Levity & Sorrow! – Fate Grand Opinions | Gamerturk FGO Babylonia Episodes 2, 3, 4 Review

Welcome back to the show that you probably
didn’t know existed because my first video on it got a copyright strike by Sony Music
Entertainment Japan! It’s still not back up, but that doesn’t mean
I cannot continue with the series! And since I’m a little behind schedule, this
video will be covering a bundle of Episodes! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and this
is Fate Grand Opinions, featuring Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episodes 2-4 of Fate
Grand Order! Now if you are curious about my coverage of
the first episode, it is available on my facebook page as a backup, until it is restored here
on Youtube sometime this week hopefully, but already took enough of a break from this series,
being scared of Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s blatant and constant DMCA abuse, that I do
need to continue covering a series I am enjoying so so much. Just like my Explained series, timestamps
to individual points will be in the description as well as the pinned comment so you can skip
to certain sections of the video if something interests you more, but keep in mind Fate
Grand Opinions, as stated in the title, this is not Explained, I won’t share in depth knowledge,
Fate series is just too big of a rabbit hole for me, so this is more of a review of individual
episodes, what I loved when watching, what stood in my mind, and this doesn’t happen
often in FGO because it’s so wonderful, but I’ll also share what I don’t enjoy, if there
is anything to mention on that aspect. But I want to start with this. With its Episode 0 and Episode 1, as well
as the episodes I am covering today, 2-4, have set up such a bar that I am entering
each episode thinking “Wow, the last episode was so great, I wonder how can they top it
off this week?” and they do manage to top it off each week without a fault. That’s a stark contrast to the bar set by
Alicization anime that I go into with the mindset “I hope they don’t create more plotholes
by adding anime original scenes again”, which… Ugh, not surprisingly, Ono’s leadership manages
to top it off almost every single week as well… But yeah, this is about Fate Grand Order,
so let’s leave Alicization to the side, so lets head back to our focus. Naturally, 3 episode bundle, I will skip a
lot of stuff but ahhhhhh, when Enkidu was talking about the Demonic Front, did you see
the Leonidas Cameo, ehhhhhh? Yeah, very observant I am! The CGI aside, I just love how dynamic each
scene is. A big part of why I love FGO are the characters
themselves, but goddamn, the animation just draws me in, even in the most mundane scene,
just look at this shot, all the way from the front all the way to Fujimaru and Co. They do it a bunch of times throughout the
entire series, but it never gets old. I just love it when things are constantly
moving during exposition heavy scenes, I honestly much rather prefer when Im provided some creative
shot that highlights the scale of everything, instead of 4 people just talking for 10 minutes
in shot reverse shot. Like, no matter how much I don’t want to draw
comparisons, in Alicization, they have constant still shots over exposition and show a nice
background picture for a dozen seconds, then 50 seconds shot-reverse shot, rinse and repeat. Here, they are talking about the battle and
actually showcase the battle, and how small these individual characters are in comparison. And then Merlin and Ana join up to face Enkidu
and brings me to my next point. No, it is not about the glorious combat yet. It’s the personality of individual characters. These are legendary characters from history
and mythology, and that speaks volumes to their presence in our reality. And Fate Grand Order or Fate in general, always
does an incredible job at making sure these larger than life figures dominates the entire
scenes completely, somehow without overshadowing other figures. They always blend in perfectly. You can feel Merlin is plotting something
that will result in a major issue, you can feel Enkidu is uneasy but still trying to
instill calmness and confidence in Fushimaru and Mashu to hopefully not slip them up from
his grasp and even what people may call a comic relief side character, which it isn’t
in my opinion, Fou has a commanding presense due to its past with Merlin, that I’m not
gonna go into because this is not an Explained video. A similar example would be Sinon vs Gabriel
fight in Alicization War of Underworld Episode 3 this week, where Sinon’s horror and Gabe’s
focus dominates their short fight scene. SAO characters are just as charming as Fate
characters but sadly, the anime rarely focuses on their characters just as much in general,
while Fate completely banks on it and commits to it 100% of the time and that’s what makes
it so great. And let’s be real, we have only met half the
feisty personalities right now. Ishtar didn’t get proper deban, Eresh is nowhere
to be seen, Quetzal has yet to arrive etc, so I genuinely feel giddy inside, knowing
how much more exciting things are gonna get in the future! Glossing over the fight scene because every
single fight scene in Fate is such a spectacle, even the shitpost ones like the Jaguarman
stuff in Episode 4, so I would be beating a… Well, not a dead horse, with all that praise,
it’s more of a holy horse, with Merlin’s trick, they manage to get out, but a lovely detail
is that the anime even makes it clear when Merlin sets up his trick at the very beginning,
I love those kinds of details. You will catch on to it if you are watching
arefully from the get to, if you are familiar with the characters of Fate. It’s not “being predictable” per se, since
you have no clue what Merlin initiates when he uses his staff, but knowing Merlin, you
full well know he has a trick up his sleeve when he pushes Ana into the fight. But the scene right after wins the episode
for me. How grandiose of an introduction Merlin has
planned for himself to taint the views o Fujimaru and Mashu, how kind Mashu is to instantly
thank him per his statement and then how Fou cuts off Fujimaru to attack Merlin and FGO
just doesn’t shy away from making everyone look as expressive as possible, I just love
this screenshot right here, tells you everything you need to know about the scene. For those who have not realized, Fou does
have a past with Merlin, yes. But that is an entirely different story that
I do not have a full grasp on either, but I don’t think not knowing the exact details,
harms the story in any way, since it is not a relevant plot point for Babylonia. I also love Chaldea scenes, just look at Da
Vinci gradually losing it as Merlin keeps speaking being an amazing Caster and all. Moving onto Episode 3, the fight against Gilgamesh. And while I love all of these fights, I just
always get a chuckle when we reach those points that are obviously there for the sake of Gameplay
and don’t translate as well into an actual narrative for an animated medium. Obviously, the fight against Gilgamesh is
here, so you can have a nice early Chapter boss in the game. For the King of Kings, there are better ways
to learn about your guests. And things then get even funnier, when Ishtar
arrives with the typical Fate fashion of “Im gonna kill yo- Oh wait, I just realized something,
Imma head off now”. But goddamn, all of the fights are so great
that makes me want to not even complain about a single thing! But yeah, not much else to say about Episode
3 otherwise, It was a very nice, calm episode in general to get to know more about the characters
and our side servants that are involved in the story. Some very cute moments, the animation is never
stale during dialogue scenes either that I keep repeating every single time. Gorgon is looking a whole lot more threathening
than her Servant Image back in FGO, so that’s very nice. But Episode 4, is where we start getting hints
of the bigger picture. It starts off with a flashback of the London
Singularity, the fall of various servants including Mordred, during the speech of the
King of Mages, Solomon. It really reminds you that FGO has a much
grander scale, than the single history defining event we are living in Babylonia. And it’s also the moment we start focusing
more on Fujimaru Ritsuka and Mashu which I absolutely love. Remember, they have been through 6 different
Singularities at this point, all as epic and troublesome as this one, although the exact
trouble and the rough nature of Babylonia has not yet surfaced. They have been through a lot of shit. I don’t want to say it is easy for Mashu just
because she is a servant and puts her ultimate trust into Fujimaru, she does have it rough
as well, living through 6 different hells, but Fujimaru is the one who is mainly shouldering
all the pain as the active responsible person for all the decisions that were made. And despite Babylonia Anime being an isolated
adventure, how the characters have been shaped coming into this, is not irrelevant either
and Babylonia Anime I feel like is doing an amazing job portraying the weight of all the
decisions we didn’t get to see, or some people even don’t know about. And once again, I will go back to the animation. It is so expressive. I know I bring it up a lot, but if you followed
me in the past 2 years with Alternative GGO and then Alicization Explained, you know I
re-iterate things that are really important. How expressive these characters are with their
emotions, the more impactful those emotions are. I can’t exactly nail it what it is they are
doing right, but the emotions of the characters are always on display, their body language,
the way they move, their eyes, it is much more expressive than any other anime. And probably Mashu’s hair, they make sure
her hair is always moving naturally rather than remaining static.. It’s probably that… But jokes aside, Fujimaru’s pain and Mashu’s
hope and trust constantly balancing each other out is just beautiful to watch, whether it
is the beginning of the episode where Mashu manages to ease Ritsuka’s worries, or at the
end of the Episode where it all comes back to him again. And that’s what makes FGO so special for me. Whether it is actual comedic bits, or happy
moments, sad moments, painful moments, they all give me a warm smile, to keep rooting
for these characters. It’s very much similar to how I feel for SAO
when I read the Light Novels, it’s why I am very much critical of the Anime. These genuine moments of the characters are
what makes stories so great and personal. And FGO manages to carry the entire weight
of these moments into animation without holding back. And that is also exactly why the entire Shitpost
tier servant’s scene still packs just as much of a punch in the gut at the end. Jaguarman, that may look awfully similar to
a certain Fujimura Taiga from the Fate Stay Night series, Im sure there is a huge mindblowing
link here and there like all the Ishtar/Eresh/Rin stuff that Im not gonna go into. A Shitpost to its core, Jaguarman, probably
has the biggest emotional impact so far in Babylonia for Fujimaru solely due to because
all the people that he has to abandon for the time being and that is just massive in
my opinion. Yeah, Fate Grand Order has amazing fights,
but at the end of the day, you remember the personal impact a series has on you, not how
elaborate of a fight scene it had. And with Fujimaru Ritsuka and Mash Kyrielight’s
journey, among many other servants that are at the core or the sidelines of the series,
FGO just has that. A personal impact, a personal link to an otherworldly
and mystical story that seems to far away otherwise. And that keeps me excited for the next episode
every single week. But that brings me to the end of my Episode
2-4 coverage of Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia! Im sorry for not being more in depth, since
I had to bundle 3 episodes to catch up and sorry for the past 2 weeks but that Copyright
Strike, along with University stuff had been giving me a major headache. But with this, it sure seems like every single
schedule on my channel seems to have gone back on track, so I can’t wait for the next
surprise life will throw my way to ensure I can’t stick to a schedule I have just successfully
caught up to in the next 2-3 days! If you are wondering where my Episode 1 coverage
is, as mentioned, its very likely it will be reinstated on my channel in the next 2-3
days, but until then, it is available on my Facebook page, so until then, you can access
it there. Weekly Alicization Q&A will arrive next, before
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