LEGO Minecraft The Skull Arena review! New figures! 21145

hello hello this is the LEGO Minecraft
the skull arena set and thank goodness this one includes two minifigures that
feature brand new player skins so fair warning here I am biased I really really
like the fact that these are not Steve and Alex but beyond that there are
pretty cool skins they’re very different you got the light versus dark but it’s
not necessarily you know good versus bad I like the use of the gunmetal grey
against the dark grey you know it gives a nice effect when the light hits it
right for the one on on the left bring this down for you real quick
I like the inclusion of the two gold weapons with the axe on the left and the
sword on the right just seems appropriate for the setting here yeah
that figure on the right is really cool to the print registration is a little
bit off it’s not quite as squared up as it ought to be use a little bit of
overlap here and there no print around the backs of these the figure on the
right has the hip and hand pieces done in dark orange that’s what color that is
if it looks weird to you but yeah they’re not Steven Alex and that alone
is great now the theme of this set in general is PvP one of the more popular
types of activities that people engage in in Minecraft always has been and I
don’t think Lego has really looked into that at all before this so that’s good
you know to do something different this is basically just set up as a very small
battle arena that is fully symmetrical so one player starts out on one side and
the player starts out on the other side and you have just the little platforms
to try to jump to to get you know either way you know I don’t have any ranged
weapons to use here you can try to get to this Golden Apple really nice to get
that piece included in the set but if you try to get to the Golden Apple you
might get shot because they have a slime shooters what
that’s supposed to be is supposed to be I’m swimming just a dispenser full of
slime balls that will be activated mostly by this pressure plate here I
believe is what that’s supposed to represent what that’s supposed to be and
the way that they’ve set that up as a physical thing here is just a remote
flick fire missile shooter so I’ll just push it just a little bit just to get it
to come out and not truly fire out it just has a flick fire missile tail on it
so that’ll come out and hit you you want to try to fight your way to the center
as well I’m assuming this is set up where each player would just have a
respawn timer and respawn back at their platform if they get defeated so there’s
a little bit of back-and-forth battle that would occur and try to get to the
health potions in the center maybe those respawn as well on a timer but up top
you’ve got some extra equipment and you’ve got a killer or evil bunny so you
want to fight towards the center you want to get to the potions you want to
get to the stuff whatever is in that chest but once you get there in addition
to having to worry about your opponent you also have a killer or evil bunny to
deal with that’s a new print for the bunny and it’s cool it’s it’s very
obscure and I appreciate that Lego included something so obscure here
as for the chest well let’s see what’s inside there this is probably gonna be a
game changer because in the chest bow so arranged weapon very useful but also
shield uh-huh yep so you definitely want to get there want to be the first to get
these for sure and could be a game changer and I’m assuming that there
would just be you know a number of lives that you get and eventually somebody
wins so I’ll lava down below so don’t fall in
and that’s pretty much it it’s not the most complex set as a matter of fact
it’s very simple to put it together it’s really made with a minimum number of
pieces but it’s more the general concept an idea here
that gives this its value and its interest not to mention of course the
prints especially with the players we have new skins and they’re not Steve and
Alex if I didn’t mention that already do you care what it looks like from around
the back well if you do I think I may have neglected to show that up to this
point also the center of skull structure can be removed completely very easily
it’s just on jumpers so you can leave that like that do something different
you can place this in a different spot doesn’t really go anywhere else from
what they have here all that well you can place it on one of these and do some
asymmetric warfare or something but you know just set it up however you want
it’s entirely up to you and if you happen to see that right there and
you’re wondering what that is well it’s actually just built into the plastic
it’s a little little scratched up just a little flaw well production flaw so this
has a handful of very nice elements in it including the figures that are not
Steve and Alex if I haven’t mentioned that by now but on a more serious note I
think the value here is actually pretty good
the pricing looks pretty good not just on a price to part ratio but price to
volume of stuff ratio this is fairly large you know covers a pretty good
amount of space for how much you pay here and yeah I just feel in general the
total volume of items that you get here plus the quality of the prints and also
getting you know some relatively rare stuff is is really nice so this is a
good deal in my opinion and I’m glad they put it on the market hope they’ll
try more things like this in the future right around this price point to 20
bucks and and below is is a really nice place to be and a lot of people can
afford to get sets at that level can’t afford to get cents up at the 90 dollar
level looking at you bedrock adventures no literally I’m looking at you
bedrock adventures I still have it in the studio right here yeah anyway that’s
it for my look at the skull arena though thank you for watching hope you enjoyed
this and I will tell again soon

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