K10 Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

Hey so what is happening guys, Kris here,
Playing on a bit of Battlefield Hardline, and today ill be showing you all the ins and
outs of the k10 smg. Costing $33,000, its another cop weapon, so youl have to grind
for that weapon license to use it with both factions, and of course, being an smg, it
can only be used on your mechanic loadouts. The k10 is actually a prototype weapon, and
its an upgraded, slightly more compact version of the vector.
So without any attachments equipped on the gun, the k10 has a maximum damage of 33 and
this starts to drop off at 10 meters, its minimum damage is just 8, which is dealt at
25 meters or over, so the k10 has a really bad range but its pretty strong up close.
Within 10 meters it should take 4 bullets to drop another player, though the bullet
count to kill will rapidly increase going up to 25 meters, where itll take a whopping
13 bullets to kill. Now the gun might seem a bit ridiculous here, with such an insane
amount of bullets it takes to kill up to, and after 25 meters, which isnt really too
far away. But the reason why this damage model is given to the k10 is simply down to its
fire rate, boasting a super speedy 1200 rounds per minute, makes k10 is the fastest firing
gun in Battlefield Hardline, its pretty much a bullet hose, as soon as you pull that trigger,
bullets are gonna essentially spray at your enemy and at close ranges, itl probably kill
them before they even know whats happened. Though to make it so its not overpowered its
terrible at longer ranges, and its almost unusable at very long distances. The muzzle
velocity is also only 310m/s so its the lowest of all the mechanics weapons, this also makes
it harder to hit anything at range, limiting you to close quarters only.
So when it comes down to the actual recoil of the gun, the k10s got a vertical movement
of 0.22 and a left and rightwards movement of 0.45, so although its gonna seem quite
manageable and easy to control with that upwards kick, horizontally, the gun gonna fly all
over the place making it a very inaccurate weapon. And because theres no way to predict
where your bullets are gonna go, it literally make the k10 a spray-and-pray weapon, the
only thing you know for certain is that your bullets are gonna fly in the general direction
that youre aiming in, but if you want to trace a target running at medium to long range,
youl have a lot of trouble, and to make life even harder theres also a 2.4 times multiplier
added for your first shot. The k10 has 26 bullets per clip so its not
really all that much, especially as youl loose most of them bullets after a quick tap of
the trigger, though it does have the quickest reload time of all of the mechanics smgs,
clocking in at just 2.23 seconds with an empty mag and 1.5 seconds with bullets still availiable.
Down to the rate at which youl be loosing them 26 bullets though, youl be reloading
quite a lot. As for my recommended attachments, id say
that because the k10 is a strictly cqc type weapon, the laser sight will probably be the
most beneficial as the ads accuracy isnt all that great, so hipfiring to bypass the ads
time in closer ranges will grant you the kill, just that little bit easier.
To help with the recoil though, the muzzle breaks gonna drop that sideways movement by
50%, lowering it down from 0.45 to a much more controllable 0.225. Thisl make the gun
more capable at hitting people at slightly longer distances, meaning more bullets are
likely to connect to count towards a kill. You could also equip the heavy barrel as thisl
help with your overall accuracy too, plus, itl lower the ads base spread of the weapon
by 50% when stationary, though because youl be on the move with the k10 a lot, the heavy
barrel might not be brilliant, especially as itl make the gun less manuverable in the
process. So as a quick summary, the k10 smg is a police
weapon that can be equipped with the mechanic class, its got a blazingly fast fire rate,
but a restricting damage model and an inaccurate recoil pattern. Up close, the gun should destroy
your target without too much of a problem but at longer ranges, youre gonna struggle
getting enough bullets to hit, to kill them. Itl only take 4 bullets to kill within 10
meters but it could take up to 13 at longer ranges so Id definitely advise sticking to
close quarter combat only with this one. The k10 is designed to be a spray-and-pray weapon
and it laughs in the face of precision, but providing your target is close enough, you
can kill at ridiculous speeds. Anyway thats the k10 in a nutshell, so I hoped
you enjoyed this weapon guide, please be sure to give this video a like if you did, and
check out all of my other weapon guides on battlefield hardline, and loads of other gaming
content on my channel, take it easy guys, and ill be seeing you, in the next one!

7 thoughts on “K10 Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

  1. MPX = best mechanic weapon hands down. It's like a hybrid SMG it performs great both close range as well as medium range.

  2. this gun is a beast on small maps like "the block". in which maps are not wide open and snipers everywhere, you can literally get free kills on small maps

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