LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi First Order Heavy Assault Walker review! 75189

hello this is the lego starwars the last
Jedi ATM six first-order heavy assault Walker the first order of business for
this review is to establish the size of this thing and to talk about its scale
because in universe we already know that this is supposed to Worf the beloved
walkers from Empire Strikes Back those are supposed to be roughly that yay tall
but when I look at the Box on the front of the box it makes this Walker here
actually look smaller than it is and look at the back of the box and it makes
it look bigger than it really is so here’s a comparison straight up between
the new Walker and the most recent rendition of the previous one from Lego
these two are essentially the same size at least on the outside but on the
inside the ATM 6 actually has a lot less room now the legs of the new Walker have
all the articulation that I would expect and asked for got a good range of motion
although it’s not able to very effectively stand on three legs I think
there are some poses very specific ones that allow you to kind of get it onto
three legs but I wouldn’t really expect that but for the most part this is just
what you need to be able to do some walking style poses you know you don’t
have to be completely hauled away on the ground it doesn’t need to be perfectly
level so that’s all working out well yeah actually the range of motion is
better than I would have expected front to back just how far you can make these
things go I’ll probably be useful for some some damage you know half down or
completely downed kind of seems you might want to make that includes the
ability to bring the rear feet forward and back they look nice got a little
linkages on there you can kind of see the linkages move around a bit that also
applies to the front feet which are a little bit strange in their design but
that’s right from the canonical design some things are a little bit gapi
doesn’t look all that great from the inside but overall I think the
proportions of this are done pretty well all of the legs have some green
and then we move up to the head this is kind of miniaturized here as it needs to
be for the scale I like the use of these kind of foot pieces here to bring in a
little extra texture for the the beard if you will these are kind of make
pretend cannons up here but it also has built into the chin area
a couple of spring-loaded shooters that you can fire off by reaching beneath
there you can see the tails of them sticking out towards the back of the
neck the neck is able to articulate side to side at two points as before so
you’ve got just the head swiveling and then you’ve got the entire neck being
able to move back and forth so you can get that funny look out of it they’ve
tried to shape up the eyes pretty realistically or appropriately in terms
of their shape I’ve got these cannons over on the sides as well and then all
of the roof will open up and the front opens down to give you better access the
driving compartment only holds one single figure and he doesn’t have any
detailing around him but there is a pretty nice printed inverted tile here –
by – that’s print on it and the studs are on the backside that’s all you get
really for for detail in here at all I think by far the coolest feature of this
build is the mega caliber six cannon which in Lego form actually has a six
stud shooter on it that’s able to move in and out and remotely angle up and
down so by default you can kind of just keep it tucked away so you barely see it
from the side and then you kind of extend it out and then you’re able to
remotely change its angle so it can work as an artillery barrage weapon and you
also get to rotate this gear back here so I’m just operating this slide in and
out your rotate that and it fires off the individual studs which then get lost
are all over your room hands you’ll never see them again along the back are
these canisters which in real life would be huge and I’m assuming that those are
going to be kind of the sweet spots you want to shootout to take the entire
Walker down now for the inside of the body this opens up nothing really to do
or see there this opens up and you can put a storm trooper maybe two on either
side and they also have a clip on either side a little bit of storage for an
extra laser beam or two to use with the spring-loaded shooters but that’s not
very not very generous in terms of its space and they also have this open a
bowl little cabinet over here on either side one side has just this container
with two single studs for your six stud shooter the other side has six but
they’re actually not even in a box so it’s using the exact same sort of setup
with just the bracket there and they’ve just stacked the studs up so you just
get some spares you notice that the design is slightly asymmetric from side
to side as per the design of the real thing and looking around here again same
thing with just one spot for a maximum of two people that can sit in there
because you’re can stand if you just angle them right and there’s nothing
more to see up here and that’s just that here are the two named hero figures with
Jedi Rey on the left and the new captain poe dameron on the right Rey really has
a style that she’s not anxious to change up I mean every bit of that print is
different all the way through but it’s very very similar just her garbs overall
but she has a different hairpiece poe is looking more cool-guy Han Solo asked
than ever and raised lightsaber blade is trans light blue not trans medium blue
got a nice nice mold for the kind of ponytails section of the hair on the
back there you see a little bit of Poe’s alternate face at least the five o’clock
shadow a little stubble showing through but that doesn’t look bad to me at all
as you can’t see the smile there and you do get alternate pieces for both of
these of course on the left here is the new
first order Walker driver uses the same mold as the flametrooper it’s a pretty
cool looking dude kind of halfway in between the new and the old although the
overall face looks a lot more like then-new and the body and the garb the
outfit looks more like the old to me and then they just give you one regular
standard first order a stormtrooper would have liked another one of those
maybe a couple more no alternate faces for either of these but on the front why
last up is an unnamed resistance trooper I think this figure looks pretty good
has a little bit of metallic printing on the front for the buckle there and his
weapon is the dark pearl grey or a gunmetal gray color not black I like
these helmets looks really nice you’re not able to raise the visor because the
visor is dual molded into the main part of the helmet but you can bring up kind
of the the chin guard there you could also just leave that off entirely for a
little bit of a different look but I think that moveable piece has a nice
look to it it’s a slightly different type of plastic a little bit softer to
make sure it doesn’t shatter accidentally so the level of shininess
and also the hue is just ever so slightly off but it does not bug me I
appreciate the little paint application behind that moveable section as well and
there’s the print on the back which shows that he’s actually wearing a
hoodie he does not have any alternate face though but I think his his normal
face is pretty generic and very useful the price to part ratio for this set is
absolutely normal and in fact much lower than many of the current non licensed
LEGO sets but the fact that it’s the same size as the 2014 Walker and costs
almost a third more in the US and has less interior space doesn’t feel good to
me especially since it comes with just one driver and one single lone ground
trooper now I think they’ve done a really good
job with the mega caliber cannon and how its integrated in and how it plays but
it doesn’t feel like a good enough trade-off for me I completely understand
the use of the same size as the previous Walker that’s just kind of mandatory to
keep the overall price within anything close to a reasonable range and once
again this is a very sturdy build with a good amount of articulation and it’s
actually pretty fun to put together has some interesting techniques nothing too
weirds nothing frustrating difficult to put together just interesting but it’s
too bad about the price so that’s it for my look at this ATM 6 hope that you’ve
enjoyed the review and then I showed you everything you wanted to see here you
can check out more reviews as well as custom builds on my channel and I’ve got
more videos on the way so stay tuned and I’ll talk to you in soon

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    Standard price for you (when in stock), but I may get a very small commission.

  2. Honestly, I like the new walker better, even if there isn't as much space I'd just stuff in storm troopers. The only time you really see the inside is when you have the flaps down.

  3. In 2-4 years LEGO should release an AT AT set that can also become an AT ACT, all they would have to do is add some extra orange pieces (like 20 or 25 pieces) and some extra grey pieces so you could change the design of the head for both walkers.

  4. We need a (non MOC) Ultimate Collectors Series ATAT that can be rearranged or rebuilt a little into an ATACT from LEGO

  5. this lego set is amazing and that trooper with the black and white is. my favorite! and i need that lego set!!!

  6. what i dont get is that u get more resistance figures than first order figures. Isnt it ment to be a first order set!!??

  7. Can the high speed train sneak between the front and back legs if running perpendicular to the walker?

  8. I wonder about one thing. I got this set two days ago and noticed one thing. The Stormtrooper from your Version has a "round" Mouthprint on the helmet. I thought they fixed these prints because the new "pointed" look better. My version of this set has a pointed print so i wonder if they use still both of the prints, or if it was just random.

    Can anybody answer me? I'm really curious about this.

  9. So the First Order has bigger land walkers, bigger star destroyers and bigger death stars?

    Let me ask you a question:

    Who has more resources to build giant war machines and death space bases? An wast unified Empire which encompasses the whole galaxy and has all of the resources, technology and manpower of the galaxy at it's disposal or some cut off sect of renegade space wanna be nazis who fled to the outer Rim after the defeat of the Empire?

    Logic says one, Rian Johnson says the opposite. #QualityWriting

  10. How can I buy the other at at walker the not the assault walker someone please help me I cant find a store website that’s sells it

  11. The only thing I don’t like about the assault walker is how the armour is so spaced out and the very little space but that mini gun is cool

  12. In Star wars usually the at-m6 is larger then your normal at at Lego just made it the same size even though the at m6 in the starwars universe is larger then the at at how dare you Lego you made it the wrong size

  13. Secretly, Snoke actually DID commission a clone army, given what Lego is telling us with that head choice on the troopers XD

  14. Its good for me.. Admit it you guys who say its bad, if the at at didnt exist you would love this too

  15. The resistance trooper is the coolest looking one so far, and i think they should have put in another stormtrooper instead of Rey

  16. For me one of the doors doesnt even open.. Like i try to open it and it falls apart.. But anyway its a good set.. It has great playability and its also good for display.. But ok that door pissed me of a lot

  17. haha I so agree with all the angry clone faces.. for play purpose it wouldnt harm to make them look tough in a cool way. I like the armors and use them in my builds but take out the angry faced heads

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