as
being lazy and trifling, dumb. I think the prototypical
Hollywood example of the Coon caricature
would be Stepin Fetchit. (doing impression)
“I’z be goin’ home now, boss.” That is that old Coon image
which was born during slavery, like many of these images were,
and just refuses to die. We also have the kind of
“Tom” image or “Tom” caricature. And that is the caricature
of black American men as being contented, loyal,
happy, asexual servants. And we see that,
for example, with Rastus of
Cream of Wheat fame. There were over 2,000
Cream of Wheat ads. You’ll notice that Rastus
is almost always smiling. He is well dressed. He is clean. He is contented. But you’ll also notice that
he has been desexualized. In other words, you
rarely see his groin area. There’s usually something
blocking that area. He is “safe.” And I think that’s
the thing to remember about a number of
the old caricatures, is that they
were “safe.” The Tom caricature
is the male counterpart of the Mammy
caricature.>>This is
quite unusual. It is Aunt Jemima. The string and tab
are always missing.>>Okay.>>Fun-to-Wash– one of the
famous commercial Mammys. Not as famous
as Aunt Jemima… but a famous one. Look at her lips. They’re not red. Oh, no. They’re pink. She’s happy. She’s happy
to serve. Happy to stay
in her place. When I grew up
in Mobile, the black women go
over to west Mobile and they
clean houses. We had a term for those–
it was called “daywork.” You see all the women
going to daywork. They’d sit out there,
waiting for the bus. Going to clean
somebody else’s house. And I was around
those women. My aunts were a part
of those women. And I can tell
you this much, they never thought
it was fun to wash.>>They always depict the
happy, you know, working–>>Working servant.
>>Yeah.>>She’s still happy
to be your servant. She’s happy to
be the slave.>>Jim Crow images
don’t die. In the case of
black Americans, new images are created
all the time. This is a
brand new item. I purchased it in
a specialty shop. It’s a bean bag. This is a prized
collectible. I’m not sure
what this is. You can see the
fascination and repulsion with black
sexuality here. I do a lot of sensitivity
training sessions. The participants write
25-word placards.>>I got no Mammy! I got a mother.>>I like to give
them this banner. Almost to a person
what they do…

100 thoughts on “Jim Crow Museum Documentary Ferris State

  1. This is an excellent video. People need to be educated. This is as much American history as anything. this should be on primetime television. Look at our countries history!!! LOOK AT IT!!! Now lets talk about it. This is incredible.

  2. There are far more museums that show the contributions of Blacks to the world. This museum is rare. This museum, may be the most instrumental in exposing the evils behind our media. These images breed illogical fear and hatred of blacks. The Nazi's produced this same type of propaganda against Jews. If anyone should lead the charge studying this, its blacks. These images have effected our self image for decades.

  3. Never really had any problems with the Aunt Jemima character. I always thought her image meant that if you bought the grits or pancake mix, you'd be able to cook as good as she can!

  4. White people on a large scale,are truly disgusting creatures.
    So much obsession over a race of people that they claim are beneath them.
    Just plain SICK……..

  5. yeap…..I cant wait to start a white persons museum. It will be great, walking on the moon, getting a job, not going to jail, throwing salt shakers at broke colored peoples heads!

  6. While this makes me sick it also makes me want to continue to work hard at uplifting my community and destroying the stereo types that this country has put upon us.

  7. You know what your right. I think I should bring up some old wounds and instigate things like you do. Maybe I'll make a museum like this fellow did. How does a museum dedicated to the supressment of the Isrealites by the BLACK Egyptians sound? I mean, it was only thousands of years ago but I think we need to stir things up again according to your logic, dumbass.

  8. What about white stereo types harold3032 has about whites? Such as needing Viagra and the use of the word "cracker." Maybe you could destroy a few of those stereotypes while your at it.

  9. I have no problem with that at all. I actually believe in destroying all stereo types but, if someone saying that white men need viagara pisses you off…….. need I say more.

  10. Old wounds Poda just last week here in philly a white club denied black children the right to come in there pool. Yes a public pool. Old wounds also last week the police arrested a black man a prominent black man in his own home although he had I.D. because of a buglary call. I wont trade words with you over the internet because I see you like to insult racially which is something I cant believe you would do if you met me face to face.

  11. Hey Hemroids, what about the blacks that have come over here since emancipation? Like the ones that have flocked to this country to escape constant warfare in Africa or Haiti for persuit of better lives? Did those come over on slave ships too when slavery hasn't existed for 140 some years?! Why don't you think before you get your ass in the air. For your information I am where my folks came from and I don't appreciate you calling my people Indians, its Native American asswipe.

  12. Since when I have I insulted anyone on this video racially? I'm the one thats been called redneck, cracker, inbred, etc. Just please name 1 time I have done that. This is something I can't believe YOU WOULD DO if you met me face to face. Also the stories you have passed along to me are just more instances of "dramatized" self pity. You fail to mention that there were black children that were not denied along with those that were. Also the police would have nabbed him even if he was white.

  13. The police do it all the time. They have the right to hold anyone with no charges for up to 48 hours under suspicion. You fail to realize that the police think it's their job to make a big deal out of nothing so that it accomplishes nothing in the end. They gotta keep up appearances and therefore would have arrested anyone regardless of race.

  14. Also when did I say the Isrealites were WHITE? I CLEARLY DID NOT. Just another subliminal slip up of yours based on fallacies of how evil the whites are. I was just giving an example of Blacks being the oppressor proving that every race has had it's share in oppressing another.

  15. Cleaning up WHAT?! I haven't seen any of this shit until somone decided to dedicate a fucking museum to it. Your not cleaning up anything, just stirring shit up. Let it go.

  16. thats what it does for me too. i don't get mad and want t beat up a white when i see this – i just wanna prove them wrong.

  17. You may be confusing the KKK with the masons. Albert Pike was an avid mason, and had some distant ideals of his own, but his involvement with the Klan is undefined, and more importantly undocumented.

  18. "…If the Democrats could win these counties in 1870, they would most likely win statewide. Before the election, several prominent Republicans were killed, including a white state senator, whose throat was cut, and a leading black Unionist League organizer, who was hanged in the courthouse with a sign pinned to his breast: "Bewar, ye guilty, both black and white." "…The violence worked. in 1870 some 12,000 fewer Republicans voted…"

    This is from The American People College Text book of 2009

  19. Yes, they were Democrats, back when the Democrats were the conservative party, and the Republicans were the liberals.

  20. Pardon me, when the Republican Party was made up mostly of liberal politicians and the Democrats were made of mostly of conservative politicans.

  21. Where were our African descendants held in slavery until the civil war and by men of what party ? You see alot of these families talk about a christian history in their families. But the bible says that any one who hates someone is the same equivalent as a murderer and they have no eternal life in them. Thus they get a sad suprise when they cease breathing. 1st John 2:9-12, 1st John 3:11-15

  22. Albert Pike held the office of Chief Justice of the KKK while he was simultaneously Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Masonry, in the Southern Jurisdiction.

    freemasonrywatch(D O T) org/albertpikeandkkk(D O T) ht ml

    As well, if he never was KKK, he declares in Morals & Dogma, that the god of the Freemason is LUCIFER.

  23. When FDR ran for his second term and won. He switched platforms and he didn't use the philosophy of either party's platform. He use the socialist platform. And that drove the majority of all the conservatives from the democratic party.

  24. Well, we know Islam came into Africa by the Sword.. and we know that before European slavery, there was the Arab Slave Trade which was a HUMONGOUS holocaust of Africans.
    Africa has 4000 years of history PRIOR to foreign occupation & destruction. Check out Chancellor William's destruction of Black Civilization! Its fascinating. If you need it, PM me.

  25. so Martin Luther King JR was a Democrat ? IKE Eisenhower never integrated the High schools in little Rock? Ronald Reagan Never made Martin luther King JR Day ? JUST might might want to check your facts again.

  26. omfg y is every1 just commenting on politics after watching this unbelievable video what i n every1 else saw was a sad time u.s, history i cant believe my ppl went thru this

  27. When people are filled with demoic spirits and possessed by Satan what do you expect ? It has and can happen on any continent with and group of people.

  28. MLK was a republican back before the likes of Goldwater defined the party and the dixiecrats fled in mass to the republicans because the democrats passed the Civil Rights Act

    Eisenhower didn't desegregate Little Rock, SCOTUS did. Ike gave the students protection, and good for him, but his administration did drag its feet on civil rights in general.

    Gov. Reagan supported racist housing ordinances, don't act like he was a friend to black people because of a meaningless token gesture.

  29. Are you able to Support FDR choice to detain Japanese-American during WWII? Can you Support Roosevelt (R) Spanish war? And can you Explain to me Why the Big Industry
    North was supporting Republicans during and after the civil war OR can you Accept that there is no such thing as an conservative / liberal party

  30. @ ttowntom
    "Yes, its nearly as ugly as the pasts of most European, Asian, or most of all, African nations."

    That is infantile reasoning ttowntom, also inaccurate. The curator made it clear in the video that the hateful garbage was still being made.

    Raise up your young-ens to hate folks different from them and to be proud of their willful ignorance. Remain strong in your simple religion; Your deity must detest everyone but your group.

  31. @str8guerillaz ,Proved what ? Obama was the hightest elect offical ever in America , is that done by hate, guilt or a major break in the race divide ?

  32. The world needs to see how ignorant those so called Americans were. Oh lord how sad it is when someone's brain is full of shit! It's so so sad…

  33. The baby sipping ink piece is the most horrifying.

    But I do enjoy irreverent humour and… Ghettopoly? Really so bad? I recall first seeing it in my HMV, which AFAIK has no reputation as a racist shop. It's only a film and music chain also selling bits and pieces like games and posters, and the staff look like art students. I thought the idea of a family game like Monopoly in a gun and drug-ridden gangland setting might be bleakly comical. Have never played it though. Is it actually shocking?

  34. this would put even the nazis to shame. racism is still a way of life in small southern towns. they just tarnish the image of southerners who for the most part are wonderful people. I've had a great time living in Texas for 4 years!

  35. @yonisfarah those items existence are important to have around BECAUSE THEY EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE, and even more important to realize that they are still widely produced. it's important because people try to distance themselves from the facts, like this man is saying, and to destroy these items would be to hide the fact that this type of thing is still accepted. it also keeps past atrocities fresh in your mind. you may forgive, but you never EVER forget. these items make that solid statement.

  36. It seems like there will always be people who feel the need to put so much energy into hating other racial and religious groups. Native Americans, Blacks, Catholics, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, etc…

  37. @castletriglav You're comment was really stupid. Not only do you not know a damn thing about what your writing, but you are ignorant enough to forget that people in the Americas before European contact had built entire empires that would have made the Europeans of the 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16th century look like primitive fools. Please stop being so proud of knowing so little. It is truly pathetic.

  38. I think this man is still unreasonably upset at a time in our American history that has past. There is no use in digging up the past for means of reverse discrimination.

  39. There is a fine line that seems to get crossed when African Americans are drawn or otherwise portrayed… Clearly most of that stuff was meant to belittle and is abhorrent. But sometimes people just look for the slightest thing because they WANT to be pissed off.

  40. Jim Crow made the streets safe a nights, it made high school grads literate, it made America the strongest nation in the world. Diversity is weakness.

  41. I read that Woopie Goldberg collects Jim Crow stuff. My father lived in the south and told me stories how he would buy sandwiches for the "colored folks" because they couldn't go into a store or restaurant and they would ask my dad to buy the food for them. He would. Now this was probably in the 30's.

  42. @TheSoulOfGenius What does "reverse discrimination" have to do with this? White people have no business "thinking" how grown black men, or women, should feel. There's a lawn jockey by the road just a few miles from my house–our "past" American history is alive and well.

  43. The irony is that most whites could not vote under jim crow than blacks when it was first started. These images are digusting!

  44. @Xantheus07 I don't find it funny as much as interesting that people's ideas can evolve with time. To go from supporting slavery to being a "party for the people" isn't something to be laughed at, but rather seen as a triumph for the progress of humanity. It's the people who refuse to accept change and move forward that I think we should all be worried about.

  45. The idea that Rice and Dixon were specifically mocking African Americans is an oversimplification. Economically and socially these originators of blackface minstrelsy identified more with African Americans than they did elite whites. This isn't to say that this form of entertainment wasn't racial, but rather that the originators were relatively less racial than often perceived.

  46. Of course there was (and is) racism in the US North and Canada, but it's almost unbelieveable that segregation was codified and made 'legal' in the US South…

  47. @epmer31 DO tell how 'Jim Crow' made high school grads literate (I assume you mean 'white grads' but even that makes no sense) and made the streets safe at night… I'd REALLY love to hear your logic on this, not, of course I'd insult you by saying you're logical…

  48. how bout coming into the present moment ? sounds like your playing the role of being a "Race Hustler" man, get real. I have spoken.

  49. Rankism occurs in every race dude. The further back in time, the worse was. Get over it. It happened. Move on. We have a black president.

  50. @BiracialGirl1977 In the 70s if you had a tiny bit of black in you you were black. Period. Obama is married to a black woman so he identifies with being black. Now we are so diverse that it is all in style…..except fat and ignorant. People treat you the way you represent yourself. I know that there are steriotypes until you get to know someone but they are due to statistics. THe old time racism is something to be laughed at.

  51. @BiracialGirl1977 Please go ask your parents if they had to put up any with racism when they married/dated or if all the white people connected with them. Girl we are the melting pot of the world now. If you don't have Black in you or Mexican or Chinese or Jew, then youre gay, transgender, homely or learning disabled. Just get educated and do your best. .

  52. @viyer00 Gosh you're a nut. I am equating the rankism that goes with the treatment that the learning disabled have to put up with and the rankism that the transgender have to put up with. I could even compare the rankism of both of those things to the rankism of the last ham sandwich you ate that was once an innocent animal. Just get a job and a degree. Work hard. Biracial people are physically gorgeous anyway. Be happy you have your health and quit looking to pull the race card. Peace.

  53. I am in no way racist, I have a best friend whose black. But is it wrong that some of the things in this video made me laugh?? lol

  54. The cool thing is that people like 50 cent now do the job of being jim crow, they dont even need to put a white man into blackface now.

  55. People like you are the reason I don't have white friends. Some of the most disgusting racists have black "friends".

  56. Do you laugh at the holicaust too? Its ok if you laugh, history repeats itself. You ancestors bought them too laugh. You will laugh but you dont have the balls to put them in your home.

  57. Right wing fascist group? so you want to stop bigotry with falsehoods and your own spin? now you will be able to look back into history and find many bigots, from the left and the right however the lions share was democrats that passed Jim Crow laws, segregation and hell let's not forget one of the Democrat Senators that just passed away a very short time ago that was a MEMBER OF THE KKK, Senator Robert Byrd. To bad you just derailed your message! SAD…

  58. The Jim Crow Museum has moved to a larger facility. To take a visual tour of the new facility please search "New Jim Crow Museum" on youtube.

  59. I’m a black American woman and this man sounds stupid, I’m not saying some of the pics are not offensive, but you just making up negative stories off the top of your head to paint 🎨 a negative picture at add fuel the the fire, theses are painted pictures and figurines, go paint some negative pics of Jim Crow in a negative way, and stop crying😭, I’m so sick😷 of these same cry baby stories! let’s talk about today the present real living people😊.
    P.S. all black people ain’t African

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