Legion 7.1.5 Fury Warrior DPS Guide

Hey Guy, Kelade here. Now that patch 7.1.5 has been out for a few
weeks, and there doesn’t seem to be any additional class tuning changes, here’s
my guide for Fury Warriors in patch 715. For the sake of making this guide easily digestible,
we’re going to ignore changes to your burst rotation when you acquire the nighthold trinkets,
mainly convergence of fates and draught of souls. Those 2 trinkets are going to be your best
in slot trinkets and I’ll have a video after to fully dive into those. First, let’s go over the talents. Due to the nature of The Nighthold fights,
and how aoe centric some of the fights are, there are now a few more viable options in
talents. In the first row, both War Machine and Endless
Rage are great options. War Machine gives you 30% haste for 15 seconds
after killing a target. You do NOT need to actually do the killing
blow yourself, but you DO need to have hit the enemy in the last few second for it to
count. Endless Rage lets your auto attacks generate
30% additional rage. The choice between these 2 talents is whether
or not there are a lot of adds for you to keep a good uptime on War Machine. If you are in a mainly single target fight,
then endless rage is still the best option. For Mythic+ however, War Machine will generally
always be your go to. In the second row, shockwave and double time
will be your options. If you’re running Mythic+, or if your raid
needs your stun for a particular fight mechanic, take shockwave. Even though the duration of the stun was nerfed
from 4 seconds to 3 seconds, it is still one of the best AOE stuns in the game due to the
lowered cooldown of 20 seconds if you hit at least 3 targets. If shockwave is not necessary, then Double
Time is great a talent that gives us mobility in fights. In the third row, your choice is between wrecking
ball and avatar. Wrecking ball is a great talent if there’s
consistent aoe in a fight and Avatar is a great talent if there’s burst aoe, or if
it’s a single target fight. Unless the fight just has a constant barrage
of adds or if there’s continuous aoe cleave in the fight, then a well time avatar will
generally net you better results. Avatar allows us to control when our increased
damage will come, and wrecking ball is a bit more RNG since it could just not proc
when heavy aoe happens in a fight. If you have the whirlwind legendary belt however,
it pushes wrecking ball slightly higher in value. In the 4th row, I would recommend taking bounding
stride for the added mobility this spell gives. It reduces the cooldown on heroic leap by
15 seconds and you get a nice speed boost after using it. The reduced cooldown really helps to have
this ability up every time that you need it. In the 5th row, Frothing Berserker has taken
over as the new talent to take in patch 715. With this talent, you gain a 15% damage buff
along with a 30% movement speed buff for 6 seconds every time you hit 100 rage. This talent greatly increases our damage while
the mob is at 100 to 20% hp. The alternative talent to take in this row
is Massacre, but with how much aoe and add switching there is in nighthold, there are
not many places where massacre can outshine frothing berserker. I would recommend just going frothing berserker
unless your group really needs that execute damage due to an enrage mechanic of some sort. In the 6th row, Inner Rage is the go to talent. Nothing has changed in this row for Patch
715. In the 7th and last row, Reckless Abandon
is now the go to talent. Not only does it generate 100 rage every time that
you use Battle Cry, but it also increases the duration of Battle Cry by 2 seconds. This talent works very well along with frothing
berserker since every time you use battle cry, you automatically trigger frothing berserker. Dragon roar was nerfed from 20% increased
damage for 6 seconds to 16% increased damage for 6 seconds. Because of this, we only take reckless abandon
now. So to go over exactly what talent set ups
I run. What you see here is my single target build
with Endless Rage, Double Time, Avatar, Bounding Stride, Frothing Berserker, Inner Rage, and
Reckless Abandon. If I know there will be a lot of adds that
I can kill to proc War Machine, I’ll take that instead. If I know there’ll be constant cleave/aoe
in a fight, I’ll change avatar for wrecking ball. If i’m doing mythic+ however, I would pick
up shockwave and go back to avatar since burst aoe is generally more important in mythic+. Picking avatar here will allow me to
put out more boss damage if needed. Now, let’s move on to the rotation. Regardless of which of the 3 talent builds
you choose, the priorities are the same. For your opener and cooldowns, your rotation
is this: You want to charge in, activate your cooldowns. I just have a macro that casts Avatar, Battle
Cry, and my troll racial, Berserking. Into an instant Rampage. Then, Raging Blow, Odyns Fury, Bloodthirst,
and Raging Blow. You will have another GCD or two of Battle
Cry left (depending on whether or not you have lust), and you can just follow the single
target non-cooldown priority at this point. Our single target non-cooldown priority remains
very similar to patch 7.1, but there is a difference in that you never use rampage unless
you are at 100 rage so you can proc the buff for reckless abandon. The priority would be:
Enraged Raging Blow Rampage (only at 100 rage if you take frothing
berserker) Bloodthirst
Non-enraged Raging Blow Furious Slash For execute phase, it’s also very similar
to patch 7.1, and if you’re taking the massacre talent, it’s actually exactly the same. The only difference in execute phase in patch
715 is if you took frothing berserker. Since you won’t be getting any free rampages,
you just never cast a single rampage in execute phase with this talent. Your priority becomes:
Enraged Execute Bloodthirst
Non-enraged execute Raging blow
and lastly Furious Slash. Your goal here is to build as many juggernaut
stacks as you can while keeping enrage up. Ideally, as your battle cry comes off cooldown,
you want to be as low rage as you can be, ideally 0 rage since Battle Cry gives you
100 rage. Your priority in execute phase with Battle
Cry is just: Enraged Executes and Bloodthirst to keep enraged
up. Once again, you never Rampage in execute phase
if you have Frothing Berserker. Also, don’t worry about the frothing berserker
buff in execute phase, you only get it in your battle cry window, and that’s fine. For 2 to 3 targets, all that you would change
about your rotation is to replace all of your furious slash casts with whirlwind. For 4 or more targets, you replace Raging
Blow with WW casts in the priority. So your priority becomes:
Enraged WW Rampage (at 100 rage if you have Frothing
Berserker) Bloodthirst
Non-enraged WW For AOE Burst, you’re going to want to charge
in, cast Whirlwind first to proc meat cleaver, pop your Cooldowns, Rampage, Odyns Fury, then
continue with your aoe rotation, prioritizing Enraged WW, and using BT to enrage during
your BC window. For stat weights, check out my video about
pawn and simulationcraft above in order to get the stat weights based on your personal
character’s gear. As a general guideline, Haste and Mastery
are still our best stat, followed by Versatility and Strength, and then Crit. Once you acquire the 4piece tier bonus from
nighthold, the value of Mastery goes up and in some cases, it can be our best stat over
Haste. Please do simulate your own gear in order
to find the stat weights that works for your character! For enchants, they’re exactly the same as
patch 7.1. The best neck enchant is still Mark of the
Hidden Satyr. The best cloak enchant is still the 200 strength
one, and the best ring enchants are going to be 200 haste or mastery based on your character’s
stat weights. For gems, you want to gem accordingly based
on your stat weights, it will either be 150 mastery, 150 haste, or 200 strength. Pick the gem that is valued highly for your
character. Now for consumables, you will of course still want to use Strength Flasks, but instead of Fishbrul Special food, you want to use either
haste or mastery food. This will either be Azshari Salad or Nightborne
Delicacy Platter. The stat squish that we saw in Patch 715 makes
secondary stats even more valuable than before, so these 2 foods have risen to the top over
Fishbrul Special. And that’s it for my guide for Fury Warriors
in Patch 715. I am also now regularly streaming at twitch.tv/Kelade92. Links to that will be in the description below! I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Be sure to Subscribe and comment if you have
any questions. See ya!

100 thoughts on “Legion 7.1.5 Fury Warrior DPS Guide

  1. Hey Kelade I'm having some problems with the draught + convergence rotation can you help? What i'm doing now is Avatar+BC > ramp > draught > bt > rg and saving OF for the second BC window. BC is gonna come up again a third time but OF/Avatar/Draught are all on CDs do I go ahead and pop BC or do i wait for OF or Avatar/draught to come off cd and then use it together? I feel like i loose alot of dps during the 3rd BC without draught or OF. Thanks in advance!

  2. @Kelade do you feel like your Mastery and Crit levels are appropriate? I am typically at 28% Haste / 39% Mastery but with WAAAAY less Crit (about 10%) and am just breaking into about 880 ilvl equipped and feel like I'm in a good spot, so I was wondering how your stat balance was working out for you.

  3. this is important for me cant catch ur streams to ask so please answer.I have a 875 bc relic and 900 enrage %3 relic should i use the 900 one?pleaseeee answer cant sim the relics…

  4. Damn Kelade you are so sexy I cant even concentrate on what you are saying due to how hard I'm staring at your beautiful eyes. I wish I had the pleasure of raiding with you one day just to hear your voice as we battle monsters together! <3 your number one fam

  5. I'm far from experienced with fury, but decided to give it a try thanks to this video. A question: checking logs I see my enrage uptime is far behind what it is supposed to be. I'm trying to follow this priority rotation, but yet to build the muscle memory for it. What should be the ideal enrage uptime percentage for an encounter, and any tips I should follow to increase it? Thanks in advance Kelade.

  6. ty so much for your guides. I've beaten alot of people who are higher ilvl and have the bis and beat them by like 50-100k thanks to you so thank you so much for your badass guides. will continue to watch in the future

  7. Hey there. I've got a question:
    I currently have an 880 5% Battle Cry relic.
    In the last raid I got an 895 5% Raging Blow. Is it worth changing because of the ilvl or is the Battle Cry relic better?

  8. Damn I was hoping I could catch something new here to absolutely min-max my damage in raids but I've pretty been doing everything right according to this guide 😀
    Well but I always did my opener wrong in mythic +. I did charge -> cooldowns -> bloodthirst -> odyns fury, etc.
    your version of charge, whirlwind , cooldowns, rampage, odyns fury makes much more sense. thanks for that.

  9. Hi mate ! i have a question , if im enrage and 100 rage, should i w8 to use rampage for using all the during of the enrage? or use rampage directly ?

  10. What combination of legendaries do you reccomend? I got them all. I seem to sim the same amount if i chose the ring over the cloak (and swapping to massaker) and that's in a fight length of 3 minutes. Now since Nighthold features bosses with much longer fights, isn't the ring with massaker better?
    edit: for reference im called Grenox – Blackrock EU for warcraft logs, if anyone cares to look at it.

  11. what do you mean enraged raging blow dude?for warrior to be enraged he has to do bloodthirst or rampage.explain it better please.cause if i am enraged by rampage how can i use rampage again?

  12. I don't know if the troll racial is on the GCD. If not why wouldn't you then incorporate BT in the macro? Doing so would ensure that you get enraged as soon as you pop the macro. You can then go RB > OF > rampage > RB > BT

  13. Hey Kelade, been an arms warrior all my life and finally giving fury a try for PvE.Quick question tho – when doing the rotation and when enrage is up (whether due to BT or Rampage), do you wait until enrage is gone before throwing up another BT / rampage? or should you ALWAYS have BT on CD regardless of whether enrage is active?

  14. As a 890 arms warr I STRUGGLE to get 40% parses in my logs and average is like 15%. I can't for the life of me get the FR rotation down. You guys think I should try fury? How easy is the rotation in comparison to arms?

  15. Hey, this was perfect. Starting to get more serious into DPS rotations and I realized I was lost as fudge.

    Question: Is there an easy way to tell when you're enraged and when you're not?

  16. Hey Kelade – awesome guide and videos. Quick question in regards to getting geared… I'm working on getting geared for NH by doing Mythic +'s. My haste currently is at 12%. This is reaaaaallly low and everyone says that you should aim for 24% haste. However, whenever I get haste gear to drop, SImulationCraft is always suggesting other pieces of gear with different primary stats (strength, mastery, etc.) SimC says that these non-haste pieces yield higher DPS, but I feel like I'll never be able to hit that haste cap at this rate since it's always re-directing me otherwise. Should I still follow SimC and ignore the 24% haste requirement? THANKS!

  17. kelade, i really like u video and admire ur page skill, but I have one question.
    My fury warrior have 27% haste, don't have helm and cloak, but I do have the execute ring. Also I have four T19, so do I continue do massacre talent or do fronting berserker?
    My four legendary is "necklace ","execute ring","boot"and “Kil'jaeden's burning wish",kind of bad luck 🙁
    I choose "necklace" and "execute ring "on single target fight and choose "Kil'jaeden" and execute ring on aoe fight.
    883 and do heroics gul'dan like 500kdps.
    Two suck decoration…
    My ID is Blackroot, Illidan, if u interest u can look my equip and help me find out how to play it better.
    I am u huge fans, ty 🙂

  18. Few quick fury questions

    1. Should I really be doing BT even if enraged when only it and FS are up? It seems like this happens all the time.

    2. I cap rage and Massacre procs. Do I use both Rampages back to back?

    3. For Execute phase say I get a lucky string of Massacre procs. Do I alternate the 2 attacks or space out the Rampages for more executes?

  19. i'm sticking to my own talents, it doesnt matter much, just with which abilities you're comfortable to play with, for example Double Time is useless for me, i went for Shockwave.
    Only thing i dont know is, what is Odins Fury?

  20. Hey man, i'm a 901 ilv fury warrior wep rank 41 and can only seem to get 400-500k singletarget dps, even got 900 ilv draught of souls.. any help man ? using the talens u showed here..

  21. What addon do you use that shows you the damage from each spell on the screen. Like when you hit raging blow it shows you the damage and then the tooltip next t it, same for bloodthirst, furious slash etc…

  22. Since I am using orc warrior is the orc passive still fine to combo with instead of troll passive for the macro you are running? I just assumed it was fine but if there could be better timing for it or whatever then I'm curious

  23. I have the legendary Helm and Cloak. Is it worth giving up the Cloak for the 4 piece tier set? I have a set of legendary boots to swap out so I can use the tier cloak. But it looks like it's a 5k dps loss with the 4 piece and swapping the legendary cloak for tier. And my boots for the legendary ones. Or does simucraft not take advantage of the 4 piece?

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/garrosh/Shikaze/simple – with my boots swaped and a 860 tier cloak. I have a set of 885 boots in lieu of the legendary boots.

  24. I don't doubt frothing berserker is good, but most of the top damage dealing Warriors on WoWLogs for Nighthold are still massacre. They have the BiS trinkets you mentioned. Thank you for the guide. New sub.

  25. Could you be a bit more clear on the single target rotation? You have it segmented into the opening rotation and single target non-cool down rotation, but how does it all fit together to keep enrage up all the time? Could you post the exact abilities you use all the way through all together?
    On pull you have this: Charge -> CD macro -> Rampage -> RB -> Odyn -> BT -> RB
    Single target you have: RB -> Rampage -> BT -> RB -> FS
    But how does it fit together? What about when Odyn, battle cry, & Avatar come off CD?
    What would a FULL rotation look like before the execute phase?

  26. I am confused about my cooldowns, should I be using Battle Cry every time its off cd? or should I wait until avatar lines up with it?

  27. Hey Kelade, I'm having some issues with DPS. And would like your input.
    If you could take a look at my armory. I'm also on warcraft logs.
    Name: Hwaryuun
    Server: Illidan

    My Sim'd DPS is about 740k with lfr draught and a heroic convergence of fates. I'm running optimal talents for each boss in NH as you suggest in your video.
    Some fights I perform really well, and others not so great.
    For example, Although i was unflasked and no rune, i hit 641K on star auger, used a prologed power pre-pot and a old war on lust.

    My rotation for the most part during the BC and Avatar window is: 100 rage Rampage > Draught > OF > RB
    During the BC window without OF and no Avatar/Draught is: 100 rage Rampage > RB > BT > FS > RB > BT
    During the BC window with OF is: 100 rage Rampage > RB > OF > BT > FS > RB

    My normal priority rotation is: 100 Rage Rampage > RB > BT > FS
    I'm always using RB over BT until I can get a 100 Rage Rampage. And i will use FS whenever RB and BT are on cd.

    I"m just at that place where I feel like I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  28. Hello kelade, I set up my paw you confined in a video, while sometimes with the items are not give has the speech that the update is bigger, with this I do not know if it is worth to make an exchange or without using the highest Has up to the limit of 30%

    Nemesis – Loine warr

  29. Hey Kelade, I'm not sure if you still read the comment section, but I'd like to thank you for your video guides. A friend of mine referred me to your channel and I'm glad he did. I've been playing warrior ever since tbc, and am truly in love with the class. I'm a casual player that usually nibbles a bit of normal raiding and the occasional hc boss. Lately, I've been trying to step it up a notch and finally got through hc NH. Yet I seem to be hitting an invisible dps wall, which frustrates me beyond belief. (Even more so because I love the class so much and don't want to swap) I tried to pinpoint the problem and learned the basics of logging, simcraft/pawn, rotations and talents by watching your guides. Unfortunately I'm still nowhere close to the numbers simcraft puts out. (Live ~650k, Simcraft ~830k). I believe I follow the given rotation as close as I can (with the exception of heroic leap in simcraft), but tend to notice a steady decline after my strong initial burst. Furthermore I somehow experience a major drop in dps (ranks) during the execute phase. I think it has something to doe with weaving in my Dmg buffs as some things aren't entirely clear to me: how do I decide whether I pop my BC on cooldown or wait for avatar/DoS to line up with it (eg BC off cd, 10sec cd on DOS)? Do you ever pop avatar/DoS withouten BC being up? When a boss is between 20-25% hp, is it wise to wait with BC until he drops in execute range or should I pop it nonetheless? What is the best online forum I should read/apply to to learn more about this?Sorry for this wall of text. Any advice to improve my dmg output by you or any of any fellow warriors out there would be much appreciated.

  30. Great video! Just reading the comments you made your point very clear! But I would definitely clarify it's a priority system lol, looks like ppl are getting confused. So they might be losing dps for taking it in literal terms haha. Again great video to reference back to!

  31. Great video man. Very in-depth and concise. Switched from Arms to Fury last night and this guide helped me understand the class very quickly. Thank you very much.

  32. sorry for the noob question. in rotation you explain, troll raging berserking? is that a skill or a trinket? please advise. Thank you

  33. I use this all the time .. i do not do any dmg im ilvl 885 with 30% haste and 35% mastery .. and enough str.. i don't geti t,

  34. Hey Kelade, my warrior has the legendary helmet and the legendary cloak. I'm just curious if I should shoot for the 4 piece even though the stats on the other four pieces ( shoulders, legs, chest, gloves) may not be as ideal as the non tier pieces I.e. Chest from gul dan, gloves from chrono

  35. so in 7.2 stat weights is 30% haste cap or 45-50% then mastery ? cuz im confused a bit. I have %30 haste with haste food. Should I go for haste enchants and gems till i get reach 45-50% haste or should i go for mastery?

    currently i have 30% haste, 24% crit, 38% mastery, 3% vers.

  36. So for 2-3 targets, if I follow the rotation you gave me, I would sometimes use Rampage or Bloodthirst without Meat Cleaver buff applied… Is that still better than using a gcd to reapply Meat Cleaver?

  37. Hey Kelade.  I just started playing Fury.  Loving it so far, but its very different from the other classes I play.  Do you have a video up of suggested macros and auras?  Thanks for making this content.

  38. I just found your YT, Great videos and very helpful. Fury has been my main character since WotLK and I left WoW in Cata and returned in WoD. Back in ICC I was top of the damage meters and in a very hardcore raiding guild. But in WoD and now in legion I just cant come close. Is there any way you could do a video on addons and setting them up. Ones for warriors of course lol. Keep up the good work on fury!

  39. I think you might have messed up in your rotation it's more optimal if you cast BT after you rampage to generate more rage rather than using rb right after your rampage (not talking about when using cds) correct? That's what icy veins says lol

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