[Ktown4u Unboxing] BTS – 2018 BTS EXHIBITION PHOTO BOOK [오,늘] 방탄소년단 언박싱 防弾少年団

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72 thoughts on “[Ktown4u Unboxing] BTS – 2018 BTS EXHIBITION PHOTO BOOK [오,늘] 방탄소년단 언박싱 防弾少年団

  1. Thanks for the unboxing Jay❤️ btw I have a question… Al of the orders shipped by Ktown4u come in boxes? Or envelopes too? Thanks

  2. purchased this and a couple of albums online two weeks ago! so excited that it's about to arrive to me soon. thanks for the unboxing! 💓

  3. Hey ktown4u how about flying me to Korea so I can be an official unboxer too? ;D it’s just so satisfactory to open an album and see photocards and all that even if you don’t get to keep it or even like the artist 😂😂 i buy a lot from you guys :’(

  4. Thanks for showing us!! I was debating whether I should spend the $75+ on it because money is a bit tight.. but I guess I have my answer now 💕

  5. as a graphic designer .. (it's not bts's fault do not hate me I know what I'm saying) but .. the design is poorly made. too many pictures on one spread so you can't see much (at some pages) . also background colors are to bright compared to the pictures . I don't know about this … but bts has so many nice pictures. they (designer's) could've worked harder on that expensive photobook ~ for the fan's , man come on!

  6. This is so beautiful!! Thank you for the unboxing! but I thought this was supposed to have a sticker, did I miss it or it's a random thing? does anyone knows? help please 😛

  7. Does ktown4u ship to Europe/Switzerland?? i really wanna buu stuff but if it doesn't ship or if its veryyyy exspensive i need to search a different shop🤷‍♀️❤️❤️

  8. Thanks for unboxing Jay, I search some autopresent for me since my birthday was in some days ago and I need something of these boys the photobook is awesome the photos amazing, the transparent paper is really cool, I really like that little notes of quality products like 'is photographic paper' or other notes you put in other unboxing, help us a lot.

  9. Wow that transparent paper….BH and it's designers and photographers never dissapoints …honestly all their goods creative 100 percent…its like they think and do for the fandom 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜…tysm for showing this wonderful art.

  10. Is this a good gift for Brazilian Army?
    I'm worried because I don't know what i-army wants. Is this a good gift?

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