Let’s Go! The Museum of Indian Culture

Museum of Indian Culture covers many
tribes and many people, especially the Lenape, the people who lived in this
region. I will start you off in the library. We have over 4,000 books, the
largest independent Native American library in the state of Pennsylvania.
This is our room based on the tools that Native Americans used in everyday
activities. Grinding corn, arrowhead spear points, knife blades, pottery to cook the
food in. This outfit here, it’s called regalia. The vest is beaded front and
back, six inch waistband with six inch side sashes, an apron in front and an
apron in back. Just those pieces alone put it on a scale weighs over a hundred
pounds. This is the plains war shirt. It’s made
from buckskin. The hair that you see on it is from horsehair, but this person was
walking through the woods and any other means of acquiring food, he can actually
eat it. The way this skin is tanned, eating the fringe is just like eating
jerky. The teepee outside our building is made
from canvas. The authentic teepee was made from buffalo skin. It took 15 to 20
Buffalo skins to make a teepee. Now I’m going to demonstrate the use of the
gravity held atlatl with a slightly longer dart. The atlatl was used for
hunting as well as for battle. It’s a handheld catapult which actually
increases the speed and velocity by which a dart or spear is used. May 12th is
our Indian artifact review. We will have individuals who specialize in collecting
the artifacts set up out back and they will review pieces that people bring in. The Museum of Indian Culture is an
organization that actually came together to pass on the knowledge that was passed
on by the grandfathers and villages.

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