Krav Maga vs. Assault Rifle

Have you ever shot somebody? Yes, you, on the show. Oh, yeah! Multiple times, in fact. Yeah, that’s true. I can think of two different episodes. [Brian’s voice echos in the distance]
♪ MODERN ROGUE! ♪ [robot voice]
Close quarters rifle defense. All right, so we’re back again at Lion’s Krav
Maga in Austin, Texas. We’ve got Katie, we’ve got Erika, we’ve got
Eddy. What are we learning this time? We are going to learn how to defend against
a threat with a rifle. Oh, thank god. I mean, it’s like I don’t want to make light of it,
this is an important skill to know how to do, right? Yeah, in the wasteland when you’ve got your
millwall brick and you encounter some guy with a rifle, you gotta know how to defend
yourself.>>Katie: Exactly. Let’s see it, Erika. [guttural noises] Erika, his finger wasn’t even on the trigger,
relax. [laughter]>>Erika: I’m not going to check. Okay, that was just as ferocious as I had
anticipated. Can we see it again?
>>Erika: Yep! [guttural noises] That’s like seven moves! I’m not going to remember any of that.>>I’m not going to remember any of that. Uh, okay. Walk me through what you’re doing here. So obvious threat is there’s the barrel of a
gun in my face, so we’d want to redirect it out of my face.>>Brian: And that’s your non-dominant hand, just across to get it out of the way. Yep, and then as you redirect, hand comes
up to your face because you are going to punch him in the face. Pop the gun up to get it loose, grab the butt
of the gun, and just scrape it all the way down him. Jab, and then you’re back. I have the weapon. Can I experience this? Don’t put your finger on the trigger though,
seriously, because it’ll break your finger. Oh, really?! That’s why he wasn’t doing it. Yeah, all four fingers on the- That’s good to know!>>Katie: Yeah, I guess we maybe should have mentioned that.
>>Brian: I mean, it would be really weird for me to
injure my hand on the show. I was about to say, it would be so hilarious–
he hurts his hand every episode. Okay, all right. The most important thing is don’t get shot. Right. Okay? So, I’m going to let Erika get shot. I know, I’m like… So I’m going to remove the barrel from in
front of me, and then I’m immediately going to come in and make you think about something
else.>>Brian: Okay, yep. All right? Boom, here. And then this goes, pow right in your face, yeah. Now why do you do the pop? You’ve already got the barrel,>>Erika: Good question.
why do you do the pop instead of just, do it like that? Well, because it’s slower, for one. If I go like this, it’s slower and this also
a more explosive movement. The difference between, put your hand out
and hold it right here. Okay. So I’m going to push it down, don’t let me
push it down. Okay. It’s consistent pressure, right? All right, now it’s going to be inconsistent,
explosive pressure. Oh! Gotcha.
Okay, that makes total sense.>>Erika: Exactly.
>>Brian: Okay. It’s here, boom, explosive pressure here,
gives me space so I can grab it. Ah. You really do, I mean I’ve got no leverage
at that point. Nope. It’s my wrists versus your whole body. She’s also stronger than you. Well, yes. Here, you need to experience this.>>Okay.>>You want to point the gun at me? Yes. I mean, no, but… Number one, don’t get shot. Yep. Punch him in the face, make him think about
something else. Here, grab the buttstock, scrape him in the
face. You got it, yeah. Grab it with the non-dominant hand. Mm-hmm. I want my hands, preferably, to be down. Obviously in a lot of these situations, you’re
not going to think and your hands are just going to start to come up. But as soon as possible, you’re going to grab
here and then it’s go-time. Yeah. Like, you don’t get to be like, “Oh s—.” “What am I going to do now?” Yeah, yeah. You’ve got to just go for it. And if you’re like, “I couldn’t reach his
face,” too bad, you’re just screwed, okay? You don’t have time. You’ve just got to keep going and make it
work. Okay. You’re going to take your non-dominant hand,
like a web here. So you’ll have your hands down. Okay. As you bring your hands up, the web of your
hand here goes across. Oh sure, okay. What’s the reasoning behind that? Because it’s the most surface area.>>Sure. So instead of trying to grab the gun in space, I just want to get it out of the way.
>>Oh, okay. And then, pop.>>Grab slowly.>>Jason: Oh, like that.>>Katie: Yeah there you go. And then pow. I would imagine you could get some serious, real injuries.
>>Katie: Oh yeah. Like you said in the last episode, you were
following a lot of instinctual movements, right? Yeah, mm-hmm. It’s not exceptionally complicated, there’s
no ballet that you’re doing. Everything makes sense and flows naturally
from the move before it.>>Yes. So here’s the thing, look. See, his line of sight is impeded by the gun. So I’m going to use this hand, and it’s going
to come straight up. If I come over here, he can see me going for
the gun and I’m going to get shot. Gotcha. Boom. And this part is super fast.>>Jason: Okay. Up and over. I guess, I’m so amazed by the checkmate that
happens, because once it’s off to the side, he’s not going to let go of the gun. His new priority is to hold onto the gun. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And then meanwhile he’s just got to take hits
to the face. And if I’m over here, and he’s now pulling
the gun back, he’s pulling me into his face, here.>>Right.>>Boom. Okay. Hands to the sides, or low anyway. And then… Pow. Pop it up. And then scrape there, and then bam. And then– [laughter] Rambo. Yeah. You want to try it?>>Brian: Yeah, okay. Uh, left hand up. Pop to the face, pop this up.>>Yep. Slowly scrape it down.>>Jason: Sensuous scraping. And then because it’s a movie, you’ve got
to go, “Ch-chikt!” to telegraph that it’s about–as if it’s not already primed and ready
to go. Like that, pop. Uh, pop. Scrape, pop, and then… be cool. What amazes me, like I was saying, how natural
it feels. Yeah, it really is your gut instincts, pretty
much are right. All right, here, you ready? Do me. Come here, let me shoot you. Okay. Pow. Wow, yeah. That’s great. Okay, oh!
I didn’t finish. [laughter] There’s a little bit more to go. Okay. Right? Pop. Yeah. And then. Ouch, ouch ouch. [misery] [somewhere between a helicopter noise
and rapid gunfire] Oh Jesus. Yeah, see you don’t want gunkatas, man. Gunkata! Yeah. All right, here let me try you. Wait, did you yank it away?! What! No, what?! I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t try to sabotage you. All right. Pop! pop. Scrape, slowly. Pop. So there’s a couple of really important things
when you’re defending a gun. The first is, the reason that you have to
practice this over and over and over and over and get thousands and thousands of reps in,
is because the amount of stress that you’re going to be under is huge. When you are staring down the barrel of an
actual gun, your heart rate’s going to go up, you’re going to get tunnel-vision, your
hands are going to be shaking. You need to be able to rely entirely on muscle-memory. It has to be simple, it needs to get you out
of the line of fire immediately, and you have to take the gun away. And this is the reason that you show up week
after week, training and training and training. So that all of this becomes rote and automatic,
to where when you find yourself in that situation, you’re not doing any thinking at all. Yeah, exactly, because fights go wrong. All the time, I mean, if I’m pointing a gun
at someone, I’m not going to be like, “Okay, are you ready?” “All right, here, do the thing.” “Do it.” “Okay good.”>>Jason: That’s not how it goes? Yeah, that’s not really how it happens. Like as soon as he does that, I’m going to
be like, “No.” Boom, and I’m going to take the gun back. So you have to go fast, and you have to get
in their face as soon as possible. It’s a fight, immediately. It’s a fight with a gun involved. Okay, let’s try it one more time. I want you to go fast, I’m going to actually
try to not let you get it. Okay. But, don’t hit me with the gun. Get up a little. This is a situation where the person is already
close, if you really wanted to kill someone you would be further away. Yeah. But this is like a… But, back here I would just have to go… [laughter] What was that, the Matrix?>>Ready?
>>Yeah. Uh, we’re doing the thing that they said you
don’t get to do. They’re like, uh, “Hey!” “Gimme all your money-oh my gosh.” “I’m helping ow ow ow.” Okay, I am now out of my comfort zone! Krav maga! Time out! Tap out! Dude, that was awesome. Thank you guys so much. Yeah, nicely done. You guys have a gym here in Austin, and we
can find you online at lionskravmaga dot com. Yeah, you guys are the best.>>Thanks!
>>Thank you. Put the gun down. Oh. [laughter] Yes ma’am. I’m sorry, I’m going to step away now. — CC BY BIZARRE MAGIC —
[branding furnace hissing] [light martial arts noises, static, and wind]

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  2. Everybody calls themselves Krav Maga nowadays. Doesnt mean anything anymore. Its the trendy new Karate of the 2010s.. Everybody wannabe be an operator but nobody wants to do operator sht.

  3. The first move is good but to punch I won’t suggest it if you don’t have strong arms
    Head butting is indeed gonna give the criminal 3 seconds of trauma to regain balance by then you should have you finger on the trigger and make hear that boom boom 💥 💥

  4. I don't think either of these (average women) would ever be able to disarm an (average man) no matter how close they are. Biology is just against them.

  5. do this to any soldier, and you die. using your non dominant hand opens you up for their counter. RIP your temple because its going to receive a rifle stock lobotomy

  6. Misnamed video… Should be called how to die with delusional fantasies of effectiveness. Please do this segment again with simulated ammunition, protective equipment and resistance and film that.

  7. As a civil servant myself I can say with confidence you should 100% NOT do this. Enjoy the grapefruit sized cavity in your cranium. Have a great day.

  8. I got a pretty advanced technique too, good for all disciplines. It's called "He has a gun, I should get away from him.". First you see the target then, and this is the hard part, run away. Works 8/10 times

  9. Interesting episode, but in my mind this all falls apart if the attacker pulls the trigger. Would it not make the barrel hot and burn the defenders hand? Especially if they had already been shooting

  10. There are a number of ways that the shooter can retaliate: one being kicking the martial artist away or in order to stun to pull out and gain the range advantage. Two being using the turned weapons buttstock as a blunt weapon. Huge fan of Modern Rouge btw

  11. Lmfao as usual, you can do all the training you want but it'll never work like this. You'll move to grab the gun with your annoying breathing techniques and they'll shoot you immediately

  12. 1) no one with an M16 rifle will stand in front of you at that range (it is a long range assault rifle after all)

    2) holding the barrel is not a good idea. You could burn your hand specially if it has been shot moments before.

  13. You also have to consider the guy with gun panicking and shooting straight away which can make it harder to grip and would potentially get you shot during the entire process

  14. This could be effective vs someone that wasn't really planning to use the gun on you, but just there for the intimidation factor. First, make sure there is no accidental discharge aimed at you. Then take it away in case it really is a loaded gun.

  15. Attacking your opponent who has the gun directly point at you isn't very safe and neither is it effective. Moving rapidly wont stop the firearm from being discharged. Best to wait for a better chance if there is any. If there isn't that may be the only way. Just not the best.

  16. That first move opens the whole body to be shot. The non dominant hand should push the weapon out of the line of sight without passing through the defender body. Does it make sense? Maybe your krav maga is different on that side of the planet.

  17. If the rifle had been fired at all the barrel and gas parts will be really hot. Therefore when she grabs the rifle in the first move she is gonna burn her hands and let go

  18. if a guy whit a rifle was pointing it at you and as soon as you would toutch the barrel he would kick you and the slam you head whit the butt end of the gun

  19. This just wouldn't work. Most shooters would stand pretty far back from a victim. Statistics show that most trained shooters practice shooting from 7 yards. And that's with a pistol (correct if wrong). However, your average shooter on the street might probably point their gun at you or shoot you at around 2 to 3 yards. Do note that the average human arm length is 25 inches which is just under 0.7 yards. This means that the victim will have to get much closer (something that most shooters are very uncomfortable with) to perform a CQC move like this.

    Okay but let's say that the victim was close enough and they attempted to completely take the gun away from the attacker. I would bet you 80% of the time this just wouldn't work. The average reaction time for movement in humans is 330 milliseconds in a non-threat environment (without adrenaline etc.). This means that the victim has approximately 330 milliseconds to take the gun from the attacker with little to no resistance.

    But now let's calculate how fast Erika moved in the video. I carefully timed her movements and it took approximately 275 ms to move the gun away completely from her body. To further reinforce this, statistics show that young men aged 25 years with a 3-year deviation in a high threat environment were able to intercept objects in about 226 milliseconds and for women in the same age group, 274 milliseconds. Using that information and knowing that she is better than most average civilians at performing this move due to repetitive training, this gives her a small 55-millisecond window to make her next move. However, the average punching speed is 0.0122222 yards per millisecond. So, to get to our average 0.7 yards in arm length, it will take about 58 milliseconds which exceeds the 330-millisecond window for little to no resistance. And, most average civilians wouldn't perform this move as quickly so do keep that in mind.

    Long story short: It probably won't work unless the attacker is like really really bad.


  20. The guys gonna pull the trigger you try to attack him, he will fire that bullet as grab the barrel and move it away, you will have the entire palm of your hand burnt by the heat

  21. Most people that are using rifles will not stand that close nor will they just stand there while you do your pop, pop,pop. Plus they said just just deflect, don't grab the weapon. BULL!! I'd want that muzzle not pointing at me ASAP and me controlling it.

  22. Yikes. I would not suggest of holding that barrel during that first step. What if that rifle has just made a couple of rounds, or worse, have fired a full magazine of bullets? That barrel would be extremely hot to hold. your skin will definitely melt once you hold that barrel

    Not advisable during combat situations.

  23. May work if done quickly and surprising and if distance can be bridged immediatelly.
    An experienced soldier won't try to force against that move trying to get it pointed onto the opponent again, he will go with the movement and strike with the rifle butt. He also can parry the punch with the rifle butt, then going to the face….not every opponent just moves or behaves like an idiot 😉
    Every move can be countered, and also every counter can be countered, that's why surprising is the key in threat situations. Surprise is just a moment so better be quick 🙂

  24. First guy: he needs to bring the buttstock up to his shoulder more. (He has the right idea of tucking his elbows in)

  25. The technique they teach has them crossing they’re arms. That’s bad form and you can not get a hit off at a good speed so the shooter has more time to react and shoot you. Also if they see you twitch they’ll probably pull the trigger and then you’ll die. Even if you move the barrel they probably will be still shooting the gun and it’ll be getting extremely hot and it’ll start to melt your hand then you’ll let go and get gunned down.

  26. So random that I came across this video. I used to train with Eddie in Houston. (What's up bro? Lookin good!)

  27. I know this is a year old video, but I'm going to point out that, yes, as the gunman, standing this close is exceptionally stupid and if the gunman is well trained, they may be able to hold onto the gun. Fun fact, if the guy pointing a gun at you is well trained, you're pretty fucked. Tough luck. Guns are, surprise surprise, a big advantage. So naturally, if you have a trained guy with a gun and trained guy without, the one with a gun is probably gonna win. That doesn't change the usefulness of techniques dealing with people who aren't experts. For example, terrorists insurgents or criminals. Generally, those people aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and in the latter case (and possibly the former), they're likely inspired by movies which feature plenty of jabbing people with guns. Thank you movies, keep teaching criminals all the dumb things to do when committing a crime.

  28. you would need to be able to suppress the reflexes that also keep you alive the moment the gun fires, the sound and the recoil would shock you and don't forget about the gasses that would hit you in the face and possibly burn you, I would recommend to just surrender.

  29. The part that makes no sense is even with moving the barrel out of your face, first the concussive force of the sound is enough to incapacitate and disorient anyone that close to the loudest part of the bang. Not to mention the hot gasses now in your face

  30. Stupid people get close with rifles. The whole purpose of a firearm is to kill from a distance. I can see a law enforcement situation where you might need to close with someone, but a bad guy who gets that close deserves to get f***ed up.

  31. This would be interesting to try with a Dummy rifle with a “working” trigger. I bet the bad guy will be able to discharge the rifle before they can be disarmed.

  32. Only halfway thru the video but most of these moves are gonna make the gunman fire with ot without wanting to.

  33. Lady, have you ever shot an AR15 let alone had one with a A2 flash hider let off a round right next to your face?… I don't think that will go as planned..

  34. now i know what to do during a school shooting if the threat is right in front of me, if they have a side arm shoot em, if not, scare them and taunt them

    edit: if the shooter has a side arm is what i meant

  35. This demo is so woeful. Crossing your hands to punch in the face? May as well try to use Chi or something equally useless.

  36. If someone with a rifle was this close to you, they're kinda missing the advantage a rifle affords over a pistol. Longer ranges, less close quarters maneuverability,

  37. If the rifle just shots few rounds before, then grabbing the tip of the rifle barrel wouldn't be a good idea i guess, as the barrel is really hot. Maybe i am wrong. Can someone explain?

  38. I can buy that an untrained shooter might get that close to me with a rifle, but what bugged me was that with the specific model rifle they were using, they kept gripping the barrel. If a round discharges, that barrel's going to get hot enough to potentially be distracting, if not painful. I'm no martial arts expert, but gripping the forearm at least minimizes the chance of that distracting, possibly painful burn. It does change the leverage the defender has on the rifle, however, so from that aspect I can understand why one might want to risk burns. It would be interesting to see Modern Rogue revisit this lesson and address that concern.

    At the end of the day, I'd rather have even severe burns on my hand and be partially deaf than have new holes in my body, but anyone approaching this defensive situation should be aware they're probably going to suffer some kind of (potentially serious) injury, even if they don't get shot.

  39. Hopefully the instructor and student know that those moves are pure BS and wouldn't work in a real situation.
    They never practice actually punching the attacker, and the attacker is never trying to move the gun or grabbing it tight.

  40. I would understand an idiot who would shove a glock in youre face, but what genious is going around doing it with a rifle?

  41. Wow. 9 minutes of how to get shot. Never once did you show it with the person holding the gun actually resisting, or even failing to cooperate slightly. Not to mention, if you have your finger on the trigger already, you can probably fire before the other person even gets a hand on the barrel. Hell, it might go off without actually intention just from swatting at the barrel. And all of this ignores how the person with the rifle let you get that close in the first place. You have to expose your entire body to get to this situation, giving the person with the rifle plenty of time to shoot you. Here's a much better idea if you see someone with a rifle while unarmed: find cover and hide. Run away when you can. If you must confront and disarm them, find cover, hide, wait for them to pass, and attack from behind with surprise.

  42. in america a dude with an assault rifle isnt going to stick you up… those dudes just shoot you dead. anywhere else in the world dudes with those rifles are in the military and are always in groups… hence you are fucked either ways. theoretical scenario training is such bullshit. real life scenarios never go down like it does in the fukin training manuals…

  43. Ya cause that’s how it works it goes just as planed love to see it actually happen in a real life situation

  44. If your gonna teach people how to defend them selves from someone with a rifle at least have the would be attacker to hold the rifle correctly which can completely change the dynamic of this

  45. After redirecting rifle aim, depending on your speed, the rifle will probably shoot. Expect the sound to be very loud and spooky, but you shouldn't let go of the rifle. Also if you accidentally grab the rifle barrel instead of forearm, (like they do in this video) it can get really hot after firing, but you don't want to let it go. Burning your hand is better than getting shot.

  46. What if the gun is empty but they have a pistol in there back pocket that has live ammo? What if you are doing an A.L.I.C.E drill where the cops will basically shot any one with a gun? But, hey, that doesn't matter. It still looks awesome!

  47. Anybody with more than 5 braincells knows to always stay back far enough for the person to be able to reach anywhere near the gun

  48. I'm having trouble taking any of this seriously. Not because Krav Maga is overrated, mind you. It's mostly just that the first instructor kept hissing as she did it, and it just shook me out of it.

  49. 1:15 Let's change the steps.

    Obvious Step 1: Move in while slapping the middle of the gun to the side

    Step 2: Wrap your arms on the middle of the gun. That way he can't hit you with the butt of the gun.

    Step 3: Run towards him while doing this, because he obviously won't stay still in the first place.

    Step 4: Elbow his nose, temple and chin. In that order.

    You're welcome 👀😁😂💯💯

  50. I can't see that working against anyone other that a drug dealer. A soldier would never let you grab the rifle and most likely be wearing a sling. Still better to try than just die.

  51. Saw a video once where a guy was in close quarters defending himself like this against a spatula. Long story short the dude wielding the spatula got smacked a lot and im king of breakfast

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