La Machine Battle Kumo and Long-ma Epic Finale

– So as you guys probably know it’s Canada’s 150th anniversary this year. So my family decided to go
on a long East coast tour. I had a great time, and I got back just in time to see La Machine’s
creations, Kuma and Longma, battle it out in an epic finale at the Canadian War Museum
at the LeBreton Flats and it was so cool. I had a blast seeing that, and I’m currently working
on my east coast video so that will be coming out soon, but I haven’t uploaded in a while, so here’s my summer update. – [Alan Watts] I believe that if we are honest with ourselves that the most fascinating
problem in the world is Who Am I. What do you mean? What do you feel when you say the word I? I, myself. – So the craziest thing happened when I was in the East coast of Canada. My dad and stepmom went
down into New York City and my dad actually met Casey
Neistat and Marlon Franklin, the UPS Guy who was in a
bunch of Casey’s videos. And that was the coolest thing. He got a bunch of pictures with Casey and even got Marlon to do an intro for one of my videos, which is awesome. – I am Marlon. I am watching Average Row. – Apparently Marlon was a really cool guy and Casey was super chill, so I was so jealous when my
dad told me about that, but nonetheless very happy for him, and it’s so cool knowing someone who’s actually met Casey Neistat. So my dad has a friend named Dan and every year, Dan throws this big party with a barbecue, a big firework display, which they’re setting up right here, and this nice water balloon fight. So it was absolutely fantastic the last time I was here, two years ago. So I’m expecting the same. Maybe the fireworks display
is gonna be even better and I thought I would
bring the cameras along just to show you guys how
amazing this party is. So rewind to when I first got here and I’ll see you guys in a moment. (angelic music) So we had an awesome water balloon fight that lasted for around 20 minutes, but the highlight of Dan’s summer parties are always the fireworks. So these are the fireworks. As you can see, there are many of them, so
this is going to be crazy. You got Intensity, Trigger Happy. Then you have Menace. And it just keeps going
and going and going. So, this is gonna be a good firework show. And it was the most insane
private fireworks display I have ever seen. (upbeat music) (people cheering) So Dan’s party was absolutely fantastic and I actually did that
the day after I got back from my my Newfoundland PEI trip, so that was pretty hectic, but then the following day. So we’re on Elegant
Street in Downtown Ottawa and we’re walking to the
Supreme Court of Canada to go see Longma, which is the half-dragon, half-horse,
big mechanical creature so it sounds really cool. I haven’t seen any of these yet but can’t wait to get there. So this is where we’re stuck on Canada Day and look at the difference. (electropop music) We are very close. Longma’s right down there and I can already see a huge crowd. So this is gonna be kinda difficult, but we’re gonna get through so we can get good shots of the giant machines. (people cheering)
(muffled music) So since we’re downtown, I had to go to my favorite restaurant, the King Eddy. So Longma was fantastic. It was absolutely beautiful. We just managed to squeeze into the crowd and get a really good view of view of her, but absolutely beautiful. And I thought that this would
be a perfect opportunity to tell you the story of
basically Longma and Kuma. So, Kuma, the spider, stole Longma’s wings and robbed her sacred temple. That’s all they’re calling it. And Longma has to travel around the world to get back all of her wings and retrieve her sacred temple from Kuma and that’s kind of how the story goes. They walk around the city
trying to find each other, well, Kuma’s trying to run away and Longma is trying to catch her and then they have this big fight and Longma got her wings back. So it’s this really cool story and just super, super interesting. So after me and my dad
were finished eating, we walked all the way
across Downtown Ottawa to the Canadian War Museum so we could get front row seats to see the grand finale. And it was absolutely fantastic. You kind of had to be
there to get the most out of the experience, but this is just a little taste of what it was actually like. (lively music) So the whole thing was
absolutely incredible. There was an orchestra and a choir. At certain points, Longma
actually breathes fire, Longma being the half-horse, half-dragon. At one point, on the stage, there were three fires going at once and towards the end,
fake snow started falling and it was actually the biggest production I have ever seen. (orchestral music) (people cheering) And it’s also an experience
I will never forget so it was truly epic and I actually found a short video clip of that in 360 so I’m not quite sure what
social media platforms I will be releasing that on, so I’ll make sure to put a link
in the description for that and I also filmed a 360
video of the fireworks. And it has a really unique perspective. I put it right where the
fireworks were being launched so it’s kind of like laying down and seeing fireworks
exploding right above you, which is kinda neat, and I
had a lot of fun doing that. So 360 video for the fireworks will also be coming out. I’ll put another link in
the description for that. And guys, I hope that
you enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to
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[email protected] So, I’ll see you guys next time. (hyphy music) Okay, so I’m about to try a Haunted Ghost Pepper chip. I really don’t wanna do
this, but I’m going to. I just inhaled some dust. Wow, okay. I’m gonna wash my hands after this ’cause I don’t wanna touch my eyes. Cheers. (acoustic music) Ow. Do you have milk?

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