LET YOUR STORY BEGIN | Until Dawn – Part 1

hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to until dawn a brand new triple a horror game that is supposed to be very good and where your choices actually matter now whether that actually comes into play in the game we will find out but when I loaded up this game it jump scared me a tiny butterfly flapping its wings today may lead to of devastating hurricane weeks from now okay you can say what you want about the truth of the butterfly effect but this game is supposed to be about that the smallest decision can dramatically change the future and what that means is that when I’m playing that that’s what it is your actions will shape how the story unfolds and that’s what makes this such an interesting let’s play game because hot damn that’s my story but your Joe is one of many possibilities how many I don’t know if I know what I’m good choose your actions carefully okay that’s what makes this such an interesting let’s play potential type game because I remember hearing about this game about a year ago and then it kind of dropped up the face of the earth and then it was released a couple days ago so not much I can say about that hello sassy lady how you doing and of course it’s next-gen so it looks good can’t tell you how long it’s been since I played a game that looks good hello Oh No is it the typical party scene don’t you guys think this is a little bigger Hall come on she deserves that it’s not her fault that she’s a huge crush on my Hanna’s and making moves on it I’m just looking out for my girl in Jeff because you’ve got Prez doesn’t mean he belongs to everyone mike is my man and I’m not anybody’s man whatever you it seems like a super campy 80s horror movie and I love it cuz I actually enjoy those very much so I mean admittedly I have no idea what this game is about I know that’s not good Oh Mike it’s Hanna I’m Mike okay Oh am i playing now oh god I thought I was gonna go on an interactive date with Mike Mike looked handsome oh okay did you see that yeah it’d just be us this weekend huh Josh I’m like oh I’m playing now okay god damn it’s like heavy rain tease all the sudden I’m playing as a girl in yoga pants why not you guys passed out drunk what kind of party did I miss when I was staring out the window into nothingness hello Mike Mike the guy every girl seems to be so interested in anybody what am i doing god damn this game looks good by the way I just got to admit it looks really really good and considering it’s all real time is more impressive than you know anything else then again I haven’t played many like next-gen titles I mean the most recent one that I played on the ps4 was blood-borne – no way objects that glint can be inspected oh like oh we’re Jay over here hello person old to pick up the bottle wow this is definitely heavy rain inspired so made by the same company I have no idea Jeremiah crag since 1794 that’s good scotch 12 years Josh once again brother you’ve outdone us all oh good sibling rivalry here okay wait no no no no no no we already did that no no no no no don’t touch to the bottle you’ve been – you’re sober you can’t touch it again huh yes can I pick it up with our two he is and Hannah you look so damn hot in that shirt but I bet you’re even better out of it come to the guest room at 2:00 a.m. love Mike oh really so I’m just a piece of meat in a nice shirt how dare you Mike I’m on the way right now what in our naive sister get herself into now oh that’s not for me I’m not Hannah okay I have no idea who all these people are how’d you yeah ah who’s that all done should start with a little you know making out and see where it goes from there no no no cover it for the children no no it’s just a prank doing here Oh Hannah I’m sorry Oh friends right jerks that sounds like hayden Panettiere panic Panettiere pandit honoree hi Hannah we’ll never see you again apparently oh no wait right stick to choose choose what what am i doing what wig jaws wig gasps Josh you drunk bastard josh Josh Josh watch your language oh my god there’s someone outside I probably should have gone for the others first I plug just already made a bad decision what’s going on where’s my sister going it’s fine she just can’t take a joke it was just a prank Han just a prank what did you do it just mess around bad that wasn’t serious you sharks Hanna so should we go after her doing it’s Jesus you the last person she wants to see right now like oh oh what oh gosh quick time events ah I swear oh god I’m not good to this I don’t know the PlayStation can roll that well ah fast let’s go fast I can do this yeah I got it I got it oh I can’t lose it Neal my god uh-uh follow noise yes good idea go towards the murder in the woods damn it Hanna are you hey come on Gary Anna I just I saw her I I just I just saw her I didn’t see a shadow though I saw someone moving through the woods there uh-oh god I gotta use this – holy crap that’s not okay Oh I’m directing the flashlight Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah Jesus goddamn okay why walk fast why don’t you run faster lady run faster in your sassy hugs anybody anybody hello Oh was that that’s weird why is this here a desk totem why is your death totem that seems abnormal maybe I should be concerned about that this is so heavy rain inspired what was that I know what’s going on no idea no I am so confused oh goody hi what the hell oh no perfectly normal fireballs in the woods I shouldn’t worry about that fireballs back at the cabin the feud oh hi Anna Anna oh my god you must be freezing here take my coat that was quick wait No quicklime hell my face her face yeah Oh home with our team holy crap don’t have any weight let go oh I made a bad choice oh he was probably just a friendly Woodleigh fireman oh I made a horrible choice oh oh that was the worst choice I could possibly make well we begin there are a few things I need to make sure you understand you see no one can change what happened last year my past is beyond our control you have to accept this in order to move forward but there is freedom in this revelation everything you do every decision you make from now on will open doors to the future I want you to remember this I want you to remember this as you play your game every single joy again and your fate and the fate of those around you hey go ahead just back up a little bit there so you have committed to commands with this game this is significant you’re in the I want to help you see it through sometimes sometimes these things can be a little scary even terrifying but I’m here to make sure that no matter how upsetting things may get you will always find a way to work through it again oh all right we will start with a simple exercise could you please pick up card I don’t think I want to and I want you to look at the picture on the other side and tell me what you feel I feel that you’re the three-vehicle that you answer honestly in order to get the most out of this experience okay are you done there are multiple reasons why this is all in the end or you smile at me you weirdo got a gloved weird hand am i my mat I better Nami Matt huh okay I feel creeped out about it why why do you why are you do I need to creepy as hell just like you how did that picture make feel remember be honor very creeped out I don’t like mannequins feel uneasy thank you very much honesty’s girl don’t even look at me you’re so weird that makes you feel uneasy the Scarecrow cheese don’t kitten don’t do that the scare coat Jesus well I see I see let’s see this scarecrow we’re not there would you feel comfortable staying there on your own for a period of time say wait for example yeah sure it looks nice besides the Scarecrow sure I would is that where you’re gonna send me and what if I told you that this College it’s a barn oh all right whatever I wouldn’t care haunted so the Scarecrow frightens you and yet you don’t appear to be bothered by the possibility of this supernatural your face freakin supernatural dude I suspect that someone is not being entirely honest with me that’s it no just back up a little that’s what me oh okay investigate that in our next session shall we no I’m okay all right this is gonna be y’all Jill’s grubby do I leave or deep do I should I go you’re just gonna we’re just gonna sit here okay we’re just gonna stay here for a bit okay well that was the intro sequence how about a whole bunch of that that was fun oh boy I made a bad choice and then I’m scared of a scarecrow this music is Trey Hey won’t you spare me they singing about death it’s all very pretty music I hope I can keep it in I mean all these out uh it was Hannah and Hannah hayden Panettiere Hannah Hannah terrarium better there today is the one-year anniversary of the dreadful tragedy that took place on Mount Washington yes Klein thanks for having me mark update on Hanna Beth Washington the twins who are still missing one year ago tonight the Washington girls left the safety of their parents Lodge and headed out into a snowstorm foul play not efficiently know there is one individual we’re considering as a person of interest but his whereabouts are currently unknown he has an interesting history with the Washington family game against pursuing their construction project his claim the land was sacred to his forefathers still the old sanatorium my officers did search the grounds but the girls themselves couldn’t have made it that far I’m Santa the mountain seems to breed tragic events more than you know Marty thank you for joining us a clip with all the Washington’s tonight their son Josh on this the anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of Hannah and Beth Washington well hello friends and fans all right let’s do that again youtubers so alright well hello friends and fans hi beyond awesome to have you guys all back this year could you stop somewhere stop I gotta say I am super excited to welcome all my pals back to the annual Blackwood winter getaway so just let you know let’s take a moment to address the elephant in the room for a second I know you’re all probably worried about me and I know it’s gonna be tough on all of us going back after what happened last year but I just want you all to know um it means it means so much to me that we’re doing this and that I know it would mean so much to Hanna and Beth that were we’re all still here together and I’m thinking of them I really want to spend some quality time with each and every one of you and just share some moments that we’ll never forget for for the sake of my sisters and you know okay so let’s party like we’re porn stars okay looks this one trip we will never forget all right yes let’s not do that I was feeling really bad for him for a while there in the neom wants to party like porn stars I don’t even know how porn stars party they might be really low-key and just like reading itself the production while it’s so weird coming from indie horror games coming to this with all its amazing production quality cuz it looks like a freaking movie is what it is it is it is basically first movie oh why is friendship in blood red why why is no one else here I wonder why no one else showed up oh boy so now I guess we’re gonna be back hi how’s it going there hi friend always good that the bass drums are booming as soon as I walk up into the haunted forest I always like that one about that okay the light diligent considerate and adventurous okay Sam voice my head Hayden pin in Ansari hello hello someone there maybe half the cable car station oh god I gotta walk through the woods all alone why would I wear skirt in the middle of winter hello I already know how to do that I’ve been doing that since I well maybe I don’t know how to do that because it costs two girls to fall to their death with my choices this is why I shouldn’t be given any sort of power because I cannot make the right choices for anybody object excellent can be infected wink the gates busted climb over Chris house the gate busted hurry alright huh look it it’s a hinge hip tap it’s a stupid hinge huh so angry OOP wait oh that’s the driver Bob dababneh Babbitt about yo how do I get here so okay I guess I’m just gonna climb ah Rage Against the Machine this gate sure is broken or something oh no ha who’s gonna strangle it I’m so angry but I guess I’ll just save that for another day Liberty Club let’s go quick quick so good decision I can make quick I can make quick happen what oh god no no no no I don’t know the buttons jump I want to die but if I were to scrape my little knee or broken my spine would have been terrible I’m all about that if I chose to go with the flamethrower do it probably wouldn’t have turned out so well for me let’s walk a little faster walk a little faster now can i sprint can I run can I jump whoa what a deja – oh I have character traits I could use a bit more funny to be honest but okay why do I have relationships with people what the hell oh that’s so crazy oh that’s so crazy oh that’s I have no idea what any of that means but I guess I’m gonna I’m gonna do my hello huh I’m not moving I’m not moving I’m not moving I win I want a squirrel oh okay I guessing all this is still learning experience so that I don’t screw anything up further now I’m beginning to wonder if that that choice in the beginning really would change yeah I bet it would I bet it did I bet like there would have been some other story arc of where the girl would have gone with the guy had been kidnapped in some regard or something or other yeah butterfly prophecies I don’t know how cool you think that is but I don’t think you’re very cool traget who once lived in these mountains believed that butterflies carried dreams and prophesies of possible futures the color of the butterfly indicated the nature of the prophecy see death black butterflies prophesize the dreamers death dangerous red losses Brown guidances yellow fortune is white so white and yellow are good and black red and brown is bat is pass used nine good oh hello it’s another totem okay can i I’m true I’m trying um I’ll be really reaching for it damn it god damn it stop going into that I’m trying okay so this is gonna really reveal a premonition hmm birdie birdie yeah thanks for the guidance so that said that those gonna be a little birdie by Josh I think the judges isn’t in the future is uncertain whether or not the prophecy comes true duh okay are one of you okay I already know that button that is so pretty where are they where are they that they get this view is that Everest does that say the past is beyond our control thanks thanks weird prophesizing sign here yep that’s Griffin it oh wait sanatorium at the top of the hill why would there be a sanatorium at the top of the hill I’m pretty sure that’s just an old word for a mental hospital not in the bag are you in pieces oh it’s some weird kind of telecommunication device the likes of which I’ve never seen nuts new.i Mouse noob mmm that was white those good haha okay hi methodical protective and humorous has a crush on Ashley wait am i Ashley okay I’m no I’m Sam I’m sorry are you my secretary was buzzing cool well thanks for letting me know I I can take it from here he had a text from Ashley he had a text from Ashley he’s gonna get some Ashley maybe Branagh cuz things you’re gonna go south so I found something kinda amazing how amazing I’m not gonna tell you you gotta see for yourself come on it’s this way okay right around here gonna blow your mind I don’t like that I don’t like the way you said mind mine should only have one syllable you put like 13 on that sumbitch some look good who’s wanted I saw that man oh yeah nice I think we’ll get a visit from America’s Most Wanted why would you want that why would you want that at all God the way you smile in the darkness is just a previous look at these beauties whatever you tease is not the word that comes to mind why is this even here what do you mean what the hell is a shooting range doing at the base of ski lodge ah dude have you ever met Josh’s dad yeah boy hey Grizzly Adams our son Oh point that I made my try uh no you go ahead all right get ready for the ace shadows y’all doors don’t mind if I do Who am I going to shoot first well a dab of ski oh I’m sorry used to call of duty’ controls I can’t believe it is oh I’m great Oh what am i shooting out here oh look how great I is I’m pretty terrible at these controls so it’s amazing that I’m hitting anything at all thanks dad don’t don’t do that don’t start that no no no no no no nah I don’t think so girl yeah girl like you’d know anything about this girl hey anybody in there brother could shoot a bottle that bag that close oh we’re talking about snow I ain’t shooting that no screw you I ain’t doing it no no no I know L by shooting it thanks I just got Zach just like deez nutz sharpshooter rides coming okay so I got some more luck come on Chris the cable car oh god I wonder who would choose to shoot the squirrel they’d be so sad how would that change the game that probably is like the biggest effect on the entire game ever in the history of anything all right let’s see well I’m gonna get up the cable car and then I’ll end this episode here god this games so cool definitely weird coming back up here after a whole year could you enunciate a little more a few more consonants and syllables here goes fast mmm that’s weird doors locked yeah Josh wanted us to keep it locked keep people out he said that what people I don’t know he said they found people sleeping in the station one time creepy relate murderers for you Oh real gentleman could you be any slower trying to do a thing here trying to get a game gone trying to think of incredibly clever commentary and it’s not working what else could I do the car was closer guess we got wait hotel ins hotel and sanatorium am i not sure what a sanatorium is least it set up house no matter how rich you are yeah on a mountain I can buy a mountain how do i buy man some people buy islands I want to buy a mountain and then sit at the top of it and yell at people but if someone makes it to the top then then I will grant them the gift of my immense knowledge maybe my supposed to be looking at something oh is that the cable car okay okay okay all right we’re fine anything out there can I mumble my way over this way in Norwegian Hitler fingers gonna be remember hey think there’s something over here whoo I’m all explored out better walking circles to mirror hellos Sam coming yeah well I was gonna stay here and catch some Z’s but okay I’m so sassy and clever it’s not just me right this game is so immensely heavy rain like full-on I hope I didn’t miss anything else I probably would have seen something if I had gone back to maybe the the security camera and I’ve seen something venture begins oh this was the right thing to do what you know get everyone together on the anniversary horse awards Josh seemed really pumped about us all doing something Denis yeah no he definitely did I haven’t seen him so excited about something in forever good good it’s hard to tell with him and I kind of reward no no it was it was a good idea if everyone else feels the same way bro good talk are they know what let’s just let’s just stop talking about what happened and enjoy the trip uh yeah you’re right you know how Josh and I met no can’t wait you gotta tell me Josh sat in the back of the room i sat in the front yeah we didn’t even know each other existed but the kid sitting next to Josh started strapped snapping the training bra on the girl in front of him so the teacher made him move to the front where I was saying hey I got moved to the back II and next to Josh that’s how we met hey friends to this day whoa Jeanie Simmons hit you really years early I decided to wear a low-cut shirt that showed off a training bra who knows you could be riding in this cable car alone oh yeah or we’re talking to some other person entirely – exact butterfly effect called it called it man this game sure likes the butterfly effect I really wonder how many choices really exists in this game I really hope it’s quite diverse because that would be really cool if everyone like makes different toys I’m gonna try to make different choices than what people would typically make and height confident trusting irreverent I got to remember what irreverent means boy oh boy oh boy hey Dana time to meet great oh you’re the new girlfriend that’s coming up on the anniversary of the sister’s death great time to mingle okay Jess hey Jessica over here uh are you guys having a really weird stroke we’re stuck in this stupid thing you please let us out pretty please okay baby okay all right over okay yeah oh my god I thought we were goners another ten minutes in there and I would have chewed off my own leg Chris look got a lot of meat on my bones this is all muscle down here Yeah right not up here though play twig up here but down there thunder thighs for days like Sam taught me other people’s private thoughts are my own personal playground do not be a jerk my goodness seems that someone has a little crush on our good friend and dear class president Michael Monroe Chris and what kind of sizzling erotica might our Jessica be capable of imagining I wonder I’m a knight now Mike and I’m split work together whoa yeah pretty clear-cut actually I’m Zhao time in huh huh amazing people having real relationships that’s not drama-filled to fuel the story wonder that hair looks really good too on the guy I’m just saying like the hair effect is really good also the nerves pretty go I’m just gonna wait here for a bed I’m all right here from Alabama hmm there’s my impression of this girl I mean you know whoever put them Sam oh did you see this view I mean holy cow yeah that’s not creepy at all stop take it all in this is what normal humans do when they’re talking about things cable car n huh Mike sex intelligent resourceful and persuasive but definitely not a reverend I don’t think it would’ve been Mike is pretty huh not Emily’s new boyfriend oh I’m so Moody and handsome mmm motivated ambitious inactive no and where’s the bellboy when you need one there he is right there all right so I’m gonna stop it right there hello dude how you doing looking good I’m gonna go over here so it’s a little less weird okay what in the hell does that do what does that do I don’t know what any of this is there’s a lot of words don’t lick your lips I see you in the background over there so thank you everybody so much for watching this is going to be a really really really interesting playthrough and we will see what happens when we get to these choices that we’re gonna make and how I fail at them all right cool thank you everybody so much for watching let me know what you think of this game in the comments down below let me know like if there’s any special choices that I need to make and I need to know about I need to know about them so thank you again and as always I will see you in the next video without a springing back for thunder

86 thoughts on “LET YOUR STORY BEGIN | Until Dawn – Part 1

  1. It took me 4 years to realize that Josh is Rami Malek, aka Mr. Robot and Freddie Mercury…

    Also, Peter Stormare is a Swedish national treasure, I'm disappointed in you 4-years-into-the-past-Mark

  2. I watched this when it came out and again every year after that (sometimes more than once a year) it feels like a tradition XD like papers pleas from Jack

  3. Watching these for the first time because "Man of Medan" really blows, which is sad because it has a fucking LOT of potential. So I figured, "Alrighty, let's see the game everyone says they did right."

    *I thought Sam's voice actress was also the voice of Gwen from "Total Drama Island." I was very wrong lol. Sam is Hayden Panettiere and Gwen is Megan Fahlenbock. Anybody else think they sound similar?

    *Mark: "I don't like the way you said that. You slapped like 13 syllables on that sunnabitch"
    Also Mark: "I need you to enunciate more. More consonants and syllables."

  4. Watching these for the first time because "Man of Medan" really blows, which is sad because it has a fucking LOT of potential. So I figured, "Alrighty, let's see the game everyone says they did right."

    *I thought Sam's voice actress was also the voice of Gwen from "Total Drama Island." I was very wrong lol. Sam is Hayden Panettiere and Gwen is Megan Fahlenbock. Anybody else think they sound similar?

    *Mark: "I don't like the way you said that. You slapped like 13 syllables on that sunnabitch"
    Also Mark: "I need you to enunciate more. More consonants and syllables."

  5. Oh boy! This plot is so much better, relatable and realistic than Man of Medan! I too make terrible, life altering decisions when I'm embarrassed. I also hang around assholes because they're my friends!!! None of this feels tropey at all!

  6. I think the fact that a couple characters like Josh and the Therapist guy have slight lisps really adds some realism and depth to the game. It's a stupid small detail, but I really like it.

  7. Imma do a little science talk because this is so cool but I’m young so don’t quote me on this. The butterfly effect is oddly similar to the chaos theory. This theory is about cause and effect, and effect, and effect…. aaaaaaaaand, effect. Like how the moons gravity effects tides which effects the pull on the oceans which effect where the fish go which effect the fish and how many is eaten which effects the tilt in a ecosystem which can’t effect a larger amount of small fish/other animals which can effect (in a river economy like Mesopotamia I guess) a surplus of fish which can cause a rush leaving no fish to generate and the natives (if this were a couple thou. a years ago) The amount of people working which can effect the pop. = dying. And therefore loosing a major trade then and could even go on to HUGE loss of development.

    Whoooo….. my fingers hurt. Well I hope you like my little rant about this effect I encourage you to find more about it it is SO cool. All memes aside tho I LOVE space it’s just so crazy how complex and beautiful yet simplistic and organized in a a overwhelming fashion. Well I’m probably should stop now I’ve written a whole book lol. Uh so good evening, or good morning, or, …goodnight (not coping Truman oops)

  8. Mark: looking at a mountain view "where are they?! Where are they that they get to see that view?!"

    Me: "idk" looks out window to see beautiful mountains, trees and the ocean "Canada?"

  9. Comment section of Man of Medan: “It’s such a down grade from Until Dawn! They released too early!”
    Me, a single second in this video: “Well, i can see why now”

  10. Yes, I'm here again while waiting for more Man of Medan. I think as of this comment we're up to part 5 or 6? Hopefully he'll play multiplayer with someone when he gets back.

  11. @23:22 "so white and yellow is good, black red brown is bad" wow didn't expect Mark to come out with this controversial social commentary

  12. Ohhh woow, here is another ‘who Else watched this after seeing man of medan’ comment. I hope you enjoyed this original comment and as always I will see you in the next video BYE BYE!!!!

  13. Until Dawn: Quality Horror Story with a few cliches but ya know its a given for the kind of genre. But they dont show the monster until its important
    Man of Medan: Clicheridden, literal dumb hollywood fiction and dialogue, monster isnt present but they give it to you right at the start in order to achieve a "What a twist" scenario when its revealed that there is no monster which everyone could either see from a mile away or wasnt even surprised anymore because THEY ALREADY SAW THE FRICKING MONSTER.

    If they would have taken out the Intro of Man of Medan and paced the entire Story better, it would have become such a good story. But alas, leave it up to the Anthologies to fuck everything up. Name me one Anthology that is good and well paced. You cant.

  14. Everyone likes to shit on Man of Medan but I actually liked the characters and story in Man of Medan More. So many characters in this were douchey, Flamethrower guy, Chris and Ashley were like the only ones I liked in this game. Everyone else is annoying. Don’t get me wrong, Until Dawn is a fantastic game, but Man of Medan doesn’t deserve the hate it gets just for not being like Until Dawn. Until Dawn was a longer game and had more time put into it than Man of Medan but it’s not like the worst game in the world.

  15. Dam a minute in and everything already looks better than man of medan. Mark right it did not live up to its potential. Hopefully later chapters will

  16. watching this in 2k19. also, i was wondering why Until Dawn popped in my head while watching the recent rendition of Bohemian; THAT'S FREDDIE MERCURY! lol hi mark

  17. Dude I love you, but I had to stop watching this because you are beyond distracting 😂 I like a bit of commentary with these types of games, but constant maniacal chatter, while it is entertaining, just ruins the atmosphere of the game… this is why I can’t watch any of jack septiceye’s let’s plays

  18. Mark! I'm from the future! Don't play a game created by the developers of this one, it will ruin your life and the universe will explode
    K bye

  19. Speaking of next Gen (I say 4 years later lol) I would love to see you do a play through of infamous second son. The gameplay is pretty fun and the karma options are a cool mechanic.

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