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hey guys in my last video i said that i was going to toronto to meet some people and it was fantastic ended up with ariel so Sheila Gina rakita and Jess and of course we went shopping for books my 24 bookstores in one day so that was pretty awesome I’m going to actually link right here to just this video because after I saw that I was like yeah that’s exactly how I thought about it as well which is like meeting the people behind it and knowing them like more than just books but also books it’s really great to like sit down and talk to these people and it’s not through the computer as much as I love you tube and the fact that this can exist it’s just I don’t know it’s just something about meeting people in real life adds to the magic I’m also going to link it to sue Sheila’s document your life video at the end of that you’ll see us shopping I tried to blog it but thank God I got all the way to Toronto and then I got distracted with meeting people and a lot two books about card turner kiss Ariel said that she really liked it ends up a bridge and then love bridge and i bought peter pan because it’s so beautiful right it’s beautiful alter the one to say thank you to everyone that sent positive messages to my daughter here she’s doing so much better oh like a lot less stress on me and now unto my September TBR which I feel like my choices for this month are really reflective of the fact that i added a new job sarod a new job at the beginning of September and so far i have worked every day yeah including today and tomorrow but next weekend i have off it’s gonna be glorious I’ve actually got a lot of rain done like a lot more than what I was expecting to UM but you’ll see you’ll see what I did there but first before we get to any of the books I just have to mention this for again Downton Abbey um whoa yeah as a whole I feel like it took my love for wrote Avonlea and my love of heady King it was like my all-time favorite of TV character it’s just that hilarity but also a well-rounded character and just played like the actress Jackie Burroughs just did such a wonderful job of playing her like they took road to avonlea and everything I loved about it but then made it with today’s standards because nowadays we expect a little more drama than what we did you know back in the day with Road Emily it’s one of those things that I started it like I started watching it after my night time shifts so I’ve come home and like just be tired and I put like an episode on and I instantly regretted the fact that I wasn’t watching it with anybody else because the whole episodes it’s like all I wanted to talk about it so the first book that I read this month was the giver last month Susheela retreat saying that you guys know I love him Jeff Bridges yes and Meryl Streep is going to be in the movie adaptations of it guys the only one that can match my level of love for jeff bridges is Meryl Streep and they are gonna be in the same movie so I don’t know if I can handle that but also i just read it and i really liked the book takes place in a utopian world where everything is the same and perfect and no one has to experience anything bad it follows Jonas who he has reached the age where they tell you what your job is going to be and he’s gonna be the new receiver from that he discovers well the world ain’t perfect uh-huh it’s look fast and enjoyable which is great especially we need to have like a lot of time to eat but i will say that that ending was disappointing um you know what was with that in everett volume 11 in the walking dead witch who things are getting dark now this whole time thanks for it sort of gradually getting darker and darker and that’s like dark times are here and and they enjoy it if you like at this point every time I mentioned the walking dead I’m just like yep still reading it yep still enjoying it if I say anything about the story it’s just pure spoilers so i don’t know i don’t want to be spoiler grouper and i write volumes at four or five and six and death note whoo yeah grab me three this month was a really good idea that I had it deserved happened that way actually because I had them on hold somethin three came in and it was perfect plans are unfolding things are getting crazy it’s so good cuz there’s like this story going on but then like things will happen and it’s like oh yeah side now did an earlier volume I sort of hinted I was going to be doing that I did it I’m currently reading the final volume in sweet tooth about halfway through and i’ll definitely be finishing this while this video is uploading so far of course i love it it has know how much i love jeff lemire i just think that he is so freaking talented it makes me puke and for those who don’t know it sweet tooth is this series that is in a post-apocalyptic world where plague went through and killed pretty much everyone and the only ones that are actually immune to the plague are these hybrids of animals in humans so like sweet tooth is a dear and human as a whole this series I feel like even if it has a bad ending I’m still going to give it a 5 out of 5 i’m just progressively making my way through jeff lemierre’s work so far loved everything i just i think i just love him in general yeah Jeff Lemire the most already in The Hobbit I don’t think I’m going to be finishing this month I was really hoping to but I also wasn’t expecting to work seven days a week so hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to like sit down and read more because I absolutely love it I just haven’t had time to sit down and read it I also picked up the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian which of her really good things about it’s been on my TV after a while also something that i started this month and by this month i mean like three days ago I signed up with audible com so I have the app on my phone and I’m currently listening to ready player one read by well beaten which is a reread for me I’ve already read the book and I just absolutely loved it and I had been wanting to listen to the audio book because of wil wheaton so i’ve been trying to get in to audio books a little bit more and especially because i spent a lot of time like on the bus or walking to work and that’s what I’ve been listening to this which I’m sort of surprised by how much I liked doing that because in the past the audio books I’ve listened to run CDs and i just i’m way too lazy to take the cds but the moment computer and then from there put them on my phone yeah and at the library the little mp3 players with audio books are always on crazy holds see i decided to try this out we’ll see how it goes if anyone has experienced audible com let me know how you feel about it um so far I like it but as i said i have only had for three days I’m about halfway through right now I should really enjoy reliving the world i love that world that is my book that like if i was able to go into a book it would be ready player one and will we not doing a really good job at narrating it which obviously but it is voices and stuff friend different characters so it’s everything it for this month as you can see not really anything that is time commitment miss fish guard dog mmm

27 thoughts on “Library Book Haul / September TBR

  1. Your dog is adorable! I still have yet to watch Downtown Abbey. I need to get on that.
    Also READY PLAYER ONE IS THE BEST! I need to reread it soon or maybe I should just get the audio book. πŸ˜€

  2. that peter pan book is gorgeous and I want it. i have always loved the story of peter pan but I'm afraid to read the book since it's old and I don't want to not like it πŸ˜›

  3. I am the biggest Downton Abbey fan ever. The fourth season just started showing in the UK and I'm hooked.

    Happy reading!

  4. I've been trying to get that audiobook, but for some reason doesn't have it. πŸ™ I started using audible a few month ago and I like their membership option, because mostly audiobooks cost 30-40€ but as a member I only pay 10€ no matter how many and which. That helps. As you probably know I listen to them while running on my iPod, and that is so convenient!

  5. I read The Giver and felt the same way, but then I read the three companion novels, and all the stories come together beautifully and the ending of the Giver will not seem so odd. I want to read Sweet Tooth! Ready Player One is a great audio, and Will is amazing! I think I'm going to try

  6. There are a couple of more books in the same "series" or at least related novels after The Giver. Not sure if it expands on the ending, though. I've enjoyed teaching The Giver over the year and picking it apart! πŸ™‚

  7. First off, yesss to all of the things you said about meeting everyone!
    I keep hearing amazing things about Jeff Lemire! Have you read Essex County? I'm guessing you have. I'm thinking of starting there, but Sweet Tooth sounds cooool too.
    I just started using Audible too! I'm listening to The End of the Affair read by Colin Firth. Sigh. I love him. As I walk to work too, I listen to that or to podcasts. Literary Disco, Bookrageous, and Book Riot are my favourites!

  8. You guys must have had so much fun!

    That is a beautiful copy of Peter Pan. Awww cutest puppy face too! I'm Josephine is feeling better.

    I ordered that audiobook from the library too, even though I read it already I really wanted to hear Will Wheaton too haha! It's such a great story, so well done. I want to go there again.

  9. Definitely watch Downton Abbey! But be warned, once you start, you're addicted. There's no choice in the matter πŸ™‚

  10. Yes! I have the same thing. I love the Disney version so much, I worry it's different in a bad way. But I've discussed it with myself and I think I'm ready to try it haha

  11. You get unlimited audiobooks for 10euro?! I wish the .com had that. For us it's 14.95$/month for one free book a month plus 30% off regular titles. It's still cheaper than buying audiobooks, but I like the idea of unlimited better πŸ˜› haha

  12. oops, I meant 10€ per book. So one with the sub and if I want more they are only 10€ instead of the full prize…but I hardly manage to listen to my one a month πŸ™‚

  13. Essex County was my first Jeff Lemire experience (I thank Canada Reads and Sara Quin for that one :)). Essex County has emotions and doesn't rush through scenes. Sweet Tooth has those moments too, but also gore πŸ™‚ Both are genius! Essex County is a great starting point for Jeff's work though

    Colin Firth?! Perfect, that's all I needed to know to add that book to my list haha
    It's like you read my mind! I wanted to start listening to podcasts and was going to ask you your faves. Thank you!

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