LEGO Star Wars Action Battle Endor Assault AND Hoth Generator Attack reviews! 75238 75239

hello hello I have here another two Lego
Star Wars action battle sets and I’m gonna review both of them in this one
video to save you some time this one’s called Endor assault
obviously based on Return of the Jedi and it pits a speeder bike against an
Ewok in a tree it’s a bit of a strange pairing for a battle scenario but let’s
check it out the speeder bike is naturally piloted by a scout trooper and
this is the most recent version with the dual molded helmet which looks very good
and is going to have the best consistency of any patterns and designs
that they’ve made today it due to that dual molding there’s a good level of
detail on the printing on the back of the torso on the front the prints go all
the way through the hip and into the leg pieces there’s a little bit of fuzziness
to that print but overall this is a pretty good looking figure if you ask me
and of course pilot is an angry clone the Ewok meanwhile is an officially
licensed wicket with some pretty good paint applications on a pretty good mold
for that head and body piece that overlays the standard sized torso which
has no print on it and the little short legs down below you know just that that
looking at the tan areas that are then replaced therefore the different colored
fur the edges are pretty nice to be applied to such a 3-dimensional surface
like that I think that the hood is a little bit shiny would have been better
if they had a matte paint for that or even a satin coloured paint but overall
it’s a pretty good looking figure to me especially for something so small it
faces very detailed the speeder bike is a pretty weak design to look at you know
it’s it’s fairly lame if you ask me I mean it’s it’s so boxy blocky the guy
just sits there on top of a big ol rectangular base it looks to me like one
of those $0.25 rides outside of a supermarket for little kids you know you
get on and it just rocks back and forth for a little bit and makes a single
sound that’s what this looked like to me it’s very disappointing it just you know
it gets across the general idea of one of these speeder bikes
does use some some modern pieces and everything but it’s just it’s just not
good now the intention is that you will pair it up with this target which is
built into some terrain you pair it up by placing it on top like so then you
can just imagine that the foliage is foliage that’s going by as the speeder
bike is speeding around and you need to try to target it and catch it at just
the right spot but in fact it’s just a static target and the idea here is that
you use one of the old technic competition cannons included in this set
it’s a very simple build here you basically just angle it aim it
completely manually you know if they’ve got a little way to set the elevation to
one point but other than that I mean you might as well just hold this thing in
your hand so that’s that’s fairly simple fortunately these cannons do work well
themselves that’s how that works it’s a satisfying enough little explosion
motion you know with the bike itself getting knocked off and the writer
getting knocked off but I don’t know there’s just something lacking about
this to me for the play pattern of trying to take down a speeder bike I
want to see this in motion for it to just be sitting there like it’s stuck in
a bush doesn’t feel satisfying to me when I’m trying to think about you know
taking it down thinking about the perspective of whoever is operating this
I feel like this needed some motion a pair of wheels underneath and a long
handle so it could be pulled along or better yet how about a pullback motor in
there that you could wind up and then the thing would just slowly move along
on its own you know I think that really would have made it compelling but as it
is it might as well just be a stack of 2×4 bricks in my opinion wickets tree is
also static you know it just sits there but at least it makes more sense you
know it’s a tree it’s not supposed to be moving and this looks pretty decent
you know the exception of the big blue target there
the build takes a little little bit of time to put together and has a fair
number of pieces and different colors and everything so this works out he has
a spear over there on the side so you know you could put the spear in his hand
but for the most part this just kind of looks like an an outpost or an outlook a
watchtower you know this doesn’t look like something that would be attacking I
can’t easily imagine a cannon or a a source of fire a source of firepower
being associated with this so it seems like more of just just you know from a
fantasy perspective a a static target where you’re just taking out a single
person who just happens to be sitting there innocently so when I hit this when
I hit this when I hit this name just knocks wicket out you know he takes one
try to do it but yeah again not particularly compelling at least like I
said this makes more sense to me and hmm kind of wish there were multiple of
these in one set multiple targets like this here are the leftover parts from
the indoor set build you know just mostly regular stuff all right time to
see if the smaller of the two hoth sets of this season is any better than the
Endora said I can tell you just at first glance seems like it makes more sense
but let’s take a closer look regardless the figures in this one are a Hoth rebel
trooper and a snow trooper perfectly appropriate for the scene I think both
of these look good to me they don’t have any extra accessories on the back these
snow trooper doesn’t have the cloth pieces around the legs and doesn’t have
any environmental suit actually built up around the back but I think they’re fine
figures regardless for what they are no surprise for the trooper on the right
his face with the one on the left you know has some facial hair that’s good
and again appropriate to the scene the snow trooper gets a heavy repeater
cannon in placement which looks decent and crucially makes sense you know he’s
using this as part of the assault on the base and this is a perfect analog to
this so if you’re playing as this you can pretend that you
or that you know you are firing on behalf of that that totally makes sense
and when you’re getting shot at it’s it’s a similar thing it just helps you
to get into the scenario a little bit better you know he also has a regular
little blaster for him to use for it you know his own personal use which is nice
that they included that so you don’t have to hook them up to this target you
know to have him be viable on the battlefield you want to mix things up
with another another set or some other figures and things and when this one
gets hit hmm it’s interesting it doesn’t always work it’s not a guaranteed
success but when it does work it works well it looks right and it feels right
on the rebel side they get the generator and it’s funny to consider that this
little generator here has four discs whereas the one in the $250 ultimate
collectors series assault on hot set only had three wasn’t even complete so
this is better than that one in that way it actually looks pretty good you know
it’s super miniaturized but it looks pretty good for what it is you can just
imagine to being off in the distance you know off over the horizon so it makes
sense enough and you get the the little dude having a spot where you can rotate
around and do some defense so again this represents the analog to one of these
you know makes sense enough and he also gets his own minifig weapon that he can
hold it’s the long rifle for that and as for how this one works this is actually
much more sophisticated hmm maybe sophistication isn’t always a good thing there we go finally so the ideal hit
would have the two halves of the generator split apart and knock over the
cannon all at the same time so let me see if I can simulate that yeah like
that you know it’s a little bit more dramatic
that way I don’t know if I really mind the requirement of multiple hits it’s
probably possible to get a perfect hit but I mean this is built pretty properly
here everything’s nice and free and at the correct locations so it is possible
that more people than just me will have trouble getting this to do its full
explosion which i think is actually okay you know to require multiple hits to
fully destroy the generator but as far as the mechanism this is actually pretty
cool say they cut the technic ball piece in there it’s just pushing these things
apart it’s acting as a little wedge and once this opens up you see flame inside
probably would look a little bit better if it didn’t open up completely with the
the flame section of it or if they had more of the transparent or engine and
yellow around the base but yeah that’s how it works I think this looks pretty
good you can certainly leave off the target
if you don’t want it or make it more subtle looking and it’ll actually be a
decent looking display in placement again just for a representation of
something that’s that’s far away and it has the Play feature in it that works
okay could work a little bit better depending upon how you look at it yeah
this is this is fine it’s not as good as I would like but as a standalone thing
not even considering the play feature it does look good enough that I’ll give
it more than a pass here we get these leftovers including the youthful black
bucket handle piece and with the extra goggles you can do something like that
the boxes for these two sets are the same size and the prices are the same
even though the part counts are rather different in my opinion everything about
this one is worse and I really just can’t recommend it even if it was
cheaper I still wouldn’t really recommend it like if it was twenty
dollars you guys right now it’s thirty US as a recommended price it even if it
was twenty I still wouldn’t recommend it if it was fifteen maybe as a starter
pack as as inspiration as something you use to customize but I mean even if
it was super cheap if it was 15 bucks yeah if it was 15 bucks I guess I could
see it as a couple of pretty good figures and a parts pack you know but I
just don’t feel like this is a good set in general even as an action battle set
you know considering what it’s supposed to be considering how it’s supposed to
work and all know it’s just not there I think most of that comes down to what
they did with the speeder bike it doesn’t look cool enough and doesn’t
work well enough to me for what it’s supposed to be that needed some motion
of some sort or I don’t know maybe they could have
had a really really tiny little a TST where I made a little bit more sense
because at least those aren’t super mobile this set on the other end works
pretty well works much better between between the two works so much better I
did have some issues with multiple hits being required that can be seen as as a
bad thing you can be seen as a good thing potentially at least it provides a
little bit of redemption to the lego starwars team on their Hoth design it’s
a decent looking generator take that off and replace it with some white parts and
you know it’s a nice piece of a whole diorama setup even this looks good even
though it’s a little bit off in its its overall proportions compared to the real
thing you know you might want to figure out a way to change up the design to
have the tripod links a bit shorter to be more realistic but overall it just
the whole thing makes more sense it’s a better price to part ratio just
everything about this is better still not great to me but good and purchasable
I would say that the Endor said is something that you just probably
shouldn’t consider getting unless you feel that you need to or you want to of
course you know this is just one person’s opinion if you like this if you
think it’s a plenty good deal then get it you know it completely ignore what I
what I say of it you know I’m gonna let you know what I personally think and
that’s just that I built both of these together in one video just like I
reviewed them together in one video so if you want to see how they went
together in the interior internal details of their mechanism
and stuff you can check that out on my build channel I will put up a link to
that in this video right now and talked again very soon

100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Action Battle Endor Assault AND Hoth Generator Attack reviews! 75238 75239

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  2. Buy a lot of these and other small sets with Jedi and Sith characters, place the sets on different locations in your house, choose a side, and you got yourself Star Wars: Battlefront.

  3. It's wierd that in the hoth set they have realistic blasters instead of stud shooters. It seems that if there was ever a use for stud shooters it would be in a set that is fully dependent on play features.

  4. Hi Jang! I love what you have been doing when you review minifigures, where you have the set blurred in the background. It looks really cool.

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  6. Ooh! When you mentioned giving the speeder bike a Pullback Motor, I got the idea to put a Technic Pullback motor into the CCBS Scout Trooper's bike!

  7. I like the subtle change of you showing the set in the background while displaying The minifigures. Great stuff Jang! I appreciate all you do

  8. Problem with the generator taking multiple hits, it’s not fair to the other player. I guess they could always just reset their figure once I guess.

  9. I love the movement and functionality of these new lines. It lets people have miniature versions of iconic builds that unlike the larger ones actually have decent movement. I hope leg does more of this line with other themes

  10. Awesome! I really want the Endor one but not too desperately. I'd rather have the 20th Anniversary Clone Scout Walker.

  11. The Endor Set has better figures in my opinion. and as for the Speeder bike, I'm not really sure what else they could have done design-wise that would make it better without making it way oversized.

  12. Thanks for posting early in the day jang, nothing like watching a lego review during breakfast and or lunch.

  13. Uhhh I’m not sure I like the dark tan on BOTH Hoth figures. I guess it’s accurate? Not sure, but it doesn’t seem realistic to me. They’re in snow, why not all white camo?

  14. Don’t understand the distaste for the Endor set. The design of the speeder bike is a fine compromise for the action battle function. I don’t think it needs movement, just take the bike off and fly it yourself. I like the tree, it’s good for what it is

  15. Ok, this new Sets are all about shooting and at least killing figures. What‘s about the original Lego idea ?

  16. Imagine if they made the tree move but not the speeder bike. Like they had a whole power functions motor and the best they could use for the tree and if you tried to switch it so the speeder has the motor then some FBI agents would come and fix it.

  17. I dont fully understand why they're using the technic cannons instead of the spring loaded shooters they pushed so hard, but hey, I'm not complaining, the cannons are great and I haven't seen one in years.

  18. It looks like the mechanism for the generator part just needs a little more travel on the axle to 'activate' more consistently. That ball piece is barely moving into the bottom arc of the discs. I think that if you pulled the target piece out a bit on the axle, to allow the ball to go further in when hit, it would likely pop the two halves open more easily.

  19. Yeah, the prices are too step for what these sets represent, more add on would have been more desirable, the speeder bike should have had a better build like the very first set, these looked way better, the play value is there, but too low on these sets.

  20. New Scout Trooper is better than new Stormtrooper. The Ewok part would make more sense if he had a slingshot piece.

  21. The Wicket minifig had me buying this sets no matter what! Haha One of the first Hasbro figures I got in the 80's and a personal fav. Especially Return of the Jedi being the first movie ever my dad brought me to see.

  22. Endor assault looks fun. I have wanted a scout trooper and little speeder bike, but I'd really have liked a battlepack with Leia or Luke in Endor Camo.
    Stupid Ewoks grumblegrumble 🙂

  23. I love the new scout trooper outfit! That was always my favorite of all the Imperials as a child. I may have to get this set just for the scout trooper.

  24. Does anyone else notice that the print on the rebel snow trooper face is messed up a bit? It looks misaligned to me.

  25. To all those who find the price unsavory, just remember that the prices are cut later on. At the time when a new series will come out.

  26. Im surprised no one has pointed out that at 6:17, the rebel's face could be used for a custom Infinity War Captain America.

  27. The shield generator would work great for a microscale Hoth display. That's what Assault on Hoth should've been.

  28. Next year (if these action battle sets do good) they should do an AT-ST and a bunker. The rebels and Ewoks control the bunker and the AT-ST and stormtroopers try to destroy it. I think that would be pretty cool. Or they could do some clone wars stuff.

  29. Seems like a good idea but I think the cannons should have been a part of the vehicles/station rather than being separate parts. I guess it's up to the builder to find a way to add them to the vehicles/stations.

  30. Well jang, it doesn't matter if the speeder bike meets YOUR standards because the product isn't targeted for people your age anyway

  31. The AT-RT is currently being sold for 23$ by Walmart, while the Ewok v Scout Trooper is 29$…AT-RT has more pieces too.

  32. Im only getting this for the speeder parts to make a better one and scout trooper, better be worth it, and hoth rebel trooper

  33. These sets are kinda stupid
    They value clumsy playability over simple accuracy

    Edit: I love the new scout troopers though

  34. I think it's weird how they did the double molded stormtrooper helmet to lock forwards while all other helmets (Scout trooper, clone troopers etc) can look any direction.

  35. I am so glad they FINALLY made an updated version of the Scout Trooper! I just wish they release it with a battle pack sometime soon… £25 (in the UK) for two figures and a small ammount of bricks, is a bit pricey, if I'm honest.

  36. When a set made for little kids…IS BETTER THAN A set that is make for older kids (teens or adults)………….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm LEGO needs to think on this

  37. I don't get why they include the normal blasters in an obvious play set but use the stud shooters in all the other ones..

  38. With this style of set, they should make a small star destroyer and mon calamari crusier. Then you could hit the main attack points like the bridge, the engines, maybe weapons, or hangar bay, maybe a shield generator and than you could basically play ship combat with your friend. I don’t know, I think that’s a good idea!

  39. I hope they make more action battle sets, my little cousins love them.
    I've made a few custom ones since the first one was released and they love playing with them.

  40. I don’t like these sets target and explode feature, when I used to play with Lego I used to do my own explosions and make the people fly in whatever direction I want

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