45 thoughts on “John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 1976 VOSE

  1. Really a masterpiece in police action. Excelente dirección, música, fotografía y guión, incluso hoy se siente tan fresca y original. Con una atmósfera atrapante. Una película de sobrevivencia, donde de verdad se siente las escasez de recursos y la dificultad por salir adelante. Contestataria y políticamente incorrecta en ciertos aspectos: el padre que venga la muerte de su niña; el policía afroamericano, -surgido de ese mismo guetto, por sus propios medios-, que se covierte en héroe en su primera noche; el prisionero por asesinato que se redime a sí mismo y se gana el respeto de su compañero policía y la bella secretaria de la comisaría que demuestra más serenidad, valor y destreza que el resto de los compañeros de la comisaría (a quiénes sobrevive, y se convierte en la única sobreviviente del personal de la comisaría 13).

  2. I hope this never happens in real life but I will say this the day a police station is attacked and over run by criminals I hope the officers hold until we the citizens come to there aid they fight for us and our justice I would gladly do the same for them , to defy my laws of justice I shall not fear the evil to whom will come after my guardians of the law. Thank you to all the police men and women we got your back.

  3. Hans Zimmer claims his favorite movie music is the intro? I have a strong suspicion that Laurie Zimmer is related to him. Otherwise, he must be kidding.

  4. Extremely good movie! Surprisingly suspenseful as I have seen it twice before! Today I seen the film with more clarity and so with more appreciation. Thank you!

  5. wow didn't know this version existed. So this came out first so the other most recent is a remake huh. I'm watching this now on Bounce TV 41.2 & as I gave this a quick scan I'm amazed at how much the remake has a lot of the original's influences written all over it.

  6. It's a movie that yeah you can look at and say what if all the gangs now a days get together. Horrific scenario. It wont be to long though. All these assholes will come together. And that will be the end of the world.

  7. Probably my favorite premise to any movie, ever. I don't think there's anything cooler than a police station besieged by a gang, and both convicts and the officers inside having to fight them off.

  8. Esta película de serie B siempre me gusto, por cierto la música sensacional por eso doy el like. Anybody got a smoke?.

  9. A high budget is well and good but unnecessary when you have filmmakers that don`t need it to camouflage crap.

  10. Seeing this Original i now have so many questions about the remake….
    this movie is making me go wtf……. in silent shock and awe.
    the remake makes me go WTF! in confusion in relation to the original…….

    Theres just sooo much wrong with the remake on so many levels after seeing this……..

  11. Even then the political correctness. Gangs in LA are definitely not integrated; they are the most racist, segregated people on earth. And, they all hate white people. Oh, silencers on firearms, especially rifles, still allow a lot of noise. Rifle bullets make plenty of noise just flying through the air at supersonic speed.

  12. West Coast version of ' The Warriors ". ? This ALREADY HAPPENED in the next town over in 2014 ! No one was ever charged…..

  13. Okay John Carpenter,
    This Is Not One Of Your Best Scripts As An Observant Person Like Myself Wouldn't Think This As Being A Great Showcase Of Your Work,

    Case In Mind The Absence Of The Child's Body And Where It Was Removed Being That The Father Had Left It Covered Up

    Heavy 2200 Lb Cars Being Pushed Fairly Long Distances
    By Only One Person,

    And The Conicidence That Within A Fairly Large Community
    No One Was Walking Their Dogs As White People Love To Do!

    But Overall Being That You Were Never A Writer With Common Sense You As Well As Your Characters Are Psychopaths!

    Nevertheless An Interesting Concept Of Attacking A Man Who's Daughter You Just Killed In Cold Blood!

    If You Know How
    Scripts Are Written
    Go Watch The Movie


  14. Guys im still confused…so who were those gang members?? And what happen to the main ones….so many questions carpenter left for us

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