Krag Jorgensen how to snipe on Battlefield 5 Guide / Progression Tree (The Headshot King)

Hey, what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here. So I am going to try to be as direct as quick
to the point of information as possible. But, I got tons to throw at you. Please leave a like if you want me to cover
more info on each of these snipers. Leave a dislike if you did not enjoy and leave
a comment on what you want to see more of or how you want to hear or see the info. Now one thing I stress is that mag size right? That extra bullet means a lot. But jesus that reload…Let’s look at its
biggest con of this weapon in real time in comparison to the others. Well maybe it isn’t that bad, but hey least
we got to see it right? lol It is a gun that I now believe every montage
will use for its Mag size. I know feels like I said that for each gun. But they do have their places. K98 will be the most underutilized. It is now one of my favorites because of the
scope and the extra bullet. But it has an extremely big downside to it
clearly. I gravely underestimated this gun and have
misspoken in a previous video that it only goes up to a 3x. It does not, and I have a huge reason why
I missed this. we found out something so broken on stream
about this gun. You can use a 6x!! It is mislabeled as a 1x in game. I am absolutely shocked. Everyone has missed this and shoutout to CDN
one of my twitch viewers for finding it. Pros Extra bullet
Good Scope Can chose a talent to make it a great long
range weapon Cons The worst reload known to man It is not bad, just not a perfect gun. There are better options, unless you know
how to make its pros really excel. It’s the Mag size + the scope, is important
but when keeping momentum. If I were to match this gun with another from
the franchise it would be the Lebel. It is a hard gun to recommend unless you know
you can position well when out of ammo. So let’s talk Skill Tree next. There are two different ways you can handle
this gun. First is the close range aggressive sniper
and the other is for long range. First Talent we have to chose between 15%
speed between switching weapons or on the left faster ADS time. Now going aggressive I would recommend faster
ADS Second Talent you have an option between accuracy
while moving or zeroing. Now for a long range sniper build you go into
the one on the right. Now for the aggressive sniping its 100% required
to go on the left. Third Talent: Now you picked the talent on
the right for long range sniping you get the option for better bullet drop. If you went aggressive you now get a perk
for cycling the weapon faster Fourth Talent I recommend the bi pod. Yes it doesnt look as clean, but it doesnt
hinder zoom time or anything. So its a huge plus for having added control
for both close range and long range. If needed you can always go for the Bayonet
charge. But only if you just love that bayonet charge. Oddly this is hands down one of my new favorite
weapons. The reason for this is because of the scope
is so much better than the Lee Enfield. But the Lee Enfield cant be beat with the
mag size and reload. So it is definitely tough which I prefer. I may still side with the Lee Enfield but
use the Krag for variety. I hope you found this video useful and look
forward to see you all in the next one! Don’t forget to leave a like if you found
any tips helpful.

26 thoughts on “Krag Jorgensen how to snipe on Battlefield 5 Guide / Progression Tree (The Headshot King)

  1. Thanks for the useful info Dazs. Can you do a video compare bullet drop of the 4 rifles please? (Start aim above head from 120m for Krag, 150m for Kar98 for example)

  2. Dude I’m trying to get the first sniper gold. I have an assignment for 10 headshots in one life or 20 in a single game… what game should I play like that’s whackkk 10 in one fucking life???

  3. machined bolt dose not cycle between weapons faster, but it increases the fire rate! and this talent is essential for close range combat and nice and fast kill feed stacking 😉

  4. Hey, if anyone knows, what does the zeroing talent/perk even do? Does it literally only let you change that number on the bottom right of your screen? Or does it change the actual functionality of the weapon, like less bullet drop? If anyone knows, please help me. Otherwise, it is a very, very shitty upgrade.

  5. well without stipperclips in real life this rifle is much faster to reloade than the k98 and the enfield and i own an enfield and a k98 and shot alot with the krag just sayin

  6. Thank you for all your videos!!! You’re by far the best guides out there!!! I can’t even watch jack or level because for something that should only take 5-7 minutes it seems as if they drag their videos out…

  7. No no no no no no no its called krag Jørgensen IT is norwegian rifle and its called krag jøregensen not jorgensen

  8. I always reload at 1 shot left. It makes the reload so much faster. But if I really need to I'll use the last bullet.

  9. Anyone else have issues getting this gun? I’m a level 14 and you unlock this at level 13 but I can’t unlock it fun for some reason.

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