Lin-Manuel Miranda Gives Macey a VIP Tour of Hamilton: The Exhibition

We first met kid presidential
expert, Macey Hensley, when she was just 5 years old. She is now 9 years
old, and she just keeps getting
smarter and smarter. Last month, we sent her
to the grand opening of the new Hamilton
Museum in Chicago, and we surprised her with
Hamilton creator, Lin Manuel Miranda. And here’s what happened. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, Ellen! It’s me, Macey. And I’m at the
Hamilton Exhibition. I love Hamilton the musical. Oh, I love you too. Hi. Hi! How are you? Good. We made a whole
exhibition for you. Yeah? Really? All right. I think you, in particular,
are really going to like it. Let’s go! Macey, have you ever
seen Hamilton, the show? Well, I’ve seen it
1 and 1/2 times, because I fell asleep
in the first one I saw. It happens. [MUSIC – LIN MANUEL MIRANDA,
throwing away my shot. I am not throwing away my shot. So why did you want to write
about Alexander Hamilton? Well, I think it’s
pretty extraordinary that he went from
such a tough beginning to all the amazing
things he did. In the musical, they
talk about his one child, but he really had eight. Yeah, it’s true. I didn’t have time to talk
about the other seven kids. And there’s also a great musical
about a person with eight kids. It’s called The Sound of Music. (RAPPING) How you say anarchy? All right, can you
name these giant heads? This one is probably Washington. Adams, Jefferson, Madison. Boom. You got it. I actually don’t
know if that’s right. (RAPPING) –advance instead
of sewing some pants. I’m gonna take a shot. Who said that in our show? King George. King George had 15 children,
just like President John Tyler. I didn’t know any
of those things that you have just
taught me today. There’s a young Aaron Burr. Is it true that when Burr was
77, he remarried because a lady he married eight months
prior, her husband died from falling on a pitchfork? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] This is 1780, a winter’s ball. These are the founders. George Washington really
never had wooden teeth, and George Washington actually
brushed his horse’s teeth. Did he really? Mhm. They didn’t have Greenies,
like I give to my dog? Nope. Mm. This is David! He designed everything
you’re seeing! Nice to meet you. Well, it looks beautiful here. Well, thank you. We could do “Common
Sense” by Thomas Paine. Yeah. Goodness. One, two, three, four. (RAPPING) I’ve been reading
Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Some men say that I’m
intense or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation. So listen to my declaration. We hold these truths
to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. And when I meet
Thomas Jefferson– Unh! –I’m going to compel him to
include women in the sequel. Work! That was good. That was awesome. [APPLAUSE] Pull that leverage and
let’s see what you’ve get. Wow, you won! I’m planning on
running for president. You already have my vote. Can you run sooner? You have to be 35 to run. I want you to call me in 2046. I will write your campaign song. OK. We’re doing it. This has been amazing. That makes me really happy. It has been amazing getting to
have Lin Manuel Miranda take me through the museum. I love history,
and this is, like, a great way to show history. Thank you, Ellen. This has been the most
incredible day ever. Love you. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Thank you, Macey. Go to our website
to find out more about Hamilton the Exhibition. We’ll be right back!

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