Krag Jorgensen is bugged on Battlefield 5 (bf5) – *Fixed 5.15.2019*

Krag Jorgensen is bugged on Battlefield 5 Hey, what’s going on guys it’s Ascend
Dazs here. Today I want to talk about a bug that many
of you have already encountered. I want to highlight as it does impact gameplay
and has definitely gotten me killed a number of times. Once this bug has been resolved I will update
the title of the video to notate and with the date. This maybe a quick video to discuss two bugs
with this gun and my goal is to show you what causes it and how you can avoid it or do some
quick fixes once stuck. First bug we will discuss is when you scope
in with the Krag it blacks out the screen for a longer period of time than it should. This can be always replicated by reloading
only a single round into the Krag then zooming in. Other ways this can occur is when you recover
from a jump, after some other reloads, or are instantly revived. I am going to highlight what occurs when you
reload a single round into the Krag as it is easiest to replicate. As you can see can I make this occur every
single time with the Krag. Other reloads this does not happen with. Also does not happen with other guns. What happens after the reload and will show
it in slow motion is you will see the gun stuck in the previous animation and has not
be pulled up fully yet. You will see occur when the bug always happens
and have to physically wait for your gun to snap back into place. Other snipers always snipe back into place
properly and it is something to look out for when you zoom in. I highlight this so you don’t try going
for that snipe, pushing a point, or checking a corner that can get you killed before the
animation is done. There is no way to fix it, you just have to
wait. But now you can physically see when it happens
and how you can avoid many unnecessary deaths. Another I will touch upon is when your scope
is fully blurred. This one occurs when the game thinks you are
still moving. I notice it most with the Krag as the animation
gets stuck the most and why I highlight it for this gun in particular. There is no way to stop it but here is a list
of ways it goes away. Reload the gun to have it reset (Occassionally
works) Vault over something to reset your character
placement This 100% works by mounting a weapon or going
in and out of a vehicle This bug mirrors the BF1 shake bug and while
not as intrusive can be annoying when you want to get that kill. It impacts the Krag the most since the scope
is the thinnest. I hope you found this helpful and be sure
and share it with friends who have had frustrations with the Krag. Especially since one of the main things you
do is reload often to ensure your ammo count is at full. You are not going crazy as the gun does has
its issue, and is by far one of the best bolt actions in the game. The solutions I see DICE taking is resolving
it by fixing the animation from sticking. Or not allowing you to zoom in until it is
completed. Either way, Leave a like if you found the
video helpful, a dislike if you did not and I will see you guys in the next video!

27 thoughts on “Krag Jorgensen is bugged on Battlefield 5 (bf5) – *Fixed 5.15.2019*

  1. I just realized on stream yesterday it was fixed 5.15.2019. I am sure it was fixed sooner, but just realized it when testing the gun after a recent patch.

  2. Great video! The mounted MMGs had a similar reticle issue when spawning on a vehicle. Exiting and re-entering the vehicle would fix that as well.

    Do you have advice on a good avenue to use when reporting future issues to the devs?

  3. didn't know that, im going for krag now. have you know something about the bug assignments for recon (bugs for good) or the one for ZH-29 mastery VII that is missing?

  4. Thanks! I hope they bring back recital scope changes. 3x on all and Lee–Enfield 6x is a bit difficult to adjust to

  5. Yes I have experienced this multiple times. Especially when prone and had no choice but to stand up and get killed lol 😂

  6. OMG!!!! I literally thought I was doing something to cause that like going from couch to standing back to crouch over and over while walking.. I guess I’m actually not as crazy as I thought I was!!!! 😂😂

    Have you noticed that the bullet sometimes doesn’t even leave the gun? Ive noticed quite a few times I shot at a person nothing happened… I wasn’t behind anything and they were laying down when it happens to me.. I’m almost 99% sure I should’ve hit them at least but nothing happens… I

  7. Nice video as always:)! In a future video, it would be interesting to touch on the topic of movement and how it affects accuracy while in ADS. If there are differences between the guns and for 3x and 6x scopes. I have an accuracy of around 37% with the Lee–Enfield, that's my prime bolt action due to the fast re-chambering speed. It fits my playstyle nice because I am 99% of the time playing short/medium-range. But sometimes I am just performing terrible and it turns out that it's down to stress or something, use to play with the 6x scope, and it's of monumental weight that you stop for a millisecond before taking the shoot. When I am stressed I forget this and get punished by some mechanic that I don't really understand. What I use to do in these cases is to switch to the 3x scope. It seems that this black box mechanic doesn't apply for 3x? Can you explain how this works or point me in a direction where I can read about it :). Sorry for my poor English. Best regards Doorfen

  8. Somehow I don't have that bug. Today I had the bug that my V1 Rocked randomly launched by itself. That was quite funny. And really often have this bug that I'm stuck in the loading screen.

    Everyone has a different copy of Battlefield xD

  9. One thing that is even worse is when shooting from behind cover the bullets hit the cover despite the crosshairs being above cover. There seems to be a discrepancy between where your sight is on your screen and where it actually is. Example, you are behind a large rock, you peek over it to shoot and your bullets just hit the rock that appears below your point of aim

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