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hi I’m Tati and this is the library 411 tag so I was not tagged to do this tag however it is library related and I
really wanted to do it this tag was created by Joshanna C and I’ll leave her
original video linked in the description so let’s get right into it information
desk a book that was helpful to you for any reason for this one I’m going to go
with fizz boom bath by Isabelle and Caroline Burcaw because I love making
bath bombs and this book was actually really helpful in figuring out new ways
to do that the return bin two books that you read and immediately
wanted to return or the last book you dnf’d the last book I dnf’d
was actually belle takes flight hold section your most anticipated release
that you can’t wait to get your hands on now I technically already have my hands
on this but I’m going with it anyway and that is again but better by christine
riccio community classes and study rooms a book you read for school that you
ended up enjoying I don’t really remember many of the books I had to read
for school like I can remember some of them but I don’t remember enjoying them
specifically however I do remember having to read Romeo and Juliet which I
was really excited for and I did end up enjoying computers a modern classic or
favorite sci-fi I really love sci-fi actually young adult sci-fi at least so
it’s hard to choose just one but for this tag I think I’m going to go with
a recent one that I really loved and that was other earth by Jason Segel and
Kirsten Miller DVD rental your most anticipated or favorite in recent
history book to movie or book to TV adaptation there are so many good ones I
could go with for this one too but I think I’m going to go with five feet
apart though I’m not sure if this would count as a book to movie adaptation or a
movie to book adaptation library book store a random book you picked up and
really enjoyed for me this one is the lifeboat clique by Kathy Parks teen slash
youth room favorite ya or favorite book you read as a kid I’m
not going into my favorite young adult book because I basically only read young
adult and that’s like trying to pick my one favorite book and that’s not
happening at least in this video because that would take me forever instead
I’m going to go with a book I really loved as a kid and that was the
mysterious Benedict society I loved this book so much that I tried to force my
younger siblings to read it which did not go very well and I never finished
the series anyway so museum tickets a book that made you feel a bit more
cultured this is kind of a hard one for me I don’t know if I’ve read any books
that made me feel more cultured per se maybe 13 little blue envelopes by Maureen
Johnson just because this was one of the first books I read that had to do with
travel overdrive / hoopla an audiobook you loved an audiobook that I recently
listened to and loved was actually the special edition of The Hunger Games
which was read by Tatiana maslany request a purchase a lesser-known book
that you want more people to know about and read for this one I’m going to go
with the whole thing together by anne brashers librarians a character who
loves helping others for this one the first character that came to mind for me
was Liam Stewart from the darkest minds sanctuary a book that is your safety net
/helped you through a rough time for this one I have to go with fangirl
by Rainbow Rowell which is like my ultimate comfort read and that was the
library 411 tag I’m not going to tag anyone to do this tag because it is
a pretty long one however if you’re watching this and you want to do it
please consider yourself tagged let me know a lesser-known book you want more
people to read in the comments maybe I’ll pick it up if you liked this video
please give it a like I have new videos every Tuesday and Friday and for the
rest of this month however much of it is left
they are library related so subscribe if you’d like to see more thanks for
watching bye let’s do this really super super long tag I’m trying
to go through these pretty quickly because there’s a lot of questions on
this tag and also I’m trying to get through them all without messing them up
like each question to help myself in editing just as a kind of experiment but
it’s kind of killing me right now it’s so hard to do let’s not count them
because there’s so many I’m definitely gonna lose count
the retoon, retoon the return bin the return bin I want to say it all in one
go in audiobook you love um an…an audiobook I oh gosh it was so close to being
good start over I’m not leaving that part in there
no way dang it so close for this was Liam Stewart from the darkest minds 🤦‍♀️ why
did I pick up the Hunger Games Oh are you kidding me for this one the first
character that came to mind for me was Liam library *sigh*
cut out so cause it’s not supposed to be there let’s just
start over if these hit the floor I will definitely cry okay bye

2 thoughts on “Library 411 Tag

  1. Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray is a sci-fi book that I think is super underhyped! I need to continue the series actually

  2. yes i love romeo and juliet!
    ooooh a lesser known book id want more people tp read is Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf! Its my favorite YA fantasy book!
    great tag!!

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