LEGO music shop & laser tag arena MOC gets a roof! Progress 10

hey one welcome back to my lego city
where I’ve got a little bit of progress on my music shop and laser tag mock that
I have put back over here for the time being roughly where it’s going to go you
can pretty much assume that everything else is not where it’s going to go at
this time everything’s still work in progress of course but I do have a roof
on this thing now I’m not entirely happy with one part of it I like the roof
itself I think that turned out maybe a little bit better then I was hoping like
the smaller details on it off to go inside of the table to show you the HVAC
units on the other side they were an interesting challenge to do in kind of a
a low-profile form but I think this looks best a little bit lit closer to a
minifig I view as wasn’t intended so that’s a little bit more what the people
would actually see of this thing I think that the overall look is right in the
range that I was going for for a retail conversion of an old industrial building
an old warehouse like thing or workshop like like thing but what I’m unhappy
with is this edge treatment along here so I have a couple of ideas for how to
change that up and hopefully make it significantly better needs a little bit
more depth it’s just too plain right now not even certain about the color I think
the color was the right choice but either there’s not enough of it or
there’s not enough contrast against it just as it’s shaped right now so that
will get fixed up in due time like I said I’ll do a little bit of
experimentation for that but all in all looks pretty appropriate per what I was
going for it needs to be blended in down at the base around the sidewalk and
plaza areas let me get you over into that spot so you can see the other angle
there you go and side especially down here at the base
looks especially plain by design it does not matter because all this is gonna get
covered up back here anyway but I want to show you the tool HVAC units that are
here nice and low so they’re just not too apparent from the street I mean they
will be visible a bit but I put a close-up photo of one of those right set
up and one of them upside down on Instagram if you want to see how that’s
built underneath just had to do a bit of experimentation and use some funky
little building techniques a little bit of almost cheating but not quite not
entirely knocking over some some trees here which are not going to be staying
that’s always been just very temporary but I got the building in place and like
I said I’m going to do some some touch-up work around the edges up top
and at the base but I’m looking forward to moving on and doing some other things
this thing has been in progress for as usual entirely too long and that’s just
how it goes these things just continue to move very slowly but I’m glad that
I’m not rushing myself cuz brushing is no fun especially in a creative process
so happy to keep that factor out of building some of this stuff most of this
stuff and I’m definitely looking forward to the next thing because I definitely
have a lot to work on I’ve got a lot more space for structures for the Train
stuff these days and of course I have the whole port section that’s kind of
new now out there and that’s ready to be developed and also the zoo needs to be
redone and planetary Defense Force Base needs work on it pretty soon so a lot of
things that are kind of top of mind for me right now and I’ll just kind of
choose or let them choose for me maybe whichever one kind of pulls me in its
direction next that’s where I’ll go thank you for following along sorry it
has taken so long to get this building in again
it’s not done but it’s as close as it’s as it’s ever been for sure and it won’t
be too much different when it is truly done at least done for now it’s always a
chance that I’ll redo it in the future like a number of my other older
buildings already on that on the table they’re ready to be taken off and redone
so thank you for your support along the way thank you for your patience and I’ll
be talking to you again soon you

100 thoughts on “LEGO music shop & laser tag arena MOC gets a roof! Progress 10

  1. Why is the roof white? Seems a bit to bright to look as the building its self is dull (colour). Looks like there's snow on it, I know it's for the figs. And I'm not hating… Just my opinion.

  2. The white roof is… white. >.< I guess it has to do with the colour transition to your industrial zone.
    Build finally a house JANG! Or an appartmentblock in your hollow skyscraper.

  3. Regarding the roof: I think the tan was great but would be better if you added some gray on the underneath, mirroring the effect you used between floors.

  4. so just thinking for the space defence force did you think of making a giant gun base so that they can shoot down ships in orbit? it be cool to see a satellite as well just suggesting tho

  5. Hi hang, love your reviews and by far the best reviews. I have a suggestion of a set you can review which 7998 as it is my favorite city set.

  6. I’m starting my own LEGO review channel and you are a great inspiration thank you so much and I love your reviews and mocs

  7. Jang you should seriously consider sending this into Lego ideas as a musician and a laser tag enthusiast this hit the sweet spot as you turned to hobbies into another one of my hobbies Lego! like legit I think this would be a best seller. Great work Jang can't wait for the next project.

  8. after you have done a few more buildings I think it would be time to do a city overview. not so much a update but a re-introduction to the city, as so much has changed and you don't have a video going over everything both new and old/ due to change

  9. Hang, I noticed on your blog that you wanted to install a Chinese restaurant in your city. I think that you should put it the warehouse style building on the other side of the mall. Please reply! 😀

  10. That looks great where it's placed! Is it sad that all I could think was that the white "windows" would have graffiti on, being next to a train track?

    I'd love to see a video on how you get the buildings into their correct location! Some of them must require quite the reach, and I can't imagine you lift them through the hole in the middle of the table?!

  11. I always like how you think about real life when building stuff. In real life, they do actually turn industrial buildings to retail stores.

  12. Dude you are the Bob Ross of legos'. I think you nailed his way of description and subtle motivations to encourage others to your style yet encourage us for finding our own way to be creative with building cities.

  13. Hi Jangbricks could you please tell me where you brought brick effect pieces from that you have used as there really cool and so much real like

  14. This is the nicest looking building in your city. Honestly a lot of the buildings are in random places and I think they're too colorful. This building is perfect tho.

  15. Hi. love your work. the two white sections on the first floor of your building towards the train tracks looks like a place that kids would do graffity. would have been cool.

  16. Dang, Jang! Now that you have a music shop, you'll need someplace to sell the results from that! I'd love to see your take on a Lego record store (Maybe in that empty back room?)

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