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(music) Hello and welcome to Little Learners. In
this video I’ll be looking at phonics and mainly Jolly Phonics. I have an earlier
video called, ‘What is phonics?’ if you need a little bit more of an introduction to
phonics and if you have watch that video already then you will know that in
Jolly Phonics each sound has a corresponding action, song and story. In
this video I’m just going to focus on the sounds and actions. If you watched that
video you’ll also know that in Jolly Phonics sound are not taught in
alphabetical order, they’re taught in a very specific order to make sure that
children can decode words sooner. So in this video I will be showing you the sounds in
the Jolly Phonics order, but if you would like to see them alphabetical order I
will also edit this video in alphabetical order and link it in the
description box below. Now before we get started I just want to mention something
that has terrorized every teacher teaching phonics since the beginning of
time – well since the beginning of this new phonics scheme – and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the ‘schwa’. (Ominous music) ‘What is the schwa?’ You may ask. A schwa is
when we make the ‘uh’ sound at the end of a letter sound. So for example we don’t
commonly see this with M, N and L. So we actually pronounce them ‘mmm’, ‘nnn’ and
‘lll’, but with a schwa on the end, they sound more like, ‘muh’, ‘nuh’ and ‘luh’, which is not
what we want. So with that in mind let’s take a look at the first 26 letter sounds and
their corresponding actions. I also just want to put a bit of a disclaimer here to
let you know that the actions for each sound are often quite strange but they
always link in with the song or the story so just go with me on this. (music) /s/ For this sound we make our arm a snake, going through the grass. ‘sssss’ ‘sssss’ /a/ For this sound we pretend that there are
ants on our arm. ‘ah’ ah’ ‘ah ‘ah’ ah’ ‘ah’ ‘ah’. ‘/t/ For this sound we pretend we’re watching a tennis game like so: t – t – t – t – t And remember: ‘t’ not ‘tuh’. (Ominous music) /i/ for this sound we pretend we are a mouse
wiping i-ink off of our whiskers. It goes with the song and story, trust me. i – i – i – i /p/ For this sound we pretend we are blowing out a candle on a pink pig cake.
Try saying that 10 times fast. Pink pig cake pink pig cake pink pig (inaudible) pink?
So we put our finger in front of our mouths as if it is a candle
and we puff out the candle p – p – You should be able to feel your breath on your finger p – p -p /n/ For this sound we pretend we are an
aeroplane making a very noisy ‘n’ sound like this: nnnnnnnnnnnn
For any of you out there
planning on being primary school teachers, just remember that you do have
to make fool out of yourself every single day. Yeah. Anyway back to business. ‘c/k’ Now this sound obviously belongs to two different letters, C and K and they do have their own individual songs, but they both have the same action which is
pretending to play castanets ah so this ck – ck – ck -ck – ck – ck – ck /e/ For this sound we pretend we are breaking an egg
into a pan eh – eh – eh -eh /h/ For this sound raise your hand and say the sound /h/ on to your hand so that you can feel your breath on your palm h – h- h /r/ For this sound we pretend that we are a puppy ripping a rag. rrrrrrrrr Yeah remember that
thing I said about making a fool of yourself? I was not kidding. /m/ Never ‘muh’ (Ominous music) mmmm. So this sound is pretty simple, we just pretend that we are about to eat a really tasty meal. Put your hand on
your stomach and say mmm! mmmm! /d/ For this, we get our imaginary d-d-drum.
d – d – d – d – d – d /g/ For this we imagine we are hearing water g-g-gurgle down the drain. g – g – g – g /o/ So this sound is pretty simple, we just turn the light on and off o – o – o – o – o – o /u/ For this we put up our umbrellas. uh – uh – uh – uh /l/ Never ‘luh’. (Ominous music) /l/. For this we lick our lollipop. llll – llll – llll – llll /f/ For this sound we pretend that there is an
inflatable floating fish that has got a puncture in it and the air is starting to escape.
I would love to have coffee with whoever came up with these. We put our hands like
this and make the sound. fffffffffffff fffffffffffff /b/ For this we hit our ball with our bat. b – b – b /j/ By far my favourite action and definitely the most popular in each
class that I’ve had so far. We stretch out our arms and we become jelly. j – j – j – j /z/ For this we pretend we are buzzy bees and put out our wings like so. zzz – zzz – zzz /w/ For this we pretend that we are blowing the wind over our hands w – w – w – w /v/ For this sound we get into a van and drive it vvvv – vvvv – vvv That sound tickles every time. /y/ For this we get our yogurt and we eat it. y – y – y – y /x/ Now of course this the
sound that we really only ever hear in the middle or end of words. We pretend to
taking an x-ray with a special x-ray camera. ‘ks’ – ‘ks’ – ‘ks’ – ‘ks’ /qu/ This sound takes Q and U
to make /qu/. For this we pretend we are a duck quacking. qu – qu – qu – qu And so that concludes all 26 letter sounds. If you liked this video make sure to click that ‘like’
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  6. You are amazing. When pronouncing a word that contains m, n or c alphabet/sound, do we pronounce the hidden schwa or we pronounce it in the same way as you just pronounced for the the single alphabet/sound i.e. without schwa?

  7. I am 59 and really want to help my two grandchildren with their reading, which I love to do. As you can imagine, things have REALLY changed since I went to school and then taught my own daughters, so this video has been perfect for bringing me to date with phonics. Thank you.

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    What happens with these sounds is that the child adds a voiced "uh" sound at the end of each of these sounds, so they come out such as:

    So many children are learning incorrect sounds because of : 1) lack of proper knowledge by teachers, and 2) alphabet songs. Yes, I know, those wonderfully catchy phonics songs.
    Personally I have used them so often.Could you kindly get us(teachers/care givers a song(s) with these sounds for kids as learning the Incorrect Sounds Can Lead to Reading Difficulties .
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    My what's up member: +9647713810177
    Chanal youtube: Ahmed Dover
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