Jury Delivers Bill Cosby Sex Assault Verdict | NBC News

100 thoughts on “Jury Delivers Bill Cosby Sex Assault Verdict | NBC News

  1. No prior cuz he was famous no one would have believed. Sentence will be stronger cuz the judge will look at that. I say at least 20 years. Which he won't even do that. Old but a serious offender and dangerous! Justice to be served. Any other man would get more!

  2. This man's legacy is destroyed. I still dont believe he did those things to all of those women. Cmon now, he wasnt even that famous, and a black man doing those types of things during that specific period of time? They would have killed him already, lets keep it real

  3. What evidence do these people have against Cosby? 62 Women assaulted by him? Tss lmao bunch of lyin clout chasers

  4. The ladies can breathe now, I can't help but feel compassion for his wife now that he's guilty how is she going to show her face …

  5. He has been a sexual predator for years and many victims. He should get the max. Don't matter He has no prior. Most sexual predators aren't caught for years!!!!!

  6. these ladies sound like they were just after his money. think about it they may just go home and say oh we accused him just to get his money. oh god why can't they just leave these celebrities alone?

  7. Did you see how quickly he walked from the car into his home? No need for a cane, no assistant. The jig is up.

  8. The people who made that prison drama Oz should reboot it on Netflix, with new prisoner Cosby, it can be called “Coz”

  9. the white race and the love of money. Didn't he give this ladies money . Look at this vultures consuming Bill. Michael Jackson , Cosby and who is next . idiote .

  10. funny how cops cant get a guilty verdict when they blow unarmed people away as if running means you should die ( only in america )

  11. I do not like the fact these women came forward after years. Why would they even take pills given to them by anyone? Really strange. ( money can be evil)

  12. He was found guilty. Maybe he is guilty but I wonder if the women involved had ANY feeling at all they might be compromised if they went to him and if they did, why did they go to him? We have others who are above the law like the Clinton's. Why are they not charged and tried? Why is Bill Cosby found guilty at age 80 and others get away? Something stinks in this country legally.

  13. As confessed before the press, it was a good team work. Justice is applying a kind of sheria law to prove his potence…

  14. Billy never saw this coming. Thank God that the American justice system isn't the only thing that's blind. Not like all those who believe in this animal.

  15. Whenever a Black Man rises to Power like the way Cosby did during the course of his career,they will do whatever it takes to bring you down. I know Obama is no longer our President but I won't 'be surprised if he gets caught up in a nasty media scandal such as this year's from now. #Theyfearablackmaninpower #Straightcrossifiction

  16. The casting couch is a old as Hollywood. Sexual harassment it the workplace goes back to the to the days of serfdom. The earth shaking part that everyone seems to not pick up on, is how the laws themselves are being interpreted, that instead of the victim having to prove she was blameless, the zeitgeist is moving toward no longer tolerating a use of power positions to control others either sexually or for their own ends.

  17. The female lawyer that represented these women 🗣said on🎥 live tv 📺 How much woman does it takes, to take down a rich prominent black man 🤔✋ four🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #billcosbynotguilty but MSNBC JST TOLD COSBY FAMILY THAT 🗣60 women testified against bill cosby 🤔🤔🤔 so was it four women or 60 🤔🤔🤔 four & sixty is a big difference between the fact of how many women does💴💵💰💰💰💰💰💰 it take to bring down a rich powerful black man 🤔 i did not say it she said it 💯

  18. The female lawyer that represented these women 🗣said on🎥 live tv 📺 How much woman does it takes, to take down a rich prominent black man 🤔✋ four🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #billcosbynotguilty but MSNBC JST TOLD COSBY FAMILY THAT 🗣60 women testified against bill cosby 🤔🤔🤔 so was it four women or 60 🤔🤔🤔 four & sixty is a big difference between the fact of how many women does💴💵💰💰💰💰💰💰 it take to bring down a rich powerful black man 🤔 i did not say it she said it 💯 #msnbc

  19. I swear im so smart I even caught the lawyer say she lied 🤥 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she jst said on the Podium the lawyer

  20. Why waste taxpayer money and put cosby in prison? Hes already 80 years old not much life left. Just put him on house arrest and let him live out his life at home. We are just wasting thousands of taxpayers money to keep him in prison??? Common, hes old already move on to the young guy and put him away.

  21. Thanks Bill. You made us laugh you made us cry. Your life has been a TV show and I'm sure there's more come. Any distraction in life is appreciated even if it's momentary.

  22. The women used Facebook this why it was simpler they have a private playboy bunny private Facebook PJ Masten said this on Dr Phil. There wasn't facebook in the 70's 80's

  23. This entire case is b*******because reason why is BS first of all or evidence that you have is words that are coming out of Bill Cosby's mouth stating that he committed this crime but here's the problem you're taking the word of a elderly person cool more or less is feeling bad now let's assume that this didn't happen your morons why I say you're more because when you're starting out in the medical field you don't immediately become a doctor more less you become an assistant so if he was an assistant in the beginning of his career as a doctor guess what that implies the females and question he was there yes did he sexually all of them no because more less it was the doctor that he was under the only reason why that it was covered up in a sense was because he considered that individual a friend and more less probably taught him everything he knows to be a great doctor no one bothered thinking about that part now did they.

  24. Well something greater than Cosby is coming out way, so ppl wake up, an stay woke this is a greater distraction on another black man

  25. 30 years ago, that that thing happened,why didn't they go to the police to report the"Rape"😏 if it really happened! Smth doesn't look right w this Picture , now those women got their piggy Banks full,w Gold Wow, they must've been Very Hungry,,

  26. So when's Weinstein gonna stand trial? Or is it for wealthy black men only? We ain't forgetting what ya'll did to Michael Jackson.

  27. They shouldn't be allowed to change the statue, it's just wrong. Could potentially mean more men being victimized by women manipulating the system to nafariously benefit them.

  28. None of those gold digging whores have anything to do with the case other than getting their faces on TV. I don't want to hear from some "accuser" I want to hear from the actual victim if she was in fact a victim at all.

  29. Carlos Andrade I'm feeling you on that, but lets be clear, feminism is female empowerment and misogyny is female disempowerment.

    Lili Barnard met Cosby in Atlantic City then made the allgation.THEN, met him in Las Vegas and it happened again

  31. No matter how harshly the White man has abused his White woman, she has always stood by his side. When he turned his savagery from her to Black people, she was just as unforgiving and savage towards Blacks, who were unjustly enslaved and condemned to death to build immense wealth for Whites. My question is how can people with this type of history honestly be expected to maintain any system of justice? The fact that anyone, anywhere still believes them is the biggest crime of all!

  32. Something is not adding up they watch this Man on TV for 30 years they friends and there family and they just now saying something to Me they all eligible to work for the CIA.. if they keeping a secret like that if I'm exaggerating you tell one person secret and watch how fast I get out but yet Dr Cosby had 30 women keep it secret for 30 years a Women Keeping a Secret..lo you see how outspoken She is now you believe that She could kept a secret for a second.. don't get Me wrong I can see one or two but 30 women kept a secret 4 30 years I'm doing the math it's not adding up one girl said she got drug then he put in a cab.. So Now they saying he had to drug some Woman to put her in a cab how cab driver get the address if you was drugged up and how you making inside your house once you reached your destination let Me guess Dr Cosby pay the cab driver to drag you inside the house lo (The lawsuit comeing )this Man has the upmost respect for Woman 30 million to Spelman College He gave because his philosophy was you educate a WoMan you educate a child ..He empowered Woman when he had a chance take Phylicia Rashad that played (Clair Huxtable) She made more money than him will you ever see that on TV Not saying he's a angel I'm pretty sure He flirted but (drugging and raping).. And was it just Me that notice how they acknowledge some African American Man that was on the jury.. they celebrated him because they thought he was going to mess up there lawsuit… and I'm not defending dr. Cosby because he's African-American I'm not going to get into too many details about this but I believe OJ was guilty )because it added up scar on his hand that he had no explanation for the glove that was found behind the house chauffeur said he was waiting on him (But can you imagine you coming home and your wife entertain another Man in your house what your Kids in the next room. It didn't will you raise your voice you get arrested for domestic violence.. Can't say if it was a crime a passion or jealousy but it added uP..that he was guilty and they say Johnny Cochran got him off that's not true the cop that was working the case got him off ).. go back to the subject how many women was it 20 30 and it took them 30 years to say something after seeing him everyday on TV and don't forget about the friends and family they didn't tell them either and if they did know they kept a secret to for 30 years.. I can see it was one or two But 30 with friends and family.. you do the math on it that's equivalent to everybody in New York City winning the lottery at the same time it just don't add up…P.S

    I think them women that's accusing him of drugging them and raping them is trying to get them something to eat.

  33. What a sad world. So I guess if any women say this guy or that guy sexual assault me us men are going to jail this is what I get from all this and all the other crap. All we get is stories but where is the proof I just dont understand how this world and court works because someone saying a stories is not proof. I can go over there and make some storie up too anyone can

  34. Innocent until proven guilty. Isn’t that what everyone blabbers about? Now it’s not what you want to hear because you refuse to accept it for what it is. What a joke. Let’s hope Kavanaugh doesn’t sink next.

  35. How many of these victims are going to write a book about there one night with Bill Cosby, I predict at least three people write a book.

  36. Wow a play boy bunny accused him from back in the 1960s how much cocaine in part was she smoke in when Cosby was in around? Something smells fishy in suburbia

  37. At about 17 minutes you’ll see the girl on the right in a red dress shaking her boobs. Not appropriate maybe she jumped on the bandwagon I believe that Cosby probably did what they said to about half the women and the other half jumped on the bandwagon to get money. But for this woman to shake her boobs in a sexual way on live TV is disgusting

  38. Wow. Women shame thyselves. If you don't know the history of women and their efforts to be heard since the beginning of time, then start reading.

  39. Fake fake fake! All 50 of these women are money hungry drug addicts. They slept with a married Cosby to advance their careers. Only in America can a black man be jailed with no evidence other than hearsay. Admit it America. You pledge allegiance to bullsh*t! 🤪

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