Jordan Klepper Asks Mississippi Trump Supporters About Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Allegations

(guitar music) – I’m here in Memphis,
going to Mississippi, where there’s a Trump rally, that I can only assume
is pro Kavanaugh. Do you believe Dr. Ford? – I do not. – Kavanaugh is a victim. – If I had to vote on it, I would vote that he’s
telling the truth. But I’m not gonna
call her a liar. – You’re not gonna
call her a liar? – No. – Just gonna insinuate it. – The only thing
she can remember, is that Kavanaugh
punched her button. – Punched her button? Is that a southern thing? – Well, we won’t get into that. – It’s just gotten
to the point now, you’ve gotta keep your
hands to yourself. – Is that a bad thing,
or is that a good thing? – Well, you can’t pat
people on the back. – You can’t drunkenly
run into dorm room – Oh, no. – and whip out your thing,
– Absolutely not. and put it in
somebody’s face anymore. – Absolutely not. – What is this world coming to? A better place? – Uh – It feels like it. – Maybe a better place, but it’s really bad getting
to that better place. – At what costs, right? – Exactly. – If we sacrifice all
of these bad habits, just to get to a better place, then that just leaves us,
you know, with a better, more respectful America. – Absolutely – And nobody wants that.
– No – Especially not Donald Trump. – No, he does not. – When you were 18 or so,
did you put a few tricks? Don’t lie now. – Well, are you talking
about like sexual assault? – Uh, a few tricks. – I’m gonna say no. – Don’t put words in my
mouth like the Democrats do. – Well I wouldn’t put words, I wouldn’t put thoughts
in your head either. – I don’t wanna
put you on trial. – Women are very inappropriate
with their dress. What do you expect to happen? – The women are
basically asking for it. – Absolutely. – Their short dress,
they’re gonna whip it out. – Absolutely. – So women kind of bare the
brunt of all responsibility. – They do, but you know what. – But you’re a woman though. – I am a woman – I feels like that’s
kind of going against – I know my boundaries. I know what I’m supposed to do. I’m a Christian and, you know. – Of course. If sexual abuse allegations
were the kind of thing that disqualified you from
being in Donald Trump’s world, like that would rule out
Kavanaugh, Porter. Lewandowski, Bannon, Roger Ailes. – You can’t take sides. You do not take sides. – No. Are you Kavanaugh or Ford? – I am Kavanaugh. – Take that side. – Bill Shine, Andrew
Puzder, Bill O’Reilly. – Well I think everybody’s
got things in their closet. You know, none of us
are totally clean. You know, I think
everybody is acceptable. – We got the… (National Anthem plays) Talking to all these people, and they swear to God,
that Kavanaugh is innocent. And you look at Dr. Ford, and she is 100% certain that
Kavanaugh did what he did. And you look at
this venn diagram, and there is just
no middle ground. And I’m scared to death that, these guys just wanna
grab it and tweak it. And then I can’t tell
anybody about it, cause who’s gonna believe me?

100 thoughts on “Jordan Klepper Asks Mississippi Trump Supporters About Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Allegations

  1. While I don't agree with these people, I can't but feel like segments like these only add fuel to the fire. Standing there and openly mocking their intelligence only drives them further into their corners and legitimizes the "elite" narrative.

  2. this guy is a fucking genius. his interaction with trump fans was the best part about the daily show after jon left.

  3. 0:02 Oh, good god. 🤦 Has anyone ever asked why a cross is not part of the original Statue of Liberty? Nope. Questions like that require thought.

  4. "I know my boundaries. I know what I'm supposed to do."
    My goodness. How far away is she from saying that women need to walk around with every inch of their bodies covered since men can't be counted on to just… oh, I don't know… show a modicum of restraint?

  5. You idiots are fucking sick and burden to this Earth. You have no idea how much anger I have currently just hearing you fucking idiots. Your blaming the women being a women, really..???

  6. Sexual assault is just sooo funny Hahahaha AMERICA IS SO FUCKED UP. SEXUAL ASSAULT = a few tricks.sure it’s women fault. The victim are to blame. I want to through up so bad right now.

  7. OMG the woman at 1:05 did not understand a word Jordan was saying and agreed to speak against trump… Dying 🤣🤣🤣

  8. "I think there's room". 1:22 LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣. He went to town with them without them noticing anything…

  9. Kavanaugh is innocent. The three accusers (including Judy Munro-Leighton) couldn’t swear by oath it was Kavanaugh.

  10. His journalism is the highest form of refined trolling… You cant deny he is exposing the arrogance and ignorance in some of these folks. Played by the greatest magician. Thank you Mr. Klepper

  11. I was hoping he was going to start asking all the men there if they had sexually assaulted anyone in their past, they are probably emboldened enough to admit to it too. These people do not know the definition of hypocrisy.

  12. Its just fantastic how he insults somebody and they don't notice and agree with him. Stellar work Jordan!

  13. I think the biggest joke of all is a lot of his followers or just a bunch of broke right people that looks like. Hillbillies. …Idk

  14. Let’s just get an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and put these people there along with trump

  15. I'm always so impressed that Klepper can completely destroy their argument and they still think that he's agreeing with them. I can't 😂😂

  16. Klepper's comedy routine is dry and lacks substance. Basically, it's cornstarch. What he should be saying is that every straight man in America who dares to stand up can be Kavanaugh'd, and we should recognize that every gay man who stands up can't be, because nobody will believe the guy. So gay is now a defense.

  17. "Did you pull a few tricks when you where younger." "You mean, like sexual assault?" "No, a few tricks. Don't put words in my mouth like the democrats do." ^^''
    Reminds me of the "bumping off" and "bonking" sketch of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, S2E2 (sadly not avaible on YT, but worth checking out). Just labelling things different makes such a difference. ^^'' See "Patsy Straightwoman: bumper offer"

  18. What I enjoy the most is these white people assuming Jordan is Republican because he's white. You realise that is all they know about him, other than being a reporter at a Trump rally.

  19. I loved it when the guy said "Don't put words in my mouth like the Democrats do."
    and Jordan said
    "I won't put thoughts in your head, even though it looks like there's plenty of room."

  20. Keep it up! We really have to look at our education system, Jordan is a smart dude, but this is just scary. It looks like he's asking 3 yr olds very easy questions and getting jibberish. I know I spelled Jobberish wrong.

  21. Swimming in insanity. IQ is depending on the complexity of the environment and the accuracy of education, not race. Rural white America is now used by demagogues as a ferment since it got so primitive. If Bush was an idiot trump is now a perverse mirror of an anguished America losing power.

  22. That blonde woman.. Klepper's talking and talking and she doesn't even understand he's saying it all wrong. Wow. What a mindless drone.

  23. They are justifying his action by saying we all have skeletons in the closet? Da fuck is wrong with Trumplicans?

  24. Of all the awful, horrible, partisan, sickening things this administration has done, I'm conflicted about whether placing Kavanaugh as SCOTUS or placing kidnapped kids in concentration camps is worse.

  25. This is not limited to the US alone, even in Malaysia, kleptocratic government of the ex-pm is defended using religious stripe.

  26. These people agree with his leading questions cause they are too agreeable and they don't seem to be listening

  27. Smh, this is wrong and funny at the same Time…But I will say the lady was right about what women do put themselves in horrible situations and it is to a point I don't even want to hug a female starlight up only my wife! hugging a woman these days you'd end up with a charge quickly

  28. Yall need to leave the south alone. You dont understand the culture. Stay in yankee land, leave us alone…its all the south has ever wanted…leave us alone

  29. Klemperer, you are something else. You doctored this footage. There are several places you used the same commentary by the people several times to set up your narrative. Btw….8 months later….how are Blasey-Ford and the other female LIARS doing?? 2 of them have ADMITTED they LIED, & are facing charges! Oh yeah….and the FBI found NO EVIDENCE of this ever happening! Even BLASEY-FORDS BEST FRIEND said it nothing like that ever happened with HER THERE, and Blasey-Ford NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE IT HAPPENING! So, Klepper….. how’s THIS HOAX doing?? Among the many, many others??! You rabid dogs are disgusting.

  30. It's almost as though Klepper did not notice all of the inconsistencies in the claims made by Ford or the other accuser. Granted, Kavanaugh did himself no favors by pretending boofing meant farting. Everyone his age knows that it means to have sex. I don't know why he would be embarrassed by documentation of him talking about sex as a teen. He set himself up for that.

  31. Come on dude, this is obvious low-hanging comedic fruit, we all know that not a damn thing intelligence going to be said from anybody from that state

  32. You mean a Klan meeting..with 4th grade educated hillbilly's . I'd like to put some words in your mouth- words that make fucking sense. This Christian thing is really baffling me . You accept child molestation from preachers, raping women and it's the women fault, you burn crosses and wear white Halloween costumes for what I don't fucking know, you set bodies on fire and kill the minorities who haven't done shit to you,shoot up schools with innocent people ,spread vile hatred, accept that people are being racist and hurting others -then take asses to church claiming to be Christians. Hell is hot.

  33. somebody google UNITED STATES, then tell me who was there 1st. who has the 1st recorded murder, started crime, and disease, established individual property rights to land that was owned and being used, what race in AMERICA has killed more people's. somebody built EUROPE for white race and they left on voyages. DAMN

  34. YOU KNOW…SOMETIMES (scanning the crowd in this video) ONE HAS TO "JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER"!…. I also suspect some of these people if you told them they need to "look in the mirror" they wouldn't have a clue as to what you were talking about! scary!.

  35. These people are morons, but why not visit a Trump rally up North? There are Trump-suckers up there too.

  36. What's the difference between yogurt and hillbillies?

    Yogurt has a working culture!

    Don't these people work?😂🤣😂🤣😂

  37. i love how good klepper is at getting them to say the stupidest shit. he truly is a genuis. especially compared to these idiots

  38. I wonder if any of these geniuses go home watch this video and say to them selves boy am I really seriously stupid?? Nah…

  39. I love this…
    They are fucking clueless when he's pointing out the hypocrisy. It's a fucking trip how slow these people are

  40. The thing I don't like about right and leftist videos like these is they only interview the real minority on both sides that are basically the extremes.

    Don't get me wrong I understand it and see how it's more entertaining but I blame things like this for the staunch divide between right and leftists in America.

    Btw I'm from England before in accused of bias.

  41. watching these idiots employ such staggering amounts of cognitive dissonance mental gymnastics and hypocrisies to be okay with any of this is just astounding.

  42. Really…are you fucking serious this fucking clown equates patting someone on the back to putting your dick in their face he's fast talking these people and slipping in questions while they are answering the previous question…wow your fucking stupid

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