JÓZEF WILKOŃ – wystawa / exhibition

Here it is: apart from the book with my illustrations,we have an exhibition showcasing my artistic efforts associated with “Don Quixote”. Someone might say that Don Quixote’s madness perhaps borders on recklessness. But that’s a superficial opinion. It’s not the essence of Don Quixote’s madness. His madness is the restlessness, the unease, the state of mind that underlies artistic endeavours, innovations and discoveries. It’s the sort of madness that pushes people to achieve things that seem unattainable at first glance. In today’s cold, cynical world driven by calculations rather than feelings, “Don Quixote” is immensely relevant. Hopefully, the idea that we need a bit of madness, that you have to dream, that good may triumph over evil, which transpires from the novel, helps us cope with the complex world we live in.

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