Let’s play patch 7.3 with a Dev

I’m here, joined by Morgan Day. Morgan,
you are the leading encounter designer – on World of Warcraft, is that correct?
– Yep, that’s true. So, you’re heading up the team
that built Seat of the Triumvirate Yes, we worked on this for patch 7.3 and we’re playing it here at gamescom. So we are gonna play it. We are
joined here by FatbossTV we’ve got Slew, we’ve got me and Morgan a.k.a. it’s a dream team,
assembled of the very best from World of Warcraft players. We’re having our hat off. So, yeah, we are both Retribution Paladins If any drops happen, and they are ret,
I do have priority so you just trade them to me,
and we’ll go from there. We’re gonna jump in, we’re
gonna clear some trash and we’re gonna talk about
this all-new dungeon. What is it? What’s happening?
What’s going on? So, this is the Seat of the Triumvirate. I want to make sure I switched to DPS. It’s fine, keep talking. This is the Seat of the Triumvirate.
We are here on Mac’aree. This is coming out with patch 7.3 and we’re in here checking out the
Incursion of the Shadowguard. – Here we go, we’re jumping straight in.
– Ok. So Morgan, what goes into designing
an encounter like this? So, this dungeon was challenging because
it’s such an open space, you know it’s a lot like Seat of Azshara, where, you
know there are tons of open fields and players are gonna try
to skirt through all the trash and figure out what they
can skip and what they can’t. There is a lot of challenges with that
on this dungeon that we found pretty fun ways to
guide people through it check out the different areas ’cause
it’s such a big space and some of them are really unique. We
wanted you to see all of it. So, the history of this place
This comes from… – This is where they ruled over the Eredar.
– Yeah. This is where Kil’jaeden,
Archimonde, Velen… Those three amigos ruled
the Eredar from here and Sargeras came one day
and offered them a deal basically join the Burning Legion
or die, to that effect. It’s kinda… You know, it’s hard to turn that down. Kil’jaeden and Archimonde said
“That’s sounds good to me” and Velen was like
“Nah, no thanks”. So he left on the Exodar which was basically the start
of the Burning Crusade that’s how we found the
Draenei race on the Alliance. Obviously, some of the
best pilots on the Alliance. – Yeah, they are really good.
– They’re great. They’ve never crashed once. – Very rarely did they crash.
– So, on a scale of, kind of… 1 to Mythic Archimonde,
or Mythic Kil’jaeden even you know, or any of the Mythics how hard is this dungeon? Hopefully it’s in line
with the rest of them. I’m killing our group, so it’s
pretty hard apparently. Hopefully it’s in line with the
rest of dungeons, you know. You are gonna be able
to do this on Mythic+ similar to, you know, the
Cathedral of the Eternal Night and all that, so we’re gonna try aim for
that to be in line with the other ones. Hopefully not as hard as Cathedral,
when it was released. Hopefully not the same nerfing that
was required on that one, but You know, it should be competitive
with the other ones. – Who is on them?
– Me. – Oh you. You have to get us out of here.
– Exactly. I’m gonna get us past guys. – You have to get us out of here.
– We are doing well. Are you ready to pop off
all your cooldowns guys? – Wings is up. Popping the wings…
– Once we cap… Here we go. Let’s do it. The stun is ending. So now he’s taking a lot of bonus. – 200% bonus damage.
– 200%! Infact he’s just melting.
He’s melting. He’s dead. So Morgan, one of the big pledges
going into Legion was gonna be – a more regular cadence with the updates.
– Yeah, absolutely. I think you guys have done really well
so far to keep up with that. Thank you. How’s the development
going at the moment? What are we looking at for
the future of World of Warcraft? Yes, so, with patch 7.3 it’s
really part of like you said our promise to the players to keep writing a more consistent, enjoyable
content to come out you know, this is the second/third
dungeon that we patched into Legion, we’ve got a few
new areas to explore with Argus and I think overall we are really
pleased with the people’s perception it’s been really positive
from the community we’ve heard a lot of great feedback,
so I think we are really happy with the content that has been coming out and that new philosophy
that we’ve been applying. Also it’s always fun too, like where our new toys, as I like to call them come from, you know… With patch 7.2 we added PvP brawls and it was called “Arathi Blizzard” or
“Blizzard Basin”, I don’t remember but it was really really snowy
and you couldn’t see very far. You know, when we saw that
put to use in the battleground it wasn’t long before one
of our designers said “Mmm, can we use that?” Let’s get Illidan to guide the way. In a boss fight, which is where the the origins of the other Illidan
phases on Kil’jaeden came from. We’ve got the new toy and
we had to put it to use. Now I’m going into what
we all know is the best loot – the final boss.
– The final boss, yes. So, I’m looking forward to this. Now, on this I’m gonna try to soak as many of these kind of
shadow void bolts as possible because if I don’t, we wipe, I think. Alright, I wish you luck. I’m gonna be over there DPSing
the boss, you can do that. OK, that’s cool, I’m all about
being a team player. Yes. How did a being of the Light
become a creature of Shadow?

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