“Kief and Friends” (5-man) vs. Blackhand NORMAL

Puffish: So what percentage did we wipe on? Puffish: On the good attempt Ekelund: Oh, like 20? Kief: No it was lower Puffish: I used some kill shots, so it must have been lower. Kief: I think it was at like 14 or something Kief: It was lower, the pull was good Kief: Just count, he was at around 10 million, and 10% is 6 mil so.. 17 or something? Puffish: Something like that Ekelund: It’s hard to see these debris piles with all these pets attacking Kief: What? They must be allowed to DPS aswell Puffish: Exactly, need to push some fucking deeps Puffish Ekelund: I’ll bring him in behind this Puffish: So, are we chilling or are we pushing? Kief: 20 seconds and we need another 6 percent. We might be able to make it Puffish: Nah, I’ll hold my cooldowns then Puffish: And no phase 2 hero now Kief: Yeah, atleast we successfully executed that tactic last pull aswell Ekelund: So now we just chill Puffish: I only have my pet on him, and I’ll hold Focus Fire for later Kief: Very close to phase now, don’t let it happen for another 5 seconds or something Cyntrome: Now, go. Kief: Yeah, it’s not a good transition but it’s doable. Kief: A tiny bit too early Ekelund: So are we not using the first smash then? Ossory: I’m already up Puffish: Be ready for the marks now Kief: It’s not going to get slagged before these, it never does Puffish: It only happened once Puffish: Go away from the Siegemaker now Puffish: So, should it die from these marks or the next? Kief: It needs to die from the next set of marks Puffish: It’s already set up well to die from the next marks Kief: Yeah it will die from them, we don’t need to put any more damage on it Puffish: That’s what I was trying to say Ekelund: I’ll come to the middle after these marks Ossory: I’ll take the side that he is on now Puffish: Mark on me Ekelund: Wow, I was stunned forever Puffish: My pet died, but that’s fine. I’m only playing Beast Mastery you know Kief: Don’t complain, you had instant ress available. Kief: Siege needs to die on the next set of marks Puffish: Can you dot it up? Kief: It looks like it is already taking a bit of damage, it’s going to die from the next marks Puffish: This is good, it’s going to die I think Ekelund: Coming into the middle now Ekelund: Shit I got knocked away, I’m running Ossory: I’ll take the same side as last time Cyntrome: I don’t even know if I need to go up on this one. There’s nothing there and I can’t just stand there Ekelund: I’ll move him closer Puff so you can take it Puffish: Yeah I’m just going to bounce around a bit first Ekelund: I tried to move him so you could do the mark, but move away now and I’ll take the Siege Kief: This one needs to die from the next set of marks that are coming in eight seconds Puffish: Try to pop some slag mines with it beforehand Ekelund: Yeah, I have a lot here Puffish: Yes, that’s what I meant, so we can get rid of a couple of them Puffish: Did you say it needs to die from these? Kief: Yes it should, and it will Ekelund: Coming to the middle now Ekelund: Shit I’m late, come quick Ekelund: Oh you made it. Nice. Puffish: I don’t have a deterrence for this one either Kief Puffish: What do you mean not on me? Whatever it’s on me Ekelund: Move, I’m soon there. Watch out Kief Kief: I’m fine here, as long as you don’t move Kief: This one should die from the next set of marks Cyntrome: Is this the last Smash we go up on? Puffish: No we should use more Puffish: Me first, me first! Puffish: I have it, but I got hit by the Impale Puffish: I think I was too quick when I dropped it Ekelund: No it’s fine, I have the fixate Puffish: Didn’t see on my screen Ekelund: Should we just push phase 3? Kief: Yes, as long as this Siegemaker dies from the next set of marks Puffish: So not going up now Puffish: It needs to die now Ossory: It’s the next marks that are tricky, it would have been better to save it and gotten a bit of fire Puffish: Oh yeah, Marked for Death comes before the next one spawns Ekelund: Should I just soak them then? Puffish: Ekelund just soak them Kief: Nice, let’s just phase it now. 1% to go Puffish: I’ll just kite this thing around, it’s cool Ekelund: So I’ll pull him far back and you just stand in a circle so we can be stationary Puffish: Hold the Time Warp until the boss is in position Ekelund: Just be stationary now Kief: Just don’t stack the bombs on top of eachother Kief: I’ll go a bit to the left here Ossory Ekelund: Alright, get in and soak Ekelund: I’ll go to the right from here Cyntrome: Oh shit I have marked and bomb. I’ll just Iceblock Puffish: I’ll stand completely still here with this Ekelund: Smash soon, get in Puffish: I’m slagged, this is going to hurt Ekelund: Moving it to the right again Cyntrome: Do you want me to pop Amplify here? Kief: Use Amplify now Ekelund: It’s smash before the marks Puffish: Can you solosoak this one Ekelund? Ekelund: Yes I can Kief: Just don’t fly off the platform Ossory: Oh shit, I fucked up Puffish: Popping Aspect Ossory: There we go Cyntrome: Easy game Kief: Hard game Puffish: So easy Ekelund: Let’s slice this guy up Kief: Puffish you know you are standing in shit, right? Puffish: Oh, I am

20 thoughts on ““Kief and Friends” (5-man) vs. Blackhand NORMAL

  1. so exciting to watch this. haven't had a chance to watch Gruul H yet. will do it when im back home after work!
    damn i love your UI so clutter free.

  2. It's a really nice kill but you totally overgeared this encounter. Your average ilvl was 695. The encounter was tuned for people with ~655-665 ilvl gear 😛

    Very nice job tho!

  3. First of all, congratulations on the kill.
    Just wondering, what's the addon that puts those 5 yellow squares at the centre of your screen? I play an affliction warlock and I'm thinking I could set that kind of visual information for my soul shards.

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