KBS Special Arena [Gag Concert / 2019.11.02]

(Indoor futsal arena) There’s something special about comedians’ commute to work. It’s the Gag Sports Meet with masters of slapstick. I am today’s special commentator Park Yeongjin. You sound nervous already. Yes, that’s right. What is today’s event? Today’s event is a special soccer match. All the players will start off wearing special glasses. The team to score the most goals wins. A game of soccer played wearing vision-impairing glasses. (They can’t see well with these glasses) The team that scores the most in 10 minutes wins. – Gag Sports Meet! Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Here come the players. (The players enter) (They’re already trying to psych each other out) They seem very rowdy already. Did you come up with names for your teams? We’re LMS. – LMS. / – What’s that? Large, medium, small. As expected from a comedian. It’s a great team name for us. We’re FC Handsome. Does FC stand for a cuss word? (FxCx Handsome) Handsome is a bit shameless. Just call us whatever. Yeah. So FC Whatever versus LMS. (FC Whatever) (FC LMS) The game has started! Whoever gets the ball first will attack first. He got it! They’re like zombies. – FC Whatever… / – Where did it go? The ball is right near Taewon, but he can’t see it. Jaegwan is chasing a person instead of the ball. (Misses) (What happened?) Is he going to score? That was a great pass, but he didn’t finish! Jaegwan… (Keeps missing) Where’s the ball? (Chaos) – They’re all over the place. / – I don’t see the ball! That was a nice pass. Taehun, it’s behind you! Shoot it! (Ah…) He couldn’t score! Taehun… Taehun… (This striker just can’t score) Yeonggil got the ball! Yeonggil… If half of his belly fat was part of his lower body, we wouldn’t have missed that. How unfortunate. Is Seonil going to do something? (Using brute force) He’s using brute force instead of skills. Will that get a yellow card? Referee. It’s a card. (A green card instead of a yellow card) It’s an eco-friendly card. It means to protect this grass. An eco-friendly green card. Since they can’t see, they should be using their sense of hearing. Seonggwang scores! Is that going to count? Most importantly, he doesn’t even know he scored. He doesn’t even know. If you don’t know you scored, you can’t celebrate. No celebration. The special glasses are starting to give the players motion sickness. I’m so dizzy! Jaegwan is on the ground. They’re supposed to be worse than sea sickness. – Yes. / – These special glasses. That’s what this game is all about. It’s over! LMS has beaten FC Whatever. FC LMS wins! Here come the players! They’re walking in confidently to the epic song. It’s like they practiced this. Good teamwork. You have to come up with a team name. We’ll be Galddeok. – Galddeok. / – Galgali and Sideok. Galddeok. Jeolla-do meets Chungcheong-do. We’re Baekje. Things just got all historical. So this is a special futsal match. Things are going to be a bit different. Those are bubble suits. You’ll wear those and play a 2:2 match. (FC Galddeok) (FC Baekje) (They’re wearing their bubble suits) They look like dung beetles. It’s like looking at 4 dung beetles. (The match starts) With the whistle, bubble suit soccer has started. (Jeonggeun and Junhyeong collide) Jeonggeun… – Jeonggeun… / – Junhyeong… He’s pushing with his body. (As soon as he gets the ball) Jaehun! (Do, re) Another one fell! Kick the ball now! Jaehun tried to stop it. (FC Baekje 0:1 FC Galddeok) (Jeonggeun pushes through with brute force) He’s pushing through! Jeonggeun! (Falls) He was thrown to the ground. Jeonggeun, pass. Jaehun, stand up. (He’s taking all the abuse) He fell again. (A fake?) He fell for his own fake. Junhyeong… A fake that even fooled him. Jeonggeun is not a good defender. The ball goes by him. Goal. (Match over) The match is over. Galddeok has beaten Baekje. Didn’t you have a blast today? It was incredible. Seeing the comedians do slapstick. We’ll be back again with more events and more exciting slapstick. The Gag Sports Meet will be back!

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