Lara Logan Speaks Out On Sexual Assault In Egypt

there’s also a curved brought to you by through
less lerma and uh… had an interview with sixty
minutes and it’s the first time that she’s come out to talk about her experience covering
the protest in egypt if you guys can remember during a protest
uh… she was sexually assaulted and we’ve never really have the details of
the story but she did sit down with sixty minutes and she had an interview with the
new york times she kinda talked about what happened when she experienced we have um…
clip that ad sixty minutes released today let’s watch it camera battery went down there and we have to stop for a moment and suddenly
by that’s the incidents we thank god suggestion speaks arabic and you can u crafts he understands
what no one else in the crew chins that’s right uh… not only in magnitude that it’s
going to be just torturous death it’s going to go on answer knots heavy stuff and the real and bring in the story of today’s
because you know when we originally covered it people were very skeptical like almost as if she
would live out what you want default you know kind of questions were and question whether or not she was telling the
truth i don’t know it was just it was i’d i hated the response that people had to it
and you know i think that when you hear her talking about it it makes you realize that
this isn’t some sort of joe she went through something serious and it’s not something that
you can just brushed off as for exaggerating and you know just making things up for attention
yeah women you know and yes that did happen uh… the fact of the matter is women are treated
like shit all over the world and they’re treated like shit in this country
to not only didn’t diminish the fact that she was brutally attacked and
i’m not yeah sucks uh… but you know i hope that people will not just sit blame other cultures and the
way they treat women not take a look at women are abused every day in this this country
as well women are uh… picking up raped in parking lots in you know bars and husbands and boyfriends beat them up everyday
and uh… we steepest people need to um… him their views women over there and we’ve using
here i’m not saying that it’s the same without the same country uh… and i don’t think i i don’t think she
is trying to imply that you know i she was that a protesting egypt and because she was
in egypt this happened and it’s it’s acceptable behavior that’s not the case at all you know the egyptian military came in and
they say they’re out when she was talking to the new york times she said quote for an extended period time period of time be raped me with their hands
my clothes were torn to pieces what really struck me was how bursa restless
they were they really enjoyed my pain and suffering inside and then sit to more violence okay and then uh… she talked about how she
was saved by abt members of the egyptian military and women came to her rescue and you know i’d just don’t think that she’s trying to
imply that was acceptable behavior in egypt no one wanted
to help around she’s complaining uh… uh… picture here of remark getting excited by the moment and then getting lost in that and and
really whipped up and getting off on abusing somewhat right uh… can she definitely found herself in the middle of
that more terrible places scary place to be especially you know when you can’t with people think
well and you’re separated from the people who are
supposed to protect it yet is in serious situation and i think that
uh… a larger issue here is not just the fact that she knows she got assaulted in that
way but the fact that reporters really put their
lives on the line when they go and go out inmate do real journalism when they cover these real
stories that are happening whether it’s the protest whether it’s the war they put themselves you know right there d in potential harm any danger
and it takes uh… a tremendously strong individual to take on a job like that thrill it’s gives you great suggestions for where to go when you look you have a little
fun at best in bars restaurants and then services
anything that you’re looking for phyllis has a you signed up to for a list dot com slash
he liked it but if analyst think about it and alert uh… and that that you for the world for just the

100 thoughts on “Lara Logan Speaks Out On Sexual Assault In Egypt

  1. Guys, do u have mental problem.

    Wat Islam has to do about this !
    Egypt is a country with population more than 83 Million.
    Egypt full of uneducated people and there is also Gangs and creepy people. And this was A REVOLUTION
    all kind of people were over there..
    Even maybe some of who raped her were Christians !

    Has nothin to do with religion ! if a Revolution happened -in CUBA, Mexico, Brazil, SOUTH-AFRICA – same thing is goin to happen to her

    such brainwashed silly ppl commenting

  2. @prince92Omar
    1) Props to Egypt for not descending into chaos while the the police turns on the citizens, gets defeated and disappears.
    2) Could you however name some journalist gang rapes from the fall of the Berlin Wall?

  3. @UnderTetouan It's thugs for sure, that part is clear. A mix of instigators and general fucktard losers might be a good guess. UN demographic yearbook 2006 has 94,1% of Egypt's population Muslim, Pew Research Center report on global Muslim population of 2009 has a 94,6% figure. What is your 70% source?

  4. @peoman2

    Serb soldiers, how Many thousands of women they gang raped!
    Check Raping rate in Mexico or in Venezuela,
    in AbuGhraib by US soldiers

    How silly u say everything!
    this has nothing to do with Islam

    it is unclear exactly who did the assaulting–remember assaults against journalists were led by the regime or maybe some just some thugs as anywhere in the world

    stop saying ur silly coments to me, im Egyptian, u cant fool me by ur lies,
    just tell it to some uneducated ppl

  5. @prince92Omar On the issue of Islamic law, what is your response to this framing?
    "Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses. Women who allege rape, without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men who subsequently develop a conscience, are actually confessing to having sex. If they or the accused happens [sic.] to be married, then it is considered to be adultery."

  6. @oxus72
    OMG, do u really trust wat u said.. or u know that u r lying
    About 4 wittiness; that when an Adultery happen by a Man and a woman"with their BOTH acceptance to have sex,both will be lashed(also witnesses don't need to be Males!!)
    Rape in Islam is a Crime more than any Crime… as Murdering
    rapist is not goin to marry that woman,(coz Death Penalty is his fate)

    please tell me, who fooled u by this Silly lie!?
    im really wondering How a SANE humanbeing could believe in wat u r saying

  7. @prince92Omar I'm trying to have an informative discussion about these things. We might focus on the actual question and spend less time on red herrings. I offer for you to respond to a quote made elsewhere, since it's an interesting point of debate. I made NO factual claim myself. You responding by insinuating I’m lying (technically impossible btw) or insane, makes me suspect I'd better look for a more convincing spokesperson for your religion.

  8. @prince92Omar Pushing this suspicion: You spend some 80% of your reply dwelling on the stipulated sanctions of the crimes, as if this would clarify anything about the burden of proof required to obtain a conviction – which, I remind you, was the entire focal point of the quote. The allegation made about the gender of the 4 witnesses is that women are generally seen as lesser witnesses, including in rape cases. I can’t judge the validity of this angle and by the looks of it, neither can you.

  9. @geodesicks again, you're peddling tired stereotypes. Saudi Arabia has a higher rape conviction rate than many countries in the West, including the Scotland, where just 2.9% of rape accusations end in conviction. According to shariah law, a woman's testimony is sufficient to prove rape if it can be supported by injuries sustained during her ordeal. As for rapes not being reported in Saudi Arabia, how is this possible if Saudi Arabia has the 48th highest number or rapes per capita in the world?

  10. @oxus72
    Anyway … both Comments are just about One point ..
    Which is Women is Lower wittness..
    which is wrong

    the whole thingy of one Man and two women is about ONLY in ""MONEY maters"" .. and the Verse says the 2nd woman is there for reminding the other woman … not because she is lower !!! go and read the noble Verse.

    and about mocking you … sorry Man ..
    but wat u r saying is really funny specially if u trust it ..

    sorry again

    enjoy ur life

  11. @prince92Omar Both comments? One point? Not sure what comments you're talking about. Getting off track here but are you a robot? If the verse doesn't specifically say "lower" well than I guess it deems equal value to both, it just coincidentally doubles the witness burden on the women, you know, case one of them goes all PMS. Sorry Man .. but wat u r saying is really funny specially if u trust it. Is the noble verse of the 4 (sexless) witnesses the final word on burden of proof for a rape conv.?

  12. @BabaZonge I've seen mentioned before this about Sharia Law requiring just the core testimony plus sustained injuries. I'd like to read up on it, any hints?

  13. Egyptians and Muslims are innocent of this and feel sorry
    What happened
    What happened to her to make our hearts cry
    Believe me, the Egyptians are honest people and they do not do that , we defend the honor by Our souls
    we regret we were not there to defend you. in every country ther are thugs, they are thugs,

  14. This Brian Unger guy is an idiot. Middle Eastern and Chinese women would sell their souls to be "treated like shit" in his country. Imbecile.

  15. I consider myself a liberal but I will NEVER hold the same beliefs as most liberals on the Middle East and ESPECIALLY the Muslim world. This is a culture that has been rife with mysogeny, racism, oppression, and violence and it has been that way for CENTURIES, and the fact that many liberals want to ignore it and pretend it doesn't occur is disgusting to me. Every country you look at you see an oppressive government and a radical element amongst the people. We're screwed either way. God help us

  16. For all the fucking muslim apologists tying to weasel their way out of taking the responsibility AS MUSLIMS for this –

    step 1- look at the sexual harassment numbers in Egypt.
    step 2- look at the treatment women get in every muslim country, and how islam itself is encouraging it.
    step 3- go fuck yourselves.

    thank you.

  17. @lucianaperveieff
    I couldn't agree more. That guy is an idiot to equate the treatment of women in those countries to U.S. women. Anyone who doesn't see that is fucked in the head.

  18. @badblueman


    If you leave some cash in your car seat. and when you come back and you find that someone broke the glass and took the money. but i know genius like you will blame that person, but will not admit that was your mistake.

    i wish this world was civilized and we don't need any security. wouldn't be better if you keep alert and avoid trouble.

    " CIVILIZED " read some wikileaks

  19. I don't know who committed the rape, Christians, Muslims, thugs recruited by Mubarak or even the very grass-root people who instigated the revolution … I do not know, What I know for sure is that it happens everywhere, I do not prejudice the whole American nation for what their thug soldiers did in Abu Ghareib jail in Iraq … I know for sure in every nation there is the benign and there is the malevolent… and Egypt, like the US and wherever, is no exception. God is love…

  20. I'm not blaming her, but she is a pretty blond blue eyed women in the middle of a crazy scene and she stands out. She could have tried to blend in a little more, but this is and always will be a threat to a female reporter in the middle of shit like that. How can a husband allow his wife to go too such places is beyond me.

  21. I cannot belive that the crew had no guns or any kind of armour. at least the guy who was in the special forces should know better. i mean you are going into a mad crowd who just made a revolution using armed resistances. i hope what i said made sence.

  22. i always wanted to go to Egypt but now if they tell me u can go there by free i wouldn't go….motherfuckersx-(

  23. Its funny how this incident is just an excuse for those who have been holding in their hatred to let it spread.
    Of course it would add insult to injury to say she's an Israeli. Even if you've been in a cave for the past 50 years, you'd know there's somewhat of a "cold war" going on with Egypt and Israel.
    I'm not gonna try to convince anyone of anything, for I know that hate can be blinding and nothing anyone can say can make people believe that religion, ethnicity have nothing to do with this.

  24. OMG 4:24 thats an AMAZING night club, La Boom!!! sadly it got torn down after a hurricane 🙁

    but if I was that girl I wouldve pimp punched all those guys…

  25. @tjxkid You must have your towel wrapped around your head too tight if you don't know the difference. Yes, rape happens everywhere, but do you really think a woman would get raped in front of a mob of American men? Hell no. In America, rape is looked down upon. In the Middle East they glorify it, that's why it was a mob of men involved. They treat women in the Middle East like shit, you're ignorant if you think otherwise. Yeah.. the circumstance of celebration would surely be similar.. lmao

  26. @tjxkid Maybe the ghetto, otherwise you're wrong. It would take a lot of desperation and break down of the average American man to try and rape a girl in that situation. Even if someone attempted it, the majority of the mob will stop it. Don't compare this 3rd world shithole to America. What awful circumstance were they in? CELEBRATION? Give me a break. When the camera lights went out that's when they went for the attack. And Vietnam war was a much bigger difference compared to this.

  27. @tjxkid Don't try feeding me your liberal bullshit on how everyone is the same, because we're not and that's the truth. They are a 3rd world for a reason. These are the same people who kill foreigners, decapitate and torture people, treat their women like shit, and glorify rape. Is that all a lie? Is the news lying about all of that? I have not a lot of research of my own so I know what it's like. I used to be ignorant on the matter like you, but I've learned. Typically you call me a racist.

  28. @tjxkid Sorry, but you're the one that's blind. I'm not generalizing ALL of the muslims, but a damn good amount of them. You should see American girls, they dress like sluts. They wear revealing clothes everyday, you can't do that in the Middle East. That's why all the girls there are fully covered, or else they get raped or beaten. That's their religion. Have you seen statistics? 97% or so tourists (girls) that go there get sexually assaulted. My aunt will tell you the same.

  29. @tjxkid And I'm not denying that rape doesn't happen in the USA, but you're missing the point. A woman is not going to get raped by a mob of 200 men in America, unless it's the ghetto of course. I don't like what the TSA is doing, but people wanted safety after 9/11 and that's the best they got. Maybe I should do as I say and go on your biased hippy sources that try to claim that everyone is the same. Ridiculous. Call me a racist if you want, it's best way of denial.

  30. @tjxkid Must be a lot of street thugs in Egypt… cmon who are you trying to fool? Egyptian women saved her and then the soldiers stepped in. No one in the mob other than the women stepped in to help her. I feel like you just ignored everything I told you.. do you not realize that they glorify rape in the Middle East? Oh yes. It's much more common there than you would like to imagine. Do you know what happens to a muslim girl that gets raped? She gets disowned by her family and killed.

  31. @tjxkid Majority of Egypt could be considered a ghetto for that matter.. Lara Logan was willing to do the report but made the stupid mistake of getting in the middle of that crowd due to ignorance. That was her fatal decision, they didn't tell her to do that. Anderson Cooper did a story there also, guess what happened? Him and his news crew were attacked. So this wasn't the first time a situation like this has happened. These people are uncivilized; they are labeled 3rd world for a reason.

  32. @tjxkid I get my information not just from the news but different websites. Like I've said, I've done my research on this. But of course all of those sources are wrong and a lie and you know the truth I guess. I'm also not "open minded" apparently because I don't share your thoughts. Typical arguement from you liberals. What are you going to say next? That 9/11 was an inside job? Don't answer that, I don't want to start.

  33. @tjxkid Lol you try to defend them as if they are not a 3rd world country but you don't even know what it means. What a third world country has is poverty, low levels of education of its people. High unemployment or underemployment. Low wages, not enough jobs, poor roads, unreliable electricity, bad service everywhere. Poor health standards, poor medical facilities, police corruption, high crime, poor infrastructure. Egypt fits into those categories, which makes it a 3rd world.

  34. @tjxkid You haven't proven anything I have said wrong. Your only arguement is "the media has made you a hateful and racist person" and that's it. What are you, a psychiatrist now? Are you going to treat this disorder? Yes, I have a negative view of the Middle East but that's because I have a reason to. I try not to be persuaded by biasity which is why I've done my own research. I've even asked people who have visited/lived there for awhile, they will all tell you the same.

  35. @tjxkid There we go again, comparing U.S. to Egypt. It's inevitable that these things are going to happen everywhere, but yet again you miss the point. Have you honestly convinced yourself that the U.S. is as bad as the Middle East?Maybe you should compare statistics,I guarantee you they will overlap the U.S. on those lists. A 3rd world creates these uncivilized people,I would've thought you'd figure that out on your own. Who do they worship,Muhammad,a pedophile.They live by outdated viewpoints.

  36. @tjxkid Are you saying you're not biased? I've already explained to you their view on the world, why they are a 3rd world, their culture and religion and yet you just can't seem to digest any of it. It's silly how you convince yourself that this world is candy coated of lollipops and flowers. U.S. should just completely stay out of the Middle East, they'll tear themselves down eventually. Maybe you should go there and give them a hug, see what happens.

  37. @tjxkid Also I'm curious where you are getting your info from.. all you seem to be doing is criticizing mine and saying it's lies, yet you have not stated anything to backup anything you've said about them. Oh now you're trying to justify their rape because they thought she was a jewish spy? LMAO. Yeah, it must be the government ruining everything huh, the people themselves didn't create this 3rd world shithole for themselves huh? It's real easy to blame the government for the peoples mistakes.

  38. Gang rape and attempted murder does NOT happen in every society with ANY kind of regularity. Why are you reducing the accountability of the Egyptian mob here by saying that "abuse happens everywhere"?? THAT kind of abuse does NOT happen everywhere my friends, and shame on you for diluting what happened there. Sexual abuse of females occurs regularly in Egypt.. there is no pretending otherwise, or diluting that fact.

  39. Die !!! holy shit r u serious ! obviously she doesn't know shit about that place, im not saying this is right or okay, but don't you see that she's exaggerating a lil bit ?!

  40. My advice to all women who want to avoid slash avenge unwanted attention from "a"rabic males is to buy a good strong dog and take him everywhere with you. Especially to protests featuring "a"rabic peoples..Grown men just cower away when they get caught on the same pavement as me and "my boy". And their cloth head wives crouch to protect their grubby children, fear glinting in their eyes as "my boy" and me stroll by. I loosen my grip on his reigns and say "good boy" as he sniffs their groins, gr

  41. Attack probably cleared in advance by local imam as could be see as instigating local women as in fundamental islam women are not allowned this kind of freedom interaction among men. These cultures are very "clanish" and if you conducted DNA test would reveal 80% of regional population 3rd cousins. There are actually progressive areas of Egypt with more rights for women but the Muslim brotherhood will eventually transport all of Egypt back to 7th century caliphate with Obama's tacit approval.

  42. Lara Logan is known among journalists as a major slut. She slept with many of her married co-workers and had sex with several American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't believe she was raped. I think she's a cock tease who offered these Egyptian men some ass if they talked to her.

  43. @ScottishCaledonian HELL YEAH they want respect they wont get it why ill tell you why they are MORONS BIG TIME OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  44. @NobelMan1000 Bollocks. European [olice stats and polls of Egyptian women show group sexual assualts are part and parcel of Islamic culture.

  45. This just didn't make the MMM in the UK.

    Having been the victim of a group assault by Muslim men I really feel for her. Group sexual assaults are not really a feature of European cultures, but they really get common in Islamic countries . It seems to be okay to 'punish' women with rape for percieved infractions in Pakistan in particular..

  46. How pathetic, comparing the women assult of Lara Logan to the way women are treated in USA, so low, It's obvious she was raped because she was inside an ARAB MUSILM MOB and she was with her tight jeans and her blond hair exposed and that the reason she was raped no matter how much you bunch of dorks trying to hide that facts just because they are egyptians and you are turks, I hope that video is not a representative of turks in USA, very sad though

  47. Lies LIes Lies!! The Egyptian Revolution Was way more crucial and significant to the Egyptians than to Sexually assauly a Big Ugly Lier like her! Long LIve Egypt!!! And next time, pls show evidence to support your claims! o.o

  48. i'm and egyptian and i don't think she's lying and i apologize for what they did to her,caroline sinz and mona eltahawy it was just barbaric and inhuman..this is not the message the revoulotion is carrying it's more than that believe me..!!

  49. Sorry Brian, but you can not compare America to Egypt, and pretend that we are just as bad. Yes there are scumbags in America too, yes there is violence in USA also, but you need to get real and be honest, there are major cultural differences in attitudes toward woman between places like Egypt and Western societies like the USA.

  50. @ahattea1 YOU ARE AN ANIMAL JUST LIKE MOHAMMAD! oh wait that's an insult to animal, yea Mohammad was a dinosaur actually (no offence to dinosaur)

  51. I just read some comments and u just make me sick. This is because of people like you that the world is a piece of shit. She is a journalist, what the hell is wrong with you? Thats horrible…
    go blow yourselves

  52. @fargonbastedge Yea it is, but I am seeing it more and more, and these are exactly the same people who in their own minds think Israel and USA are the terrorrists!

  53. These sexually repressed peasants took their opportunity to rape a fancy western woman because they see women as possessions thanks to their culture and they knew they would never be caught. Their only source of learning about morality is their Imam's interpretation of an old holy book and a deeply misogynistic society.

  54. What a pathetic man in this report. How many women are raped while reporting. I am sick of men that make excuses this man insults women and minimalises what this woman went through. I hope this man is sacked!

  55. Btw, I'm an extreme anti-MB. The rest of your words is nonsense Bullshit and I won't respond. I just came here to apologize and I was ashamed of that cruel act. Again, there won't be any of your stupid nonsense on my country !

  56. That is a dangerous job and i can't help but think if they practiced more common sense this would have been avoided.A blonde woman with a cameraman in the middle of a male mob in egypt.She must have stuck out like a sore thumb and in lawless times like those it is just plain dangerous.If she covered her hair and they used a hidden camera they would have blended in.You take stupid risks you risk your life.

  57. You would never see a reporter brutally gang raped in any western country?

    What are you basing that on? You get rapists in every country. A reporter could be in the wrong place at the wrong time & get raped anywhere.

  58. These fucking libs,i hope these 2 fucking idiots on this video get raped the same way and tell me how they feel after it happens to them.People like these morons shouldnt be able to broadcast news they have no facts when they say women are raped like this all the time in the U.S.Where's the proof that women in media are raped all the time here in front of crowd of people in the usa.O and by the way the U.S.A has the most freedoms for women and most respect show me facts that say otherwise!

  59. They have no proof they will never back up their statements,this is an example of corrupt media lying.They are not even defending women in this segment they are degrading them by saying thats not what lara logan ment or said when she said it!Keep letting people get away with the fraud these people get away with all the time america.If i was on that show id rip em a new asshole ten ways sunday!If it were up to me they wouldnt have even a free network!

  60. lara logan exaggerated the mob violence claims. several other journalists were there at the same time (she didn't think of that part) and witnessed the attack. she was harassed by a mob that mistook her for an Israeli agent, however she was ushered to a group of soldiers by a circle of men protecting her. Scary, yes- but gang sexual assault? hardly. this wasn't a safe situation she was in by any means, however it WAS a great opportunity to "add a little English to it" & put the spotlight on her

  61. you can't write her off just because of the classic blah blah blah man v. woman bullocks. but you have to step into the competitive mind and mentality of a network video journalist. any form of attention = success. compelling story, impossible to prove/disprove = journalist GOLD. add the 2 together, mix with the existing evidence, and you end up with a boy crying wolf

  62. Well, i think this is an example of bad journalism. It refuses to acknowledge the way in which sexual assault is rampant in egypt. Women not only are treated as animals. Males over there also behave inferior to any animal i know. And there are other reports on that, this is definitely not the first case. And i bet this would NEVER have happened e.g. in Iran. This is an arab issue of culturally carried vicious, violent disrespect against women. Which was not there in Kairo in the 60s, 70s.

  63. Look how Muslims treat the women in their country. Not exactly a good idea to be in the middle of a bunch of Muslims in a Muslim country.

  64. I saw a video after the assault and I had to puke, why you didn't tell the true.
    These group of men who did this, must get in to the Court, we can't accept that this will go on. Not just because it happened in Egypt, but because that we can't accept that behavior anywhere in the World.
    I'll suggest that any news stations in the world will send female reporters to that kind of countries again (muslims), you can't give sweets to the wolfs, because that will encourage them to do it all over again

  65. i'm muslim and those who did it says we don't wan't muslims to be the president so there all not Muslims and they do cause there in Egypt and i hate alot of egypt people because they are basically stupid !!
    ,and i'm from Saudi Arabia and we treat women perfect over here you will never see anything like that happen in saudi arabia or the middle east ! Egypt in Africa and they all not muslims !

  66. Perfect? In Saudi Arabia? Didn't you just start allowing some women to drive or ride a bike. I've been to Muslim countries and the women are treated like nothing but babymakers and the men can do what they want. Can a women get several husbands like a man in Muslim countries?Hell no.You need to stop pretending Muslims don't treat the women like garbage.

  67. Obviously what happened to her was horrible, but i feel the context keeps getting missed as it is focused on her as a western reporter and Egypt. She was sexually assaulted. This happens all the time, all over the world, in the most developed of countries. Her situation was far worse. She was in post-revolution Egypt. The guys at the time could have been anything from regular Cairo inhabitants to gun toting thugs to downright murderous terrorists. It's a dangerous situation for everyone!

  68. mate come on, gang rape happens everywhere. its a problem with crazy men of all backgrounds. heard of the steubvenville gang rape case?

  69. The interesting thing about it is she was first saved my a group of Egyptian women covered head to foot in Jihads who formed ranks around her.
    That was enough to stop the mob from attacking her before the military arrived.
    They could of continued the assault and attacked their own women as well but they didn't.

  70. She is not nearly the first or the last western reporter who got sexually assaulted or raped in those protests. Her security was way to laxed to say the least and i'm surprised her team didn't have more sense. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't as well, particularly as a South African. Those revolutions are the real deal. They are major upheavals, where politics, state security and policing comes to a standstill and start over. They are not silly protests in the western world. Yes, probably 80% of those protesters are everyday civilians, but the rest are potential criminals. Some are dangerous criminals. How can they think it was a good idea to embed her the way they did.

  71. There is an old Comanche Indian saying: 'A nation is not defeated until the hearts of its women are lying down on the ground.' Think about it. Islam can DO whatever it wants to DO to YOU anytime, any place and anywhere WITHOUT repercussions of any kind. This attack, these constant attacks on our citizens, without any retribution on our part, only ensures that they go on. At the very least we should cut off all diplomatic ties with Egypt.

  72. The bell curve proves about evolution and intelligence. Which is somethinh most realists have ALWAYS known. The morals of different cultures is no different. This wouldnt happen in ireland with irish men. japan with japanese men. Germany WITH GERMEN men. But in any of these 3rd world countries obviously it will. It isnt just buisness motivation money and IQ that is absent.

  73. I like the jew lawyer but come on – when was the last time a reporter was raped in any european or north american country?

  74. So much bullshit, she wasn't raped, its all staged to make people hate arabs and take their oil. no proof, no investigation, 60 mins of rape and no details of 300 men filming her over 60 MINUTES? no investigation, no names, so much bullshit.

  75. Who made light of this? How dare this male anchor say that what happened to this reporter in Egypt is in any way comparable? She was nearly torn apart by the mob. How dare you try and minimise this and say it is nothing to do with Islamic culture? It IS. TYT are nothing but muslim apologists. This woman is the reporter Ana Kasparian never will be.

  76. i hope and pray that she is not still a stupid liberal that blames anyone who don't want muslims in their country to be labeled as islamaphobic / xeno. Her comment during the report "Its all about freedom" she found out real quick what muslim freedom culture is all about. it's about destroying the infidels and nothing more. WAKE UP STUPID LIBERAL SHEEPS! Muslims in general want to force their religion upon you. there is no freedom of choice in their religion / culture. we have fought too hard to gain what little freedoms we have left and you libtards are trying to brainwash and guilt trip people into accepting this crap. it's too late for some parts of Europe but we can still stop this in America.

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