LA GARD LG Basic digital electronic safe lock changing combo and battery

Hi, my name is John Dean, I am with Dean Safe, I want to show you, and introduce you to the
LaGard LG Basic lock. This is an immensely popular lock. It is a high security digital lock and I want to show you
three things. I want to show you how to open it, how to change the combination, and how to replace the batteries.
It will only take a second to do all three. First we will open it, I have this set to one, two, three, four, five, six. And there it is, the safe is open.
It is that simple. Now, in order to change the combination, it is always recommended that you throw the bolts out, and we’re going to hit six zeros (000000), then your
existing combination, you already know what that is, and new combination, the new combination,
we have to input it two times, so we are going to do this. 0,0,0,0,0,0(Six zeros)
That wakes it up into the change mode You put in the old combination
one, two, three, four, five six We wait a half a heartbeat, then you put in the
new one. Six, five, four, three, two, one, twice,
six, five, four, three, two, one. Now, it’s complete. Well, now we will give it a test.
Six, five, four, three, two, one. Works great. Close it up and you’re done. Now changing the batteries is just about
that simple. On the LG basic they made a couple of different
configurations. First thing you do, is you look down below see if there’s a little door, a little
plastic door there. If there is a door there, pull it out
and a nine-volt battery will drop into your hand. This one’s a little bit different, with this one you just push it up slightly, and there’s your nine volt battery, you put in a
new nine volt it comes out real easy, it is not attached in there
hard, you put in a new nine volt and you just put it back on the safe. There
are two little keyed areas. There you go. There is also a time out penalty. What makes
this a high security lock is, if somebody pushes the incorrect combination three times, on the fourth time it’s in
lockout for fifteen minutes. So it takes forever to try and manipulate a lock like this. Another thing to remember is, all the brains
on this thing, are on the inside, this is merely a battery holder and keypad, so if a burglar comes
along, and pulls this off, and tries to attach another one, which is hard to do. But, it won’t work, it’s like pulling the keyboard
off your computer, and plugging it into somebody else’s keyboard, and thinking that your password
will work on their machine, it just doesn’t work that way. These are excellent locks, we’ve had years and
years of trouble free service. I usually wait until the battery dies,
before I put a new battery in it, which is about five to six years but we recommend
you do it every other year at the least. Always use an alkaline battery, a high-quality
alkaline battery. That is all you need to know, thank you very much

3 thoughts on “LA GARD LG Basic digital electronic safe lock changing combo and battery

  1. Very helpful, thanks for posting. FWIW I would always change the battery with the door open, so if any problems occur I'm not locked out

  2. I have that exact lock on a safe. After several years I lost the paperwork on how to do battery replacement, and the battery went dead.. You saved the day !! Many thanks to you, sir!!

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