Let’s Play – Battlefield 1 World War

#Jaunty music# Alright, what’s up everybody This is a sponsored let’s play from EA games And we are playing Battlefield One And yea we are playing against
all of the other Let’s Players Yeah. Every one Yeah. Every single one With some of them And you know what?
We’re gonna destroy them You got Lazerbeam trailing you God damn look at this lovely country side We got Cow Chop Ouh No! Hello everyone and welcome to the battlefield! Why am I upside-down? And we got Game Attack on our side Nooo. What the fuck are you doing? Oh my god! There is a plane falling out of the sky Let’s go check he’s dead Let’s go inspect the body Quick little. Quick little tea bag Rub that salt in Jack, we’re facing who? Funhaus? Funhaus, Kinda Funny, The Creatures
and unfortunately Noah J And Noah J who’s frightening Ryan I’m getting in with you Into the fucking air plane Toot, toot. You know what I’m saying? Big old tank Man, it’s called a land ship Let’s rock! Our Funhaus overlords that are making us fight Bada buh buh duh duh. We lose and they are going to screw us up Duh duh du du dum duh There he is there he is there he is Ok. Ok. Be sneaky Someone sabred me one a horse.
I got killed Noah J came riding in on a horse Of course he did Freakin’ Noah J That was brutal Somebody fix our tank from the inside Ryan in an enemy tank Yep I see him Oh, I’m in the back. I see now There you go How do you do that? I don’t know?
I think only you can Ryan It’s no good we’re gonna die boys I’m getting out Get out! Get out! Yeah! Let’s go baby!
Take that shit out Disabled Are we getting out?
Yes. Everybody out Noah J’s horse is so strong! It’s Noah J not his horse. Trust me Uh. There is a tank right here Who’s this over here, Trevor? This is my boy Trevor, I’m rolling in I got you covered boy Dude, you’re blocking my view you’re not covering me Uhh, somebody’s gonna fucking die
Melon balls I’m ready for Greg Miller to show up Guys when you repair the plane you get a dead stick
If you remember dead sticks? I just see Greg flying up in the sky Look at that fucking plane man. Is that our goal? Yea, just kill Kinda Funny Take down this plane in front of us Oh my gawd I’ll help you Jack, I’ll help you I got Mica and Trevor with me Mica there is a plane right in front of us Kick here out, kick her out
I’ll take the seat Mica look forward! For the love of Christ!
Arrggghhh! Oh shit
Uh oh shit Uh oh
Oh god Uh, you know what?
I’m going to grab a machine gun Stay here the entire battle. Woah!
Waaarrghg! Waarrghh! Damn it! They’re literally everywhere Oh god they’re all around E Go for Eeee! E’s in trouble guys
Oh my god! Oh this house is coming down! Uh ooh my gawd! Please camera man show them that highlight I can see ya boy Things aren’t looking good
We going to E? Dammit!
Yeah head towards E Fucking Lazerbeam!
That stupid son of a bitch! Urgh, I killed Tim Gettys Fuck Love that dude
Great person Yoo! Murdered him Wooooah! Ooooh!
I just killed Adam! Shit!
I dropped a plane on you guys Oh my God! What the hell Ok, here we go, here we go Just killin’ just keep killing them all Oh my goodness! Oh no Michael! There’s a sniper somewhere! Noah J shot us cold in the head Noah J’s just standing four feet away sniping everyone He’s just standing under a tree They’re behind us, they’re behind us! Uhh he got me Oh dude no there was so many I killed Noah j! I’m killing guys like a MoFo Yeah I know you’re doing a good job Oh he’s got me he’s got me good Oh my god I’m destroying
Take that Trevor Collins Take that man
That’s what you get I just destroyed their team Horse coming in on E! The way you win My name is Elyse
Take cover! Oh my gawsh! I don’t see We’re on two different squads Oh my gawsh!
I went through and I killed three people with a horse Craig’s dead that fucking tyrant He is? Yaaaay! Ok, I don’t want to be here any more
Got it There are so many dead people Are you going to heal me? No I’m an assault I tell’d you! Why couldn’t you be what I asked you to be? We all don’t get what we want Ryan Woooooo! Just ran over Jeremy with a horse
It felt so good! Jack, let me in that tank Come on, hop on in! Hop in, hop in! Hey, I gotta find the door
Where’s the door!? Oh shit!
There is a tank there Holy Jesus, God all might
Oh my god Shiiiiit! Dude, we’re winning Handsomely guys Keep me covered
We’re repairing No you need to keep me covered
You’re in a tank, I’m a body I thought you were in the tank? Right there, right there!
Shit, arrgh Get them! Oh it’s Nick!
I got him Oh great I’m getting tea-bagged by the freakin’ Australian They’re bombing D In the house, Ryan! Urrgh! I got out In the house, Ryan! I just melee’d Trevor Fuck! Yes! I’m in the house They are to!
I got shovelled Ooh! Uh
I tried to shovel him but I missed. Oh fuck!
Where the fuck are they at D? Oh dammit! Fuck you Spartacus! Nick I love you… but it’s time to gooooooooooooo! Yes! Yes!
Road kill! Tim, I’m behind you
Ok good When you get shot don’t kill me to Ok cool, I’ll be the… distraction I’m telling you it says my plane
controls are inverted but they’re not Like, I’m struggling I’m single handedly taking point A
‘cus no one is over here Uh fuck! God dammit! Jeremy Achievement Hunter dead Alright here we go Here we go Sometimes You just gotta do what you gotta
do, uh ok yup there it is! There’s one! Another Achievement Hunter member down Oh no no no No no no no Buhguhu, we got another one How mad do you think on a scale of
one to ten Funhaus is right now? How could they be? I mean how much control do they have over this war? It’s a whole war man Arrrrgh!
Oh no! Get him!
Stab him! There’s another guy!
Urgh There is only really one thing I can do And that’s accelerate directly into A… What the fuck? What the FUCK! WHAT THE FUUUUCK! Oh my God!
My tower is falling! Chaarrge! I’ve got to be good to ‘cus All my team mates suck complete arse at games So, I have to carry the team And as you know when Lazerbeam has to
carry the team you’re pretty much fucked I just died Come to B Coming to B! Huuuh! Ryan, are you here? The tanks got me pinned I killed Nick Scarpino Oh no he’s in the window! We’re losing C, we lost A, we need to take
some shit back, by the way WHHY! You guys please! Where are you? He went to A by himself. Why would you go to A? I’m getting it there is only one guy here No!
I shot you right in the fucking face! ImmortalHD has got me three time here Craig Skits in a tank That should be an easy kill Bluh
Oh, he just blew me up We’ve got a car coming in To where? To where? To B Awgh!
I found it! Oh I killed!
Oooh I’m bad ass! I hit someone with that fucking car There it is. There it is Alright, there’s one Here you go There’s two Alright, alright, alright! No, no, no, Jack please! There’s a horse
There’s a horse, he’s coming in! Dammit! The horse, I got him!
I got the horse boy! What! You can’t hit somebody with the sabre on the horse if they are prone Yeah Larry Let’s go Larry Larry. Larry, the tank…
Larry! Larry! Where you going Larry? Don’t leave me Go to E! He’s going to fucking take E now! Where are you going? We’re going to C man I’m gonna need a health pack!
They’re bombing us! Get down! Uuuh, shit
Charging up the hill towards C I’m dead We’re losing A Get Shifty Larry What’s he fucking doing?
Stab him! There. God. I put fucking, I don’t if we’re at the same person Get it Trevor you’re freaking me out where is he? I got him, I killed him, he’s dead Taking B as well Takin’ B! B’s looking good! Looking good here Minding B here We got it Urhg
You just moved my protection there Thanks Craig I was prone behind a car and then
the car just moved Guys we completed the attack order Let’s do another one Squad advance to D! To D! TO D! Oh no! Oh God they’re all at B My tank might be flying! I don’t know whats happening! I have a bad view Friendly behemoth Nice! Spawn on that, that’s really important Behemoth? Oh fuuuck! Here I cooome! Let’s show ’em the what for! Bu diddle um bu bu buh buuuhm buuhm What for Ryan?
You know what, I don’t know Uh, god Matt Oh, was that you?
I was looking for you Danger Roger’s over here Ok, watch that house over there I’m in a plane I’m gonna fuck this thing up
Don’t worry boys There’s a tank coming into E Oh yes there is Guys don’t look up Oh yup. Oh gawd! I got Zepped! BOOOOOM! Ohhh! I killed them all! I killed them all! Oh Larry’s on a horse looking so majestic Oh I got Mad Matt I’m getting gassed! Yeah, there’s some mustard gas it looks like Did someone re-spawn me into the gas? We’ve got some poo poo stinky gas Where the fuck do I get a zeppelin? #Wagner-Flight of the Valkyries# That’s garbage man You know how you deal with a zeppelin boys? You take here out
Dodge those fellas I’m coming for the zeppelin Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, peeew Revolution! Oh god! Oh god! Go for C, go for C!
It’s the last point They’re all over there probably though Oooh! Oh shit! Dude! I murdered somebody! What the fuuck! *Coughing fit*
Oh my god! Oh my god! Uuuuuuh! Who is piloting? Oh no We’re doing barrel rolls And all that business Oh no! What you doing? Go to E Or any other point They’re attacking my plane! I’m in someone’s house with my horse We should really try and take A back I can’t get out of the house We’re all on C right now Jeremy, I’m might be stuck Where are you?
I need to see this He’s over here in this house What’s happening? I’m just trying I jumped in, I’m just, she’s scared Hang on I’ll get you out She’s scared Hold still, hold still, ok? I feel like, it’s not Oh my god Jeremy What is going on? I made it, I’m out, I’m good Nice job, thanks! Wooah, just keep circling mate Just keep circling We’ll get her down Get down there’s a tank! Get down! Yo, get down! How do I? He knows we’re here. Get down! Alright we’re taking E There you go, thank you Lawrence It’s Nick. Michael fucking trampled him! Oh my god! Someone, I just got trampled by a horse Trampled him You ran over him I only have 12 health left
I’m going to be down soon It’s down Holy shit that fucking things exploded Oh it’s beautiful Wow! Oh my god it’s on top of me
It’s raining people Will it hurt me if it lands on me? This game is really fun Oh my god This is actually kinda awesome Matt I’m gonna res you, I think There is a tank right next to you I know Oh, they threw a grenade at us Chad, I’m riding with Chad Chad, come here I’m riding with you Squad I’ve sort of abandoned you, I apologise I think I killed one guy Alright I’m in a tank with Chad Oh I missed that guy
Let’s do it Oh get out!
Jack there’s a guy crawling, oh never mind he died Oh, just killed Jeremy at least Oh man Fuck shit up, fuck shit up Oh there we go I’m getting running over by a tank
but thankfully it was my own tank Keep fucking shit up here we go Come-on Lazerbeam for the win
Lazerbeam for the wiiiin F is also being taken Oh my god! Alright guys they gonna push from there A plane just like barrel rolled in front of me
Like cartwheeled across in front of me That was terrifying We only need, we only need 80 more points So we got this locked up Alright Jeremy I’m right behind you Well there is four on the flag Fuck Alright Matt do you wanna bomb? There’s guys all around me I’m protecting you He’s in the fucking tank, he’s in the fucking tank Get rid of that tank! He’s gone, I got him, I got him, I got him He’s dead, he’s gone Did you kill him though? Yeah God dammit dude
There’s no fucking tank That was the strongest tank I’ve ever seen in my life Back to E, back to E That just ruined my KD It’s going to make me look so shit Somebody revive me, guys
We have five of the points All we need is D, Jeremy I’m joining you in two seconds Oh my god! Argghhhh, hahaha My god Trevor there is so many That was fucking vicious Who’s in the god damn motorcycle? The horse just knocked me into a building and I’m getting shot to death in the building I’m going to distract them
Oh no I’m not How do I get off the horse, Kevin! Greg’s got a horse in the living room I’m alive, thank you Jack
I got him! I need to throw this grenade fast Oh my god what just happened This is what it’s like to win the war Kinda Funny just exploded I’m spawning at D
God dammit I guess our teams having a good time that’s important Hnaw haw haw Victory is getting close! I’m just gonna pose victoriously on this horse Holy SHIT! We got it, we got it Jack just gave Kinda Funny some more kills Ahh I got blown up Oh shit a chair just entered Yeaaah!
Victory! Wooooo! How is this possible?! We’ll give them the next one Oh man wow, wow, we got stomped Yeah! Victory! Yeeeeeeah! Huhyeah! Woo! So happy history didn’t repeat itself Ohhhw! Nice well good job everybody Wow Let’s stop #Triumphant music# So that was Battlefield That was the master cut of all of us
playing in one giant game together And if you want to see everyone’s view
from their own angles The links are in the description below So go check that out Check out Cow Chop, Larry’s wearing a Cow Chop shirt You can look at that And Lannan’s in there to
Lazerbeam, he’s a good dude Noah J Just don’t watch Funhaus’ No, fuck that #Jaunty music#

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