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Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. Today is going to be a little bit of a catch-up, life update
type of video. I am not leaving booktube just to start off like that. Because I
feel like every time people see like life update everyone’s like oh you’re
gonna leave now. And I’m not. But I have been working on a bunch of different
things and I wanted to tell you guys about them. I tweet about them when I
can but I know not everyone’s like on Twitter and I also post about them on
Instagram. So if you care a whole lot about various projects that I’m doing,
then, you know, Twitter and Instagram are always a good place to hear about those
things. So there are three main things I want to talk to you guys about. But I can
only talk to you guys about them in like various degrees. Well one of the projects
I really can’t talk about at all but I’m gonna tease something. One of the
projects I can talk about it a little bit more but there are some details that
I can’t talk about yet. And another project that I can talk about fully cause
it’s out in the world in public. And so I’m gonna go in the order of the thing I
can talk the most about to the thing I could talk the least about. So I don’t do
a good job of like talking about various things that I do. So there might be
people watching my channel who don’t realize that I work for book riot,
not full-time but part time. I’m a contributor there. I’m basically a
freelancer for them. And so one of the things I do is that I make videos for
their YouTube channel. I make two videos a week. So I’m gonna link that up in the
cards in case you weren’t aware that book riot had a channel. If you have no
idea what book riot is, it’s a website where there are just a bunch of
different contributors who help provide content. We make videos as well as like
put up like blog post-y type of things. And we also have like a bunch of podcast.
And so I also co-host our mystery and thriller podcast for book riot which is
called read or dead. You may have heard me reference it like in passing while
talking about some of the books that I’ve read because as I’m doing wrap ups
and I read stuff for read or dead I sometimes mention it. And so there are
links for both the YouTube channel and I think there’s a link in the description
for my podcast. I actually should probably double check that because I’m
not 100% sure if I ever did that. I’m just gonna make it a point that like
when I’m putting up this video I’m gonna make sure there’s a link to that podcast
in the description. So yes, if you haven’t checked those out already, please do.
Those are not one of the three things I wanted to talk about in this video.
So that sort of like bonus content for you. So the first thing
that I wanted to tell you about is TBR, which is a new project that book riot
has launched. It’s basically stitch fix for books. So the way it works is that
you sign up, you fill out a survey and you tell your bibliologist, which is the phrase
we’re using to describe the people who recommend the books, about your reading
tastes, what you’ve been enjoying recently, what you haven’t been enjoying
recently, and what you want to read next. You tell us what genres you like and
whether or not you want to read something similar or if you want to read
something completely different, if you want to expand your horizons and try
something completely brand new. You tell us those things and then you get assigned
a bibliologist. And then depending on which tier you get, you either get
three hardcover books sent to your doorstep, which are the
three recommendations, or you get like a digital PDF download with the three
recommendations of the letter that we write. So I am one of the bibliologists
for TBR and it’s been so much fun. We did a soft launch with book riot insiders,
which is like a paid insider obviously program where you get extra perks and
various resources and things like that. Book riot insiders got an early sneak
peek of that I think in August, I want to say. And then we’ve been doing sort of
like a slow rollout. So you may have seen me post about it on Instagram or if you
follow other people at book riot you know we post about it on like
Twitter and Instagram. And we’ve been slowly like integrating it and
announcing it in like our podcasts and our newsletters and stuff like that. We
didn’t want to like overload the system or overload ourselves with customers. So
we have been doing it in small batches. So if you are interested in TBR, which
you know don’t feel like you have to be, and also I’m not being paid to say this,
and also I don’t get any sort of kickback if you do like click the link
in the description. But if you are interested, there’s a link in the
description. You can find out more about it. I honestly don’t remember off the top
of my head what the price range is. And the only other thing is that if you live
internationally you can only get the recommendations only level. You can’t get
the hardback level because of like shipping and international shipping
costs and things like that. But if you live in the United States, you get three
hardcover books. One of the things that I think is really cool is that we ask for
your like Goodreads account if you are willing to give it because
then we can sort of look at your profile and see what you’ve been reading
recently besides the things that you have told us. And we can also make sure
that we’re not giving you something that you’ve already heard of. So it’s been
like a really fun challenge and job to try to find these good fits for all of
these different people who are looking for very specific things. So yeah, if you
are looking for a book service that is slightly more tailored to your own
personal book taste and wants then I think TBR might be of interest to some
of you guys. One of the things also that I like about it is that it’s once a
quarter, it’s not once a month. But when it’s time for you to basically get your
next quarter’s box, you get to rate and review all of the books that you read. So your
bibliogist knows whether or not they did a good job. You also give feedback to your bibliogist, as well. So like you
read and rate their books and you can also like rate the recommendations in
general or how you felt that they did. And then you also get to say what you
want in your next box. So it’s not that you’re stuck to only getting specific
books all the time. You refill out the survey about what you’re in the mood for
this time. So yeah, I think it’s a really cool service. But again if you are
looking for a more tailored book recommendation service, then I think
you might like it. Alright, second thing is also a book riot
thing. There is this podcast that book riot has called recommended. You may
have heard of it. It’s a podcast where there are two people on every episode
who basically recommend a book. I’m going to link to it down in the description so
you can check it out on the website or you can download it wherever you
download your podcasts. So yeah there have been a bunch of different people
who have been on recommended. Andy weir has been on recommended, James McBride,
Walter Mosley. And it always follows the same format where the person who’s being
interviewed just talks about the book that they would like to recommend to
other people. They tell us what it’s about and why they love it so much and
things like that and their experiences reading it and whatnot. I have always
loved this show, like since it came out, because I enjoy listening to people talk
about books that they love. It’s one of the many reasons why I’m on a booktube.
Hearing people talk about books that they love always is more enjoyable than
listening to people talk about books that they don’t enjoy. And I don’t mean
that in a way of like bashing people who do like negative reviews or anything
like that. Like I see value in it but just like personally,
I enjoy watching people be effusive about books more than anything else. With
the podcast recommended, it’s really fun, one, seeing who’s on the show, two, seeing
what books that they read, and, three, listening to them I talk about the books.
So the fun exciting announcement is that I got to produce one of the episodes. Now
I can’t give a whole lot of details because one of the things about
recommended is that it’s always a surprise who’s going to be in every
episode. So I can’t say who I talked to. But I think that it’s a good combination
of people. They’re very different from each other and they also recommended
very different books from each other. But they were both really, really fun to talk
to. Yeah I had a really good time. My episode doesn’t drop until October. I
think I’m episode 7 and I think that the show this season is currently on
episode 3 or 4 of the season. So yes, I just wanted to put that podcast on your
radar and to let you know that I got to produce one of the episodes, which
basically means it was my job to find people to interview and then to
interview them and then to basically help put the episode together. It’s a
really cool experience. I hope I get the chance to do it again. So yeah, go check
out the podcast if you haven’t already. This week’s episode featured Dessa, which
is really cool, like the musician. She has a book coming out which I didn’t realize.
But yeah, I again just love this podcast. So I wanted to recommend it to you.
If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I will probably be posting when my episode
goes live specifically. But I suggest just checking out the podcast and
subscribing in general. So yeah, that’s, that’s project number two where I can
like partially talk about it. Alright and then the final thing that I have been
working on is the thing that I can’t fully talk about yet. But I have a video
coming out on October 1st. It’s a Monday. So it’s different than my usual schedule.
Usually my videos come out every Friday but I have a video coming out on October
1st that I am so excited about. It’s gonna be great. Or at least I hope it’s
gonna be great cause I actually haven’t finished editing it yet. I got a really
cool opportunity that, again, I can’t talk about fully yet. But it happened at
last October. So this is how long I’ve been sitting on this. If you follow me on
Instagram, you may have seen me post about it last October. So if you feel
like being a detective, you can scroll back a years worth of Instagram
history on my profile and see what I was posting about back in October. You
may see something there. But yeah, it was probably the most incredible experience
that I’ve gotten to do because of this channel. And I’m still a little bit in shock
that I got to do it. And I’m very excited that I can finally present it to the
world, I suppose. I don’t know. There’s not a good way to talk about it because you
know I can’t actually talk about it. But yes, I just wanted to put it on your
radar that October 1st a very cool video is coming to my channel. I
shouldn’t say very cool video because it could look terrible by the time
I’m done with it. Hopefully it won’t look terrible by the
time I’m done with it. But you will get to see the fruits of a very cool
experience I got to have. And yeah, I’m very excited about it. And yeah, I don’t
think there’s anything more I could say about it but that. Just, sorry. I know that
as a viewer these types of teases are terrible. But like, legitimately I wanted
to give you guys some sort of warning that a thing is coming and I want you
guys to look out for it. So yeah, maybe after October 1st I will
do another video talking about my experiences after the fact because that
video is all going to be based on what was happening that day. And now that I’ve
had time to like reflect on it, I have other thoughts and feelings.
Nothing like negative or anything like that but just you know when you had time
to fully process the thing. But it’s a very, very cool experience that honestly
I don’t completely know how I got picked for this. Because I got to do this thing
with other booktubers who are way more popular than I am. And it’s, it’s so
mind-boggling to me that this is the thing that actually happened to me. So
yes, that is coming October 1st. Get hype, I guess. I don’t know. I– I’m too old
to say things like that. Anyways, uh, yes. So that’s it. Those are all of the things
I wanted to talk to you guys about. I don’t have any other fun projects that
I’m working on outside of like my normal job and normal book riot stuff. Just to
like round things off, things I’m currently reading: nonfiction book.
Empress the astonishing reign of nur jahan by Ruby Lal. This is a biography
about this Empress who was like the first female ruler
of this Empire in its like northern India I want to say. So yes I’m working
my way very slowly through this book because it’s very like information dense.
Like anytime I’m reading a biography, it always takes me some time because I
can’t read more than like a chapter or two a night. Otherwise my brain gets foggy
because– and I stopped like processing the information that I’m reading. So yes,
very slowly working my way through this. I don’t know if I’m actually gonna finish
this by the time a month is done. But yes, I’m enjoying it. And then the other book
of that I am currently reading at least as of this recording, although when it
goes live I’ll probably still be reading it because it’s a very long book, I
bought the new Robert Galbraith book lethal white. If you follow me on
Instagram, again, you would have seen me posting about this and how freaking
large this book is. It’s 650 pages, you guys. Like that’s too many pages for a
mystery novel. I mean, I’m enjoying it so far. So we’ll see. Maybe JK Rowling can
just do that. But I keep making the joke that she’s following the Harry Potter
formula because this is the fourth book in the series and this legitimately
is close to the page count number of like Goblet of Fire. Yeah, we’ll see. I’m
at like the hundred and fifty ish page mark at the moment. But I’m also
recording this like two days before this videos going live. So I’ll probably be
farther along by then. But yeah, I’ll probably be talking about this very soon
because I’m enjoying it. And I enjoy the series. But man they have really amped up
their relationship stuff between Robin and strike. So just be prepared for that.
So yes that is everything I have for you guys. Let me know what you guys have
going on in your life. I don’t know how to ask a question for this video because
it was just a life update. If you have questions about the things I talked
about, you can definitely leave that down below. Obviously I can’t talk as much about
some of the things so I might have to be like, “I will answer this in a future time”
depending on what your question is. Or you can just tell me what you’re reading
this weekend because that works too. So yes, that’s all I have for now and
thanks for watching.

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  1. I can tell you’re super excited about this mystery thing which makes ME super excited too! 🎉🎉

    Also, CC worked correctly on this video, no duplication.

  2. Congratulations on all your projects! I was just watching Dessa on NPR's Skunk Bear (amazing episode), and I didn't realize she had a book coming out either. Looking forward to checking out the podcast episode and the special Monday video one year in the making!

  3. I have a top 3 (Too diferent in style to put them in order) of favorite booktubers and You are one of them.
    If you left Bookriot, it would be their loss.
    Can´t wait for the news.

    Life update: too many books, too little time. 🙂

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  7. Haha, never too old for "get hype!"

    And OMG LETHAL WHITE! Last time I checked on it the publication date was TBD, and now all of a sudden it is out! Where have I been? I need to get my hands on a copy! Why did they change the cover design!?

  8. Don't sell yourself short, Rincey 🙂 Just because you don't have the biggest subscriber count or anything, that doesn't matter – your videos are interesting and smart and sharp, and everyone I know who watches Booktube counts you as a favorite because of your content and your personality. There are plenty of folks who have huge subscriber counts but their content is…………….same old same old, you know? You offer something different and that's important. So happy you got to do whatever this mysterious thing was and can't wait for the video!

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