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While playing Kingdom Hearts 3, upon entering
the Toy Story world you’re introduced to this dazzling trailer for a new video game
called Verum Rex. It’s a game that exists within the Toy Story
world and is referenced constantly throughout it. Looking at the trailer itself though there’s
so many analogies and references to what was Final Fantasy Versus XIII. For those unaware, Versus XIII was what Final
Fantasy XV was before Square Enix removed KH3’s director from the project. Just about every character in this trailer
has a parallel counterpart to the cast in Final Fantasy Versus XIII and even the design
of Tokyo matches up with the environment in Versus XIII. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that perhaps
Tetsuya Nomura isn’t so over about being removed from Final Fantasy XIII. Perhaps Verum Rex is what Final Fantasy XV
would have been under Nomura’s development, in fact, the pose that the trailer ends with
is really close to how we see early versions of Noctis sit on his throne. Noctis would even have his eye colors change
during gameplay and this game’s protagonist seems to have a similar situation with two
different colored eyes. Noctis’ full name in Latin translates to
Night Sky while this new character is named Yozora, the Japanese name for also Night Sky. Most interesting to me is that the game’s
title, Verum Rex when translated to English means True King That’s probably the most
blatant reference to Nomura’s though on Final Fantasy XV. Anyway, as you play Kingdom Hearts 3, this
all just seems like a little easter egg to Nomura’s previous work and his feelings
about how things ended. Well, that is until we got the secret ending
for Kingdom Hearts 3 this week. At the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 we see Sora
gets teleported somewhere after using the power of wake to save Kairi. In the secret ending we just where he ended
up along with Riku who gets teleported to another world as well. Sora looks to end up in TWEWY as the environment
around him matches up with that game’s interpretation of Shibuya, down to the 109 building becoming
a 104 building. On the opposite end, we see Riku is transported
to the very same world that Verum Rex is set in with the main protagonist sitting high
up on a skyscraper. The song that plays in this scene even sounds
like a version of the music in the Versus XIII trailer. The secret ending ends with Luxu or Braig
or Xibarg, whatever you want to call him at this point, making a heart around the moon,
referencing Kingdom Hearts before the tagline reconnect Kingdom Hearts comes up. My guess would be that the next series of
Kingdom Hearts games will focus on fixing the damage done to Kingdom Hearts by Xenhanort
throughout the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3. However instead of visiting Disney worlds,
this time there will be a heavy focus on Square Enix properties, something that was heavily
missing from Kingdom Hearts 3 entirely. That was my interpretation of the ending at
least. Nomura has stated that Kingdom Hearts 3 was
only the ending of the Xehanort saga and that Sora would continue to be the protagonist
of the next chapter. I’m curious to see where this all ends up
going, possibly in another decade. Anyway, let me know your thoughts and theories
about Kingdom Heart’s 3 ending. I’m been scurrying through the TWEWY Final
Remix on switch lately trying to see if there’s any hint to some sequel with Kingdom Hearts.

12 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie Yozora Explained | Gaming Hot Take

  1. Please let me know if the thumbnail is too spoilery, I don't want to ruin the game's ending that just happens to see the thumbnail. I thought it was pretty vague but as always I'm open to your feedback!

  2. Ah man, I really hope Disney's still the main focus. The reason why I think this will be the case is because Disney owns part of the rights for Kingdom Hearts and they help market the game heavily. A theorist came up with the idea of Sora dying and waking up in this realm of death as it was referenced multiple times that he would die. Sora and Riku are both in versions of Shibuya so perhaps it could be another form of Dream Drop Distance. I hope we get this soon. I think this exploration into death and sleep could mature the series, so perhaps, we are leaving Disney behind. With further thought, this secret movie is getting more interesting.

  3. Holy shit I watched a video of you where you described how to stream the Xbox to a mobile device, and I was like cool, I’ll check out the rest of his channel, and oh my god dude you lost weight

  4. Yozora was on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which is pretty close to Shibuya, so it’s safe to say they’re all in the same realm.

  5. With kh 3 they started using recent very popular disney movies for worlds and using tv shows like lilo and stitch would be taking a step back. square enix world is a perfect wag to resolve the issue

  6. What would make Kingdom Hearts better? Making a Square Enix only Kingdom Hearts. While I loved Disney while growing up, it would be nice to see Sora and Riku as characters in the Final Fantasy universe. Would give a bit more of a polished feel. Us kiddies are all grown up. Just one person's opinion 😁

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