Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Speaks Out About Alleged Sexual Assault | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

64 thoughts on “Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Speaks Out About Alleged Sexual Assault | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    How much proof do Americans need before you take action!

    In Europe, we look at this in disbelieve! Is this the US?

  2. Unfortunately the assault against her has already begun in social media and youtube comments. I hope she hasn't put herself out there for naught. Of course most of these same people still don't believe Anita Hill, and view any of these claims as Democratic engineered attempts to subvert right wing status quo systems. I guess this will be a test of the #metoo "movement" (of truth being heard).

  3. The typical lunatics on the left think this is perfectly fine for a person to wait 36 years to come forward with ZERO proof, conflicting statements, and make the accusation a few days before the confirmation vote. Total scum and the American people will NOT tolerate it.

  4. The democrats used the DOJ to try and frame Trump with a phony Russian dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Why would anyone take this seriously? This is a total disgrace and Dianne Feinstein should be impeached for this disgusting abuse of power.

  5. Let the women speak at least she will give a straight answer. Unlike kavanaugh who never answer any question with a straight answer. Just another lying trump cronie . She’s probably not the only one he’s done this to.

  6. The argument that this was from 36 years ago is about as lame as others saying that the boatload of priests who have been accused of molesting and or raping boys came out decades later. Mr's Ford's marriage counselor has notes on this from 6 years ago, long before Kavanaugh was even thought of by Trump. Watch people try to blame her and say she should have come out with this info sooner…

  7. She's not an actual Professor. She's coming forward to "profess" her encounter with Brett Kavanaugh, making her a professor.

    claim openly but often falsely that one has (a quality or feeling).
    "he had professed his love for her"
    synonyms: declare, announce, proclaim, assert, state, affirm, avow, maintain, protest

  8. And so what if flake and graham don't vote. The rest of the thugs WILL vote because this man is crucial to their interests. Just crack on with this already. The Us of A voted for trump and this is who trump nominated and this is who will be sworn in and this is who the US of A must now live with. You bred the monster.

  9. Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Roy Moore, Drumpf himself, & many more…..

    ALL you Repuds sure do love to appoint, confirm, & vote for sexual molesters.

  10. We're "wrong" because Conway said "the accuser should be heard?…" Why are you acting and speaking like you have no clue?! How many times has this administration change its mind, statements and views on issues? Give me a break!

  11. This lawyer doesn't seem like he believes his client. He is very stiff and non emotional. Kind of like he is reading off a teleprompter.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI96G08KL1o – Ford's parents were apparently in a nasty foreclosure battle in which Kavanaugh's mom was the judge. Nah, no conflict of interest here, folks.

  13. A DNC liberal PROFESSOR? Of course she will lie, of course she will lie as all liberals follow the Marxist scum jew saul Alinsky who told the DNC commy party and all liberals to EMBRACE CORRUPTION and lies in his books and his speaking engagements to push communism. When will people wake up and understand that every movie, Tv show, newspaper, talk shows, text books, all of it is either written by or directed by or produced by JEWS, all of it, we have been fed decades of nothing but jewish fables, the Bible warned us to beware of JEWISH FABLES for a reason. They lie, their father satan lies and is the father of all lies and his children the DNC voters lie.

  14. If he him self can not pass a polygraph he should be striped of his family and wealth and forced to mop floors and scrub toilets for the rest of his days !

  15. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. If this lady cannot prove that this happened then he is innocent and thus will be confirmed. She obviously hates Trump and I highly doubt she can prove this happened.

  16. 1)Kavanaugh will be confirmed. 2) Ginsburg will retire soon 3) Liberal SCJ Breyer
    is no spring chicken either. What this all means is that Trump will have appointed
    at least THREE possibly FOUR Conservatives to the Supreme Court before he leaves
    office in 2025. Epic Liberal meltdowns are forthcoming. Can't wait.



  19. She's had yrs to tell something…why now…..cause she is lying ppl…wake up anything to get the liberals in…..all lies….lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies ….courts are wasting tax payers money on this crap…..so I don't believe her…..

  20. This woman might be a victim, but what happened in a party while the young Kavanau was drunk doesn't reflect his character today.

    For what everyone says about him, in the last 12 years his record is without blemishes.

    Young people get into shameful situations due to fooliness, peer pressure, and who knows what, especially under the effect of drugs or alcohol.

    He deserves some punishment; however, after so many years, I don't see how that could reflect his character considering the testimony everyone has given.

  21. COMMON SENSE: Now that Christine Blazey Ford has come forward, some interesting things about her are beginning to surface. Knowing this would happen, perhaps it's the real reason why Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) kept these allegations secret since July. Here is what we now know that we didn't just a few hours ago:

    1) The brother of Christine Blazey Ford worked for Fusion GPS. Wow, what a coincidence.

    2) Martha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh, was a Maryland district judge in 1996. She was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey Ford’s parents were the defendants. Martha Kavanaugh ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey Ford in the foreclosure case. Could there be residual resentment?

    3) Ford's lawyer is a big Democrat donor who was involved in the Clinton / Paula Jones case.

    4) Christine Blazey Ford is a far left professor and an open-borders activist who has signed anti-Trump immigration letters.

    5) She also deleted her social media accounts just before coming forward. I don't blame her for that, but what would her posts reveal?

    6) An "online professor rating site" has numerous reviews by from her students. Some say that they think she's crazy, and they were actually scared by her behavior.

  22. https://www.google.com/search?rls=com.microsoft%3Aen-US%3AIE-Address&ei=5xKhW7If6s7mAt7eqsAN&q=GIVE+US+A+BREAK+JOHN+SEBASTIAN&oq=GIVE+US+A+BREAK+JOHN+SEBASTIAN&gs_l=psy-ab.12..0i22i30.3137.22524..24832…13.0..0.80.4606.83….2..0….1..gws-wiz…….0j0i71j0i131i67j0i131j0i67j0i22i10i30.n-RzFtrTnJo

  23. Accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault is the most effective way to stop him from being confirmed. He is viewed as guilty without proof or trial.

  24. Why is it that Senator Feinstien is not being held accountable for not reporting the sexual assault when she received the letter but Coach Urban Meyer was held accountable for not reporting the domestic abuse accusations involving his assistant coach and he was placed on administrative leave. Senator Feinstien should be put on administrative leave and investigated to find out why she never came forward once she received the letter that accused the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of committing sexual assault in the 1980s. Senator Feinstien has attitude issues, she is always so negative and complains about everything. I am so frustrate and annoy by her, her negative attitudes is one reason why we have issues in America these days.

  25. So, let’s see… No lawyer questions. The accused can’t face his accuser. He can’t defend himself. And he’s got to testify first.. I guess to try to help her get her story straight. Is this happening in America? He needs to sue her for defamation and lets see her make these demands, in an American court, to an American judge. Where is the ACLU on this? What a joke.

  26. Turns out fords parents lost their house in foreclose back in 1996. The judge ruled against them a woman who happens to be judge kavanaughs mother. Fords lookin for a little payback…….

  27. Example being set. "All you women out there if you've been sexually abused, wait 40 years to report it especially if you can destroy a man's career and make yourself famous for awhile while cashing in." That's the haphazard formula for the elite.

  28. Brett Kavanaugh claims he couldn't have sexually assaulted accusers because he was a virgin 'many years' into college… chile, pleeze, that is the LAMEST EXCUSE I have ever heard of. Getting inebriated (or otherwise) and forcing yourself on someone unwanting of your "sexual" advances constitutes ASSAULT, whether "penetrable" or not. It would appear that anyone with a conscience, fully knowing that they are a Virgin and wish to remain so until marriage, would never engage and/or indulge in such behavior to begin with. Oh My God Just Shut Up, Kavanaugh!

  29. She want attention after 30 yrs, and wtf is the FBI going to investigate 30 yrs later of a so said crime that wasn't reported. Because she wasn't supposed to be out. And are those adolescent yrs.

  30. NEVER VOTING BLUE AGAIN!!! As an independent after this disgusting display by the democrats I will never vote democrat again. Judge Kavanaugh had to indulge the most private thing in one's life to everyone that he was a virgin until after college just because some vile democrats felt the need to fling false accusations at him. It's disgusting and just makes me sick to my stomach. This independent will be voting red from now on. I will always remember who the victim was!

  31. 80s teenager W.T.F ok so his about to be a judge, with fbi background checks, & you had nearly 40 YEARS to testify but right now you do.. this BS smear campaign. that is all this is ffs 40 YEARS ago this alleged happen but his going tobe on judge commite o no his republican thou "LEFT attack" & now all theses liars come out wood work lol its hilarious & sad people do this type of crap…,

  32. I believe in a victim not to talk at the moment.But I don't believe in indentical victim's to wait for the guy to be in a good position to them talk.ALL OF THEM NOW?

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