Legion 7.1 Fury Warrior DPS Guide

Hey Guys, Kelade here. Welcome to my guide for Fury Warriors in Patch
7.1. In this video, I’m going to go over the
basics of a fury warrior dps in a raid setting. Currently in Legion, your goal is to get Enraged
as a fury warrior and then hit the enemy with your hardest hitting abilities while enraged. Everything in this guide will be tailored
towards this goal. First, let’s go over the talents. The most basic talent set up that will work
for every fight is this. Take Endless Rage for more rage generation. Double Time for more mobility in fights and
also rage generation if needed. Avatar for much higher single target damage
and AOE burst. Bounding Stride for more mobility, and with
the changes to Enrage only increasing damage taken by 20%, it is no longer necessary to
take Warpaint. Take Massacre so you are actually able to
press Execute. Because without this talent, you do not have
the rage to use both Execute and Rampage. Inner Rage is very important as Raging Blow
will be the biggest part of our rotation before Execute phase. Take Dragon Roar to make your Battle Cries
even more powerful and the cooldowns line up perfectly, with Dragon Roar being on a
25 second cooldown and Battle Cry being on a 50 second cooldown. Let’s move on right into the rotation. As I mentioned in the beginning of the video,
your goal is to get Enraged and use your hardest hitting ability, and above 20% hp, this will
be Raging Blow. Your single target priority without using
any additional cooldowns is this: Enraged Raging blow
Rampage Bloodthirst
Non-Enraged Raging blow And when you have absolutely nothing else
to hit, use Furious Slash. For the opener and cooldowns, your rotation
becomes this: You’re gonna charge in and Dragon Roar. Wait for your global cooldown to finish. Press a macro that includes Avatar, Battle
Cry, your character’s dps racial ability if you have one, and active trinkets. And you’re going to want to instantly hit
Bloodthirst. Bloodthirst can also be included in the macro. Now you have around 4 seconds to do as much
dps as you can. You’re going to follow that up with Raging
blow, Odyn’s Fury, Bloodthirst, and Raging Blow. With 24% or higher haste, all of this can
be fitted into your Dragon Roar and Battle Cry buff duration. Here is an example of this opener in action. You’re gonna want to charge in, Dragon’s
Roar, cooldowns Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, Odyn’s Fury, Bloodthirst, and Raging Blow
again. And finally, our rotation and priority drastically
changes during Execute phase. When the target is sub 20%, your priority
changes to the following: Enrage Execute
Massacre proced Rampage, during Execute phase, you will only use Rampage if its free from
Massacre. Enraged Raging blow (if you do not have rage
for execute) Non-enraged Execute
Non-enraged Raging Blow And lastly, Bloodthirst Also, during Execute phase, pop your cooldowns
whenever they’re up and follow the Execute priority, and place Odyn’s fury to be below
Enraged Execute. And now for your Artifact traits. The most important trait is Helya’s Wrath. This reduces the cooldown of your Battle Cry
by 10 seconds, allowing your Battle Cry to go from a 60 second cooldown to a 50 second
cooldown. Which makes it line up perfectly with Dragon
Roar. Now, to reach that talent, you’ll want to
go to the top and then all the way down to Odyn’s Champion. And then immediately into Helya’s Wrath. Then after that, you can go straight to Juggernaut. And then eventually to Rage of the Valarjar. And at this point, you will only have Bloodcraze,
Uncontrolled Rage, and Wild Slashes. All 3 of these are pretty low DPS generating
traits, and you can fill them as you like. Now, for stat weights, it is more important
than ever to simulate your own gear to find the stat weights that works best with what
you have, but at the absolute minimum, you should be reaching 24% haste. This will allow you to fit 5 global cooldowns
within the window of your Battle Cry. And as a general guide line, haste is our
best stat, followed by mastery, and then by crit and versatility. For enchants and gems, the best neck enchant is Mark
of the Hidden Satyr, best cloak enchant is 200 Strength, best ring enchants are plus
200 haste. For gems, you will want a 200 strength in
one of your socketed slots and in rest of the slots, you’re gonna want 150 haste. Now, for consumables, you’re going to want
Strength flasks, Fishbrul special food, and Potions of Old War. There are some instances where you might want
Potion of Prolonged Power, and it’s generally if you’re holding your cooldowns for the first
30 seconds. But, for most cases, you’re going to want
to stick with Potion of Old War if you want to do the maximum amount of DPS you can. For Legendary items. The best Fury Warrior DPS item you can aim
for is the Execute ring. Followed by the helm and the cloak. There are some cases to be made for the Whirlwind
belt in AOE fights, but generally speaking, those 4 are the best legendaries with the
ring being on top. And that’s it for my guide for Fury warriors
in 7.1. Subscribe and comment if you would like to
see more. See ya!

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  1. Thank you so much for the guide man, I've been waiting eagerly 🙂 Im at around 870 ilvl and I kinda follow the rotation already, but I seem to use furious slash in cases where bloodthirst is on like a 1 second cooldown and raging blow is off cooldown (whilst not enraged ofc) But according to you, this would not be worth it? the 15% extra crit chance takes me up to 43% on my bloodthirst, instead of 28.

  2. Question I see you have a ursoc equipped when you have a faulty in bags… isn't faulty better?? I'm currently using a 870 chronic shard and a 875 horn of valor

  3. Thanks for the good video. It would be great if we could see your rotation with CDs and the when/what next. thanks! – also do you have an addon to organize your damage dealt on each spell/attack? (the numbers on your toon to the right , not recount/skada).

  4. just wow helm and ring were those ur first two legendaries if not how many do you have and how did u grind out 35 AP traits already?

  5. Hey man. Sweet video. Was on the lookout for a fury streamer. Glad I found you 🙂
    I play with 150-200ms. Stacked haste to 33%. Shall I drop the haste to 27% and focus on other stats or should I continue stacking haste?
    Also, are you holding off rampage a bit when you're already enraged?
    Last bit of advice, I have a lvl 845 Nightmare bark which gives 1,177 strength and 1160 haste. Is that a better choice than a lvl 865 Spontaneous Appendegus? When I sim it. the nightmare bark gives a slight dps boost but when I use it on a dummy, the Annendegus wins. Q_Q

  6. Why so low on the haste? I just don't get it, is it because you're a troll and you use ur racial? On other guides you want to get it wayy higher..

  7. Have a question about stat prio , like every other warri i see has just like 25 – 28% haste i got almost 35% .. is that too much? should i go for 25-28% and aim then for mastery crit?

  8. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Buschie/simple I just cant seem to hit 28%+ haste… Am I just unlucky with the gear (most of it was a 20ilvl upgrade to swap in) I have 890 ursoc,860 haste wq, 875 sponta, 860 eye… What do you suggest me using? I tried simming but its not much of a dps increase in any of them… But when I go to a dummy ursoc paw procs nonstop… appendages never?… Im using the same rotation as you but im still struggling to keep above 350-360k above… Is it my RNG thats keeping me back (lack of BT crits) or is there anything else to it.

    https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/BQLdHtChqKV7m6Pb#fight=2&type=damage-done for our last mythic run.

  9. Hi man im playing fury warr since legion
    i used to play prot but changed to fury for legion i dont like arms at all.
    but im really disapointed from my dmg as a fury ,i keep the rotation as said but dont seem to compete high dps classes. i would apriciate your help. my armory is http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Gargorath/advanced
    my dps is around 320-350k average max

  10. You are giving the execute ring way to much value bro. It is not your BiS legendary, it´s the helmet. Increasing your rage generation means increasing your enrage uptime and uptime on enrage is everything on fury, thats why we stack haste. You would need a lot of crit to get free rampage procs from free execute´s and guess what? we dont care about crit at all.Even the 5% cloak is better than that ring.

  11. Hi, is it possible to share your macro? (Possibly just Avatar and Battlecry?) Every time I make one, it just doesn't work! Love your guide btw. Been trying it out and gotta say it's pretty damn good! 🙂

  12. hi their nice guide question how do you simulate your gear for the best preformence? and isnt it beter to use dragons roar the same time you charge the dmg from dragons roar isnt that much and the cooldown is then done when you reach the target so you can bloodturst much faster and doing you burst faster.

  13. i got the neck and then a day later i got the execute ring, i wasnt the godly chosen warriors to get bis legendaries all in a row lol. thats so sick id be hyped.

  14. how much dps boost does the helm ring combined gives ?? and can you link your battle tag ?? i would love to add you and ask you some questions if you don't mind of course

  15. nice video bro thanks for sharing , really helpful,l my dps was lame until i saw this video , is still not good but atleast not lame xD, i hope to see more of your videos with the fury warrior , like+ sub

  16. Hey Kelade. You seem like you know what you´re talking about. I´m at ilvl 873, 34% haste 16% crit 37% mastery. Got the cloak and bracers (legendary) my wep is 898 (34 traits, AK20). Prehaps its just as simple as it´s me sucking at the rotation but no matter how hard i try I barly pass 300k dps. Sure my burst is more then fine but that drops drasticly just after a few seconds. Obviously Fury aint optimal on all bosses due to too much movement etc but even at bosses like Guram and Ursoc my dps is pure shite basicly.
    I´ll try to follow your rotation more closly and see if that makes a difference. I guess thought that the ring + helm is quite a big part if the your dps.

    I usually glance at Icy-vein for tips and i use Askmrrobot for gearing.

    You said the foodbuff fishburl, I have allways used the 375 haste food?! I´m gonna try the fishburl buff.

  17. for the normal rota you say "enrage + raging blow"
    i have never seen a proc'd or enrage'd raging blow lol
    also u start with this combo but if u wanna be enraged u need to crit with bloodlust
    this is kinda unclear for me

  18. This is the first real guide for fury warriors I've seen. Great job!

    P.S: And on a related note, you got the 2 BiS legendareis out of the gate? AND you have FOUR of then? I hate you, and this dumb legendary system. I've only have 2 the Naj'entu's Vertebrae and the Aggramar's Stride.

  19. Is Crit a good stat? I know all these people believe that crit is no good. But I am at 25% haste 37% mastery and also find that stacking a bit of crit boosts your dps.whats your thoughts on crit?

  20. what do you recommend for trinkets? currently I'm using the mythic nythendra and ursoc trinkets because my other options would be 860 stat sticks but both feely really underbudget but I don't know what I should get

  21. 550k dps, that is the bottom line my friends want me to get or else they said it's hard to take me to m15+ dungeon. Yet 550k is just a little bit above the tank, just don't know how should I improve my dps to that level. My dh team mate usually have a stable dps around 650k to 750k, in specific dungeon even 900k.

  22. i keep forgetting that dr gives you 20% more damage i used to play abandon cause i let out a really fat rampage with my relics but i can see why you play dr and massacre

  23. Hi nice video man. I dont understand one thing how do you hit odyns fury for 1.8million dmg i got 31k str 37% mastery and 30% haste doing the same rotation as you!! looking forward for more fury videos 🙂

  24. Great guide, just one pointer! For me on all my simulations since I started playing fury warrior the 150 haste gem has been better than the 200 strength gem, even now that I have 30.17% haste. The stat weights on Strength is 10 for me and the stat weight for haste is 14.78, which means that 150 haste > 200 strength.

  25. Hi, do you have a written guide anywhere?
    and when can we expect a guide with the changes there's gong live for 7.1.5?

  26. I have the Legendary Ring , so what is my prio ?
    Use every proc in Enrage ? And if he proccs 2 times in a row , use both proccs in the Enrage Window ?
    And what about
    the BC Window ? BC > BT > Odins Fury > Execute (if Proccs) > Rampage ?

    Thanks Mate !

  27. i love this information for fury i have fury from the first patch and i was sad for no dmg and on one talk about it think you very much for that video and wish u luck for u life

  28. I'm trying to work on my warr. I want to maximize my dps but I've always traditionally been a clicker kind of guy and never use hot keys. But the macro for all the cool downs seems amazingly helpful and I should use it. Just don't know how well I'll be able to get used to it ::

  29. Hey sorry to bother you really, kinda noobish question but would i use execute on CD when ever the leg ring procs ?

  30. Hey I wanted to ask how you burst for so much dps? I burst for 600Kish and you burst for 1mil. I must be missing something here my ilvl is 870.

  31. What's the difference between an arms warrior and a fury warrior? I started 2 days ago and for me warrior is the class to go in MMORPGS. I asked from many streamers which and all said "arms for sure". I didn't ask why because I had wow and battlenet installation problems so I had my mind in there mostly.

  32. Hi Kelade, when you start DPS the dummy at min 2:25, from what is that dps 136k, after dragon's roar, that looks like red pyro icon from the addon? tnx a lot

  33. Hi again Kylade, i saw your warior on armory and i don't understand how is so much difference of weapon damage stats, i mean i have 905ilvl at weapons and 888ilvl per total with damage weapons 45793–51541.
    You have 902 avg ilvl and 911 at weapons and you have 62076–69979 😮
    I mean is almost 20 25% increased
    PS: i have one more trait to put on last trait with 5% more damage but still is way to much to reach that average damage at weapons

  34. Hi m8, Great vid 🙂
    Just wondering…
    After ur charge + DR + Cd's, is it possible to make one macro for the part left of the opening? And one for the rotation it self? Trying to make my macro work but it seems like i'm doing something wrong about it.. Should i use #shadowtooltip /cast xxxxx, /cast xxxx etc or do i need /castsequence reset=2 (followed by) xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx etc? Would been great if u had any tip about making one or two macros that would work for this spec 🙂 All advise and tip will be much greatfull! Thx 🙂

  35. Okay so I watched this video just so see if troll looks cool in armor when they are hunched since my little bro wants to be a horde and a troll so I didnt wanna solo play. I guess it looks pretty cool.

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