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  1. It feels so good to clear things and put them away. I did the opposite last night and pulled more clothes out to sell. Now I have a new pile in my spare bedroom but, like you, I'm motivated to get them gone soon. Having been away a bit lately and very busy with your work and projects you must not have had much time for keeping the whole house in order. Your office came back to mostly tidy pretty quickly though, and I agree with the tips you put up – do the quick and easy stuff first, stay focussed on the job at hand and don't get distracted, and if you don't use something and it's in the way, pass it on. And yes please! to the fashion/wardrobe video. I love your style and would enjoy seeing what you found on your travels.

  2. Part of the appeal of these kinds of videos is to SEE the clutter gradually decrease and the space clear as you work. Next time you might consider focusing the camera further aways so we can see you cleaning.

  3. Love your videos. Maybe next time we can have a better angle of what the mess actually looks like and how it slowly decreases as you go 😊

    It will give us, your audience a feel of accomplishment as we see and get to experience the clutter and the subsequent clean up and minimalistic look of the room.

    Canna, the difference I am speaking of is actively watching the pile get less vs. seeing still photos of the “mess”. Hope this doesn’t come off offensively, as I am just giving my personal opinion and constructive advice. 😘


  4. Now I want to set the timer and quickly tidy my home! Headlice 🤦🏻‍♀️ the real mom life, we had our first ever head lice in August, wow I cleaned like mad 😅

  5. I just subscribed to your channel because I was on a Chloe Morello binge… I'm very interested in what you're doing here… Can you direct me to the video you made wherein you tell how to start saving with very little income?… Long story short = I had a great job, apartment, no debt, etc… And was hit head on by an uninsured driver. I was almost fatally injured and it took a year for me to even be able to take care of myself again. I'm now physically disabled and am trying to get disability income. (I'm in the USA). I lost everything. Job, apartment, I now have some debt. Not alot because I had great medical insurance, car insurance and GAP insurance. I literally have nothing. Thank God for my family or I would be on the streets! Thank you..

  6. Hi Sugar Mamma!
    Hello from Dubbo NSW! I have only stumbled across you a few days ago and I love love love your video's. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your life with us. I have subscribed and will watch your fun videos regularly. As a single mummy with a 4 year old little gentleman, it's lovely to find someone similar and likeminded.
    Quick question, where did you purchase your desk?

  7. Oh Canna, I can relate!! I am a minimalist and love organization, but lately I don't know what has gotten into me! I have become messy and I haven't cared. I have slowly started caring again, but I haven't found the motivation to post things on ebay that I have been meaning to get rid of forever. Ugh. Anyway, loved your video!! Sending a high five from the other side of the world!! :):)

  8. Love your videos! 😍 I always feel inspired to become better when it comes to money and minalism when I watch them! Keep doing what your doing! 😘

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