John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 1976 VOSE

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] did you hear that and in the local news six youth gang members were killed in a shootout last night with police in South Los Angeles Police Commissioner Davidson called a news conference earlier this morning to comment on the shooting as police commissioner of Los Angeles County I have called this emergency news conference we have a crisis the juvenile gang problem is completely out of control the missing automatic weapons have not been recovered we now have a lead which shows as some of the weapons have fallen into the wrong hands it’s true that law enforcement is being driven to deplorable extremes but those guns are out there and believe me if the people who have them get organized no one will stand the chance commissioner Davidson also said that several weapons have been but honest cholo for the six [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] one of you 90 this is lieutenant Bishop an unmarked vehicle requesting assignment staff seven there captain Collins hello there I’m surprised to hear your voice sir one of you ninety okay seekers have been on the job exactly four minutes proceed to precinct nine division 13 and take over from captain Gordon Anderson precinct well they’re closing it down nothing for me to do there except scare the packing crates w9t yes sir proceeding to precinct 9 division 13 soccer this way weather sure give you some sweet job better than some carrying a bus law to hate is not my idea of better than anything says wells and Cornell I see all right I just got a little cold well where’s well we got him in a special room this is napoleon Wilson got a smoke close the door I want you to know something Wilson now I don’t enjoy driving anybody to death row you try anything anything I got two guards with shotguns and I’ll blow you apart sure could use a smoke I understand me Wilson you mumble a little bit I get the general idea let’s go to the brain out of the chair I don’t sit in chairs well let you do get him up come on jealousy you Wilson you get all this VIP treatment here they let me walk around almost free hey what you got a smoke on you yeah I’m not gonna give it to you why not not good for you smoking can kill you you don’t like competition huh you think your real fantasy don’t you I have moments I knock off the talking let’s move okay if I stretch a minute you gotta chain me to a seat and drive for hours we get to Senora you’re gonna chain me in a cell maybe for as long as 90 years change is all I got to look forward to and I Wilson I gotta miss you it’s not the truth warden now you should always tell the truth even little white lie sometimes crippled man up you don’t stand up as good as he used to [Applause] [Music] and the Sun spotting caused an unusual east the early six year the spell known to be members of a South Los Angeles gang known as Street Thunder Davidson also commented on the interracial [Music] alright let’s go over this again now what are you gonna tell Margaret I forget you’re gonna say Margaret I want you to come up and live with us now that fred is gone I want you to come live with us now that fred is dead god we have a big spare room all ready for you we had a big spare room all ready for you and I told my daddy if you don’t come up and live with us that I’m gonna run away from home she’ll never buy that okay drop that one Danny yeah I’m hungry you’d rather eat and get your nanny out of this horrible neighborhood well I know it’s stayed in there better if I had something to eat it was that Street I can never seem to find that Street why don’t we ask them Bonaire place I think it’s down here this blocks C which says the policeman is always there to answer questions and to help you when you’re in trouble obviously this is Seward he’s never taken any big steps outside of the 6th grade they’re not in any trouble [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah hello I’m lieutenant Bishop yes sir one moment I’ll tell the captain you’re here hello lieutenant hi I’m Lea Ethan bishop this is Julie hello Julie hello things are quiet for a change you took over at the right time apparently what are you moving they shut off the phones in the electricity at 10:00 tomorrow morning that sounds pretty final would you like some coffee lieutenant yes thank you just made some fresh I’ll get you Thanks hello seven eight one four no I’m sorry the precinct has been relocated let me give you the new number seven three four three six one two you’re welcome the phone company should be doing this they’re supposed to cut in at five o’clock hello may I speak to Supervisor 12 please black for over 30 years I’m sorry two sugars I grew up four blocks from you was about four or five my father sent me in here one day with a note detective read it and said we lock up little boys who can’t behave when he went to call my father I carved something on the top of his desk the letter opener for months I was afraid he might see didn’t come after me why did your father send you in here for using foul language in the presence of my mother what did you carve on the desk kind of advance for a little kid your father somebody obviously got you out of Anderson early enough the captain like to see you man we can be right there by the way no one took me out of Anderson when I was a baby I walked out myself when I was 20 enjoy your new police station I will thanks for the coffee then double your patrols go ahead send them up there don’t call over here every time another division stubbed his toe what a night we’ve had a 312 every 15 minutes 12 stolen cars three burglaries eight aggravated assaults and is not even eight o’clock could be the sunspots pressure on the atmosphere I heard it on the radio seven o’clock I’m going over to the new station on Ellen Dale you take over here till Weaver comes in at four o’clock all you do is answer the telephone and send over any strays maybe some still think this is a police station are there any facilities left over here a couple of cells and a bathroom I don’t understand why this place is still open well it is and it isn’t lieutenant result of transition I really think someone in the central office wanted to give you something special on your first night out that show got around fast [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m going to talk to Wilson watch me no mind if I said on a minute or two dings got a smoke on you you asked me before now I never got a definite answer I don’t smoke that’s a definite answer another one gone and you’re in my position days are like women each one is so goddamn precious you’ll always end up leaving here what do you want why do I have to want something here cop you’re either curious about me you want to give me some shit I don’t understand you well furious you’re not a you’re not a psychopath you’re not stupid I am an asshole [Music] yeah take everything away from me why did you kill those men [Music] everybody asked me the same question I always tell them the same thing first time I ever saw a preacher he said to me son something strange about you you got something to do it Dan man real young I believe turned out he was right there’s no answer I thought it was pretty good where’d you get a name like I’ll tell you sometime when what I’m dying best to be there when you’re done [Music] very sick but the warden said it was only a cold the man is sick how long till we get this Senora another six hours we got to stop it’s a closest precinct Anderson [Music] it’s got soul to Pine Harris daddy daddy daddy ice cream man wait a second Margaret [Music] [Music] [Music] can I speak with Lex we’ve had I’m close the music’s to play please can I get an ice cream what flavor the little twist geez come on come on I’ll give you my money just don’t hurt me please please [Music] hey this is regular vanilla I wanted vanilla twist okay Margaret I’ll see you in a few minutes [Music] but [Music] in the drop under the dash [Music] oh hello Dennett the special officer starker ethan bishop i’m on my way to sonora with three prisoners about a half an hour ago one of them got pretty sick i think it’s serious what is it well I don’t know but I’d like to put them in your holding tanks until I can call a doctor I guess you didn’t see the sign well the station isn’t here anymore it’s being relocated well yeah but you’re here waiting with electricity to go off in the morning are you telling me that I can’t put them in your holding tanks if you just get back on the main Boulevard go about ten blocks I don’t have a lot of time to discuss it now if what that man has in the bus is infectious then all of us will have it now the sooner we put them in the holding tanks and I get on the phone and call a doctor okay bring them in [Music] [Music] isn’t that overdoing it a little paulien Wilson no kidding got a smoke no sorry well you see one floating around snag it for me with maybe a sick man back just passing through I have to admit it Wilson you do have some fancy moves for a man in leg irons [Music] come on and pull yourself together come on speak up speak up who did not have action for a closed-down station oh he’s up a little cheney can’t talk he says that somebody followed operator I have been waiting 10 minutes coffee break get him off the coffee break yes I can’t continue Olli police doctors just cause nobody out there let’s try to Janey help me dig into the captain’s office hello I just got cut off you have a blanket somewhere yeah you wrap them up make sure he stays warm I’ll call the doctor oh good luck I mean first I and I got put on roll then I got cut off and now I can’t even get a dial tone they didn’t cut you off what are you talking about steady maybe the company set it off early that’s it I’m leaving lieutenant you run the station like chicken night in Turkey thanks a lot he was mumbling something about his daughter being shot where I don’t know he still can hardly talk what about the phone now what power failure the street lights are still on I’ll call Ellendale on the two-way in my car Janie just fell down he didn’t fall he was shot what could tell if he was still alive but there wasn’t any sound they’re using silencers there in those trees over there why would anybody shoot at a police station stocker lock the doors stay down away from the windows you’re not gonna let us sit in here at least geez [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] leave [Music] I want you to stay on the window I’ll be right back you both all right fabulous as usual what’s happening out there hey come on we got a right to know what’s happening hey left out again life just seems to pass us by I think they’re gone I can’t see anything is it a back way out that’s the whole point there’s a door at the rear blocked off back there how come there’s a big wall with the barbed-wire fence around it the only way out from the back is to come around front come with me what about the houses behind the wall empty all the houses and decker condemned and boarded up no one lives nearby anymore there are two houses at the end of the block how far are they from the station five six hundred yards [Applause] that means no one nearby heard anything that’s impossible they’re using silences no gunshots the only sounds of the windows breaking well somebody could have heard that I really think they’re gone I mean take a look found a box of magnesium flares no flare gun figures try to get that over nothing but a goddamn thing move in and see if you’ll just look outside you’re gone look I can’t get this open damn thing’s solid well what are you doing with that thing we should be figuring a way to get out of you got any suggestions huh we want to stay here and hold until somebody comes okay we’re in the middle of a city inside a police station someone’s gone to drive by eventually I may take 15-20 minutes they’ll come doesn’t look like they cut our phone lines we’re still connected to the pole I bet they took out a whole pool down the block what does that mean the phone lines are down in the area no one nearby can call them but doesn’t the phone company automatically know where there’s a line down wait a minute there they are [Music] they’ve set up a roadblock someone’s coming [Music] [Music] what does that mean I think we’ve just been marked for something let me guess what it is this is the siege it’s a goddamn siege he’s the one they want why don’t we give him to them well don’t give me that civilized look this is my station tonight he came in here for help he’s gonna get all the help we can give him very nice lieutenant thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Julie [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well said better barricade that door give me a hand Wells you watch the front and the two offices [Music] [Music] you saved my life twice now twice first time outside by the bus I figured that was a mistake on your part so I let it go then you did it again when you pulled us out of the cells you must be serious about keeping me alive I want all of us alive this time I know somebody hurt us there’ll be squad cars here in five minutes [Music] suddenly if a stray bullet and hit this come look at this how is it I can’t move it and it hurts like a son of bitch that was close timing in there you were good if I’d been any good in here maybe she’d still be alive he moved the cars I can’t believe it they parked them where they were before why’d they do that I’m a distance the street looks normal like nothing happened like nothing happened they gunned down five police officers a secretary one prisoner we kill a dozen of them and that’s nothing happened where are the bodies I took him away how they do it so fast maybe they got the good fairy to help him you really are smartass prison bus is gone and so are the bodies they dragged girls darker away too bad I promise to tell him something what’s going on what are they doing out there they’re hiding every single sign that there’s been a an attack on this building now what I want to know is what started all of this you came running in here Jesus Christ 30 minutes ago all of this about one man don’t forget the cholo they delivered it to us cholo you look like somebody spit in your socks no one said anything about the cholo all right all right what does it mean what does it mean means they don’t care they’re not afraid to die any of them they want to rip us apart no matter what it costs it means to the death how do you know so much about it I’d spent some time in a cell with one of them crazy young bastards once this can’t happen in the middle of a city not today unless pinched each other and wake up there was gunfire for a minute and a half two minutes I can’t believe no one heard us maybe they heard it what do they see an empty street empty police station maybe somebody from the new precinct will come by anyway in the meantime I’ve got this plan now it’s called save ass the way it works is this I said about on one of these windows and I run like a bastard Wells you know I can’t let you do that I’m not asking you to let me they’ll cut you down before you get 10 feet you’re on his side welcome no sides to it we’re all together I’ve been shot once tonight I don’t feel like a second time I just wanted to say one thing to you before you jump out that window when they drag you off I’ll lean out and ask them if they wouldn’t mind saying a little prayer as they dump you in some vacant lot next to the five other police officers and your sick handcuffed friend I go through all that and his gun isn’t even loaded damn silencer very close timing you are good sometimes problem is he’s not alone god damn thing’s got three shots left in us Wilson three rounds Lee two shots if there’s any spare ammunition around here I don’t know where it is anybody got a smoke got a life 1×5 we have a series of reports of firecrackers indoor gunfire between ninth amour the telephone service is still out of moderate from Warren to Vermont telephone repair vehicle does not respond to radio communication Jesus Christ we got a war going on down here we can’t find the damn thing this is unit 7 we’re making a rapid circuit of quadrant 4 everything looks quiet and nothing unusual to report it this time I’m gonna make another full circuit suggest backup vehicles and helicopter surveillance over 1 X 5 as soon as other units are available they expect just to find anything without kamenka it’s that damn Saturday night overload this is unit 7 10-4 hey don’t you wanna check that Street let’s Gramercy wasn’t yeah nothing down there but the old station what I want to cruise it it’ll work you guys are crazy you sure about the basement I’m sure what if you’re wrong I said I was sure what if you’re wrong I’ve worked here for five years I ought to know the place that’s pretty good to me looks like hell it’s all we got who goes I gotta tell you I don’t know how to hotwire a car I’m a cop between me and snow white shit shit shit what’s wrong we haven’t flipped a coin yet I’m gonna lose you got a bad attitude Wells I always lose that bad luck all my life how do you think I ended up in here maybe it’ll change it mind if we don’t flip a coin let’s do something else what potato’s a 4 5 a 6 a 7 more hate their 90-day temporary 11 kids my ass and go to heaven why oh you smell you I told you I’d lose god damn we’re gonna do it again Hey there wasn’t time welcome she’s out of it all right if I can do it with one arm still no sign of them let’s get moving you want me to show you where it is I’ll take him down you stay up here it’s right next to the furnace you can’t miss it nobody gonna wish me luck good luck look at that two cups wishing me luck I’m doomed if I feed down to the sewer 20 yards straight ahead to the man all right what I want to know is what the hell is the difference between this and what I was gonna do 10 minutes ago no difference but you stopped me then why not now one thing when you get out of here make sure you call the cops before you take off for the border huh now what makes you think I’d do that I’ll see you Wilson [Music] at basements not a bad place to be if they come at us again the only way ends down that long narrow hallway we might be able to hold them back for a couple of minutes we’d be trapped down there we’re not gonna last up here with only eight shots between us the upstairs is out wide open up there someone will come man with faith a rare quality what about you I’ve never had too much faith in anyone coming to my rescue maybe you’ve been associating with the wrong people I’ve been with policemen for five years that’s enough to grow hair on a rock and you I believe in one man hey is there still clear ooh what the hell is he waiting for he’s clear in front [Music] move damn it he’s out go you son of a bitch they’ve seen him [Music] [Applause] [Music] maybe it was just the window-breaking bitches too bad whales you never got to see the border we better get down in that basement we’re out of time out of ammunition just like Wells we’re out of luck take a look let’s go [Music] we can make one last and take that sign put it down the end of the hallway and help us stand them off whatever use the holding back with anything we can find you still have a gun two shots do I save it for the two of us you save them for the first two assholes who come through that vent they’re bound to sing wells come up out of the manhole what do I use on the rest of them they come climbing through then you left a wing it none of us know who he is what happened to him or what he’s done he could be anybody or anything I’m curious about one thing just one no there are other things but at the moment this one interests me the most what’s it why don’t you come through that head and take off down the sewer in the other direction are there two things a man should never run from even if they cost him his life one is a man who’s helpless and can’t run with you what’s the other come in a minute we’ll sin’ very least of our problems as we’ve run out of time it’s an old story with me I was born out of time settling tank magnesium flares we strap the flares onto the tank ditalion both up on that plate I stand on the doorway with my rifle I shoot the flares they ignite the tank we blow the hell everybody in this hallway yeah what’s gonna keep it from blowing the hell out of us you hold up that sign front of the door for cover can you hit it from there I got three shots that’s enough can’t argue with a confident man [Music] this is unit seven we’ve just checked the fire lane between Gramercy and Imperial dark quiet and deserted request instructions over what are those cars doing over there there’s supposed to be a few people on duty they’ve been moving things out of there for the past couple of weeks they’re probably between here in the new station we’re wasting time here I don’t know [Music] this is unit 7 still nothing unusual to report we cannot locate the source of the gunfire repeat request for immediate helicopter surveillance over this is unit 7 10-4 something wrong here would you listen to this it’s starting to rain just what we need something funny about that old station back there it’s not rained this is unit seven emergency to all precincts and vehicles emergency emergency Molotov cocktails and set the goddamn place on fire this is it [Music] sorry kind of pretty can I ask a question being a cop I figured you’d get around to it eventually how did you find me named boudin Moussa I’ll tell you sometime tell me argue with a man [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] anybody got a smoke [Music] [Music] we have a stretcher for you miss [Music] miss get away from would be a privilege if you’d walk outside with me I know I would you’re pretty fancy was them I have moments [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

45 thoughts on “John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 1976 VOSE

  1. Really a masterpiece in police action. Excelente dirección, música, fotografía y guión, incluso hoy se siente tan fresca y original. Con una atmósfera atrapante. Una película de sobrevivencia, donde de verdad se siente las escasez de recursos y la dificultad por salir adelante. Contestataria y políticamente incorrecta en ciertos aspectos: el padre que venga la muerte de su niña; el policía afroamericano, -surgido de ese mismo guetto, por sus propios medios-, que se covierte en héroe en su primera noche; el prisionero por asesinato que se redime a sí mismo y se gana el respeto de su compañero policía y la bella secretaria de la comisaría que demuestra más serenidad, valor y destreza que el resto de los compañeros de la comisaría (a quiénes sobrevive, y se convierte en la única sobreviviente del personal de la comisaría 13).

  2. I hope this never happens in real life but I will say this the day a police station is attacked and over run by criminals I hope the officers hold until we the citizens come to there aid they fight for us and our justice I would gladly do the same for them , to defy my laws of justice I shall not fear the evil to whom will come after my guardians of the law. Thank you to all the police men and women we got your back.

  3. Hans Zimmer claims his favorite movie music is the intro? I have a strong suspicion that Laurie Zimmer is related to him. Otherwise, he must be kidding.

  4. Extremely good movie! Surprisingly suspenseful as I have seen it twice before! Today I seen the film with more clarity and so with more appreciation. Thank you!

  5. wow didn't know this version existed. So this came out first so the other most recent is a remake huh. I'm watching this now on Bounce TV 41.2 & as I gave this a quick scan I'm amazed at how much the remake has a lot of the original's influences written all over it.

  6. It's a movie that yeah you can look at and say what if all the gangs now a days get together. Horrific scenario. It wont be to long though. All these assholes will come together. And that will be the end of the world.

  7. Probably my favorite premise to any movie, ever. I don't think there's anything cooler than a police station besieged by a gang, and both convicts and the officers inside having to fight them off.

  8. Esta película de serie B siempre me gusto, por cierto la música sensacional por eso doy el like. Anybody got a smoke?.

  9. A high budget is well and good but unnecessary when you have filmmakers that don`t need it to camouflage crap.

  10. Seeing this Original i now have so many questions about the remake….
    this movie is making me go wtf……. in silent shock and awe.
    the remake makes me go WTF! in confusion in relation to the original…….

    Theres just sooo much wrong with the remake on so many levels after seeing this……..

  11. Even then the political correctness. Gangs in LA are definitely not integrated; they are the most racist, segregated people on earth. And, they all hate white people. Oh, silencers on firearms, especially rifles, still allow a lot of noise. Rifle bullets make plenty of noise just flying through the air at supersonic speed.

  12. West Coast version of ' The Warriors ". ? This ALREADY HAPPENED in the next town over in 2014 ! No one was ever charged…..$27000-reward-in-west-deptford-police-station-shooting/254005/

  13. Okay John Carpenter,
    This Is Not One Of Your Best Scripts As An Observant Person Like Myself Wouldn't Think This As Being A Great Showcase Of Your Work,

    Case In Mind The Absence Of The Child's Body And Where It Was Removed Being That The Father Had Left It Covered Up

    Heavy 2200 Lb Cars Being Pushed Fairly Long Distances
    By Only One Person,

    And The Conicidence That Within A Fairly Large Community
    No One Was Walking Their Dogs As White People Love To Do!

    But Overall Being That You Were Never A Writer With Common Sense You As Well As Your Characters Are Psychopaths!

    Nevertheless An Interesting Concept Of Attacking A Man Who's Daughter You Just Killed In Cold Blood!

    If You Know How
    Scripts Are Written
    Go Watch The Movie


  14. Guys im still confused…so who were those gang members?? And what happen to the main ones….so many questions carpenter left for us

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