Julian Rosefeldt. Manifesto | Film zur Ausstellung / Film on the exhibition

There were a few chance encounters with Cate Blanchett; five years ago where the idea was born of doing something together. And then there was another coincidental discovery, that is the discovery of two manifestos written by a French futurist during the research for my last project “Deep Gold”, and this in turn brought my attention to the publications of manifestos, and in the phase that I did so I already knew that I was looking for a project for Cate, or for us both, and so I now suddenly had my project. I read these manifesto texts and probably read them differently because I read them played out, and that was a great discovery to imagine the energy of these manifestos as debate, as live performance, as proclamations not just in a written form but also in a played form and set in our contexts. All the techniques that I used, performing rather than reading, the fact that they are all rolls played by a woman, the fact that they are all spoken by the same figure and thus do not represent something like opinions, for that would have been the case if they were spoken by 12 or 13 different actors, the factor that they are all scenes that take place today, they are all means to crystallize the beauty of these texts and the thought behind these texts, to allow us to experience them anew. In today’s discourse, in public discourse especially, I miss a certain stringency of thought, that is, you can pronounce your opinion in the world if it has substance. What we now have is an impoverishment of the culture of conversation in the public sphere, especially in the media, particularly of late, that worries me a great deal of and perhaps that’s why a work like Manifesto is so important today because it establishes that passion and importance in terms of subject matter or a claim to subject matter or intelligence do not have to contradict one another; these texts were great discoveries for me, because they show that beyond the artistic oeuvre of these artists they were great poets and authors of the era, and I found that quite uplifting.

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  1. Eine so schöne Ausstellung wird hier durch ein so lieblos produziertes Video in ihrem Wert geschmälert. Der Interviewton ist so schlecht, da hört keiner gerne hin. So etwas kann und sollte hochwertiger produziert werden.

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