LEGO laser tag arena MOC progress 9

alright here’s some more progress on
this incomplete laser tag building laser tag arena that is a work in progress and
it is incomplete and being built the way I want it to be built I’ve done the
majority of the interior now and actually have two full teams of three
players each that are kind of posed up in there again this is incomplete and my
new building area does not have a set up for time lapses so no time lapses here
but I could still show you what I’ve done most recently so kind of the
intermediate room forget if I showed you some details on that previously but then
kind of a equipment room the reading room is very very tight quarters as
expected as anticipated but I did get in a lot more stuff than I thought I would
I figured out a way to get the vests the battle vests to actually embed into the
wall a little bit so they take up less space than they would if they were just
gonna tacked on and I set it up so that they would kind of have a little well
charging thing built in so if the light is green on top that means it’s fully
charged and if it’s yellow on top that means that it’s not just a clear light
means there’s nothing that is registering as charging and each one has
its blaster next to it I don’t have enough spaces for all of the suits in
the came but just have to use your imagination just a little bit got some
tools over there for doing some quick work if anything loosens up or it needs
to be tightened up and there’s also got a grabber arm for getting to some of the
things that are higher up and there’s a whole wall for for helmets
over here so let’s just stick on kind of on the sides and the kind of referee was
looking over the whole game has his control panel where he’s able to see
what’s going on inside is able to switch between different camera views
kind of mission objective and progress views and such meanwhile inside I’ve
gone ahead and increased the height of the walls to either final or very near
final height put in some random props and decorations just for the heck of it
you know just because they tend to do things like that it’s not always
completely clean and clear in there with just plain obstacles so that just adds a
whole lot of life to the place makes it look more interesting try to put in some
some star looking things and things that make it look sci-fi ish space like and
do a little more thinking about some of the positions of things and I’m actually
pretty happy with the overall layout here red team gets a good offensive
position blue team gets a good defensive position but I think it’s decently well
balanced it would have to be play tested to confirm that but this is all set up I
think you look better with black lights involve them you actually see if I have
a a black light flashlight and here another think about it I think I might
have one ah that’s one kind of needs to have less light in there to even really
see just what that does is so bright this whole area but if I kind of do like
that you start to see some of the elements would light up black light
applied so that will work in my city and when I take off the roof and turn on
kind of that the nighttime lighting scene which does have a lot of UV in its
blues and purples at all I’ll help out and then each team has a base that
they’re trying to defend and again it’s difficult to see inside of there but I
did kind of create the two spots where you have to get in there as an enemy you
have to get in there and try to shoot between the slots down there and you
have to get two solid shots in and you’ll see the progress there and you
need to do that times two so ideally you would want to get two people in there at
the same time one on the other side but you could just do it with one person and
those would recharge over time I think kind of the in-universe explanation for
this would be that you would need to inject you know a switcher your weapon
over to a special data stream and you’d need to inject a virus it’s gonna let
down let down the firewall and download the data of your of your enemy so that’s
the blue base back over there and bearings back on yeah scores up there on
either side so blue sees there’s first blue sees both of them see you know that
the color kind of in the direction I should say in the direction of their
base just to help with their the user explained it’s just a little bit and
then there’s the red base over there near the entranceway it’s not uncommon
for lasers tag places to have just a single entrance and they just kind of
let you in and say go find your spaces spread outs and then go for it and for
Team teamwork you know people will be staying together and focus on the blue
side with it go on take their positions and so on so there are the two spots
that you need to attack over on the red base is that they just have a good
offensive position with the ability to actually shoot into some a lot but some
of the blue territory a lot of it goes on of these these walls are tall but
there are some barriers the short barriers can be ducked behind and I
think there probably would not be any detectors on the helmets for these guys
the detectors would just be in the vests and the weapons let’s just
based on my own experience with with laser tag so you know head peeking over
is not at risk that provides some extra defense there he can’t really get a good
shot unless it gets a shot you know from red to blue there this it gets a shot on
me on the blaster if he tries to come up to the edge then he’s able to be shot
upon from several locations and some folks from blue team can even well stuff
like this is going on even go past and sneak around under here and actually
make it all the way up into a fairly forward aggressive position and the idea
would be that they would try to clear off this lane and then make their way up
here and have a straight shot almost a straight shot into the base when when
you’re taking out when you’re shot however many times probably twice that
kind of takes you out of the game for the time you have to go back to your
base to recharge so you eventually just get pushed back push back push back and
once your push back far enough then the only place to recharge would be out here
at the ammo station kind of be an emergency last spot last defensible
position from which you would then need to advance to the rear because by that
time there would be bad guys at your base you need to try to stop them but
yeah I got some stuff kind of kind of figured out here and used lots of
stickers pretty important stickers our decorations in general a lot of us make
fun of stickers and decorations in general especially stickers but the
whole idea of getting decorations from from elements that are not physical you
know they’re just two-dimensional rather than three-dimensional they’re not
actually building with proper Lego little pieces but it’s really really
useful and I know that if a Lego I’ve made all those parts has printed pieces
they’ll be really expensive and would raise the cost of everything Michael
because of all the extra overhead but anyway this is my progress this is what
I’ve done up to this point again it’s a work in progress it’s incomplete I mean
there’s not even a roof here so obviously it’s incomplete these studs
are all exposed there’s top of a window there what’s up with that once it’s
incomplete work in progress further progress will continue you can look
through these windows from either side to get a little bit of a view through
there that’s intentional and pretty soon I’ll be working on our a roof for this
thing I’ll try to do something a little bit different but not too crazy just
sticking with the original motif of this being a retail or commercial converted
industrial building yeah industrial building it would have been a factory or
something and I’m having fun with it I have had fun with it it took me a little
bit longer than I thought but once I really started getting into it it was
just a matter of you know figuring out the smaller details and that was
actually really enjoyable stuff nothing nothing has frustrated me in this
process a lot of things have challenged me but nothing is frustrated me and I
like the like theme like what it’s about I like the subject matters that really
helps in the yang and kind of Tidy and I haven’t I personally haven’t played
anything laser tag in 12 years it did once has a little small company event
but before then it was last in my teens or maybe very early in my college years
once and then my teens before that but all this kind of relates to gaming knows
I kind of see like you know halo maps it can kind of see some of the stuff in
this so I’ve enjoyed it and I look forward to making even more progress on
this work-in-progress thanks for watching I’ll talk to you soon

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