Lion King Review

before I start reviewing the Lion King
movie this is the only spoiler warning you’re gonna get because well if you are
old enough to work YouTube and you don’t know the story of The Lion King
something’s gone wrong somewhere along the way but I’m going to be talking
about blanking so I’m in a group of people that think that not everything
needs a remake not everything needs to be redone and modernized and definitely
the Lion King for me falls into that category
I love the original the original stories amazing the songs are great there’s
nothing wrong with this one it holds up over time so I went to see The Lion King
and I’m gonna start with the things I didn’t really like about it so I want to
call them continuity errors and not really continuity errors but they’re I
don’t know what else to call them so the monkey slash baboon that plays Rafiki
he’s sitting beside Simba one second then he’s gone and he pulls out his
staff for the first time that I recall saying it in the whole movie and sort of
says there’s my old friend and I’m just like huh it doesn’t really make sense if
that hasn’t been part of the movie from the beginning and yet in the original
there is with him all the time the part where Simba and Nala are reunited and
start to fall in love and sing this song comes at the same point in the movie as
in the original animated version and the weird part about it is they’re singing
about falling in love at Twilight and it’s broad daylight that’s really you
know small fries as I was sitting there watching it I was thinking the problem
with actually animating these animals so that they look real is that you invite
an element of realism into the story that isn’t it really part of the
animated story at all and it doesn’t really matter because you kind of go
it’s just an animated story it’s not real and yes I know the Lions can’t talk
so therefore this one’s not real but you open yourself up for more criticism and
when Nala and Simba wander off into the elephant graveyard in the animated
series I remember there being like maybe four hyenas and we’ll faster comes along
and saves them in the movie version it’s like twelve hyenas versus one grown
and two little Cubs as if one grown lion could fight off 12 hyenas so you can
imagine the issue I had with the end of the movie when it’s like six maybe seven
lionesses and Simba who’s repeatedly made out to be a terrible fighter who
somehow defeat over thirty hyenas and scar one of the other issues with having
the animals look more real is I couldn’t tell them apart
so when Simba and Scar have their final showdown and they’re fighting I didn’t
know which one was which I also couldn’t tell which lioness symbol was nuzzling
whether it was Nala or his mother and the problem with that is that if you
can’t tell who it is it’s hard to ship them you know I know it’s weird to talk
about shipping lions but anyway in the animated series you always knew which
one was Nala and because they could have more facial expressions and express more
emotion you wanted Simba and Nala to end up together I really care in the Lion
King round two I just didn’t care the whole movie just kind of lacked heart
for me like in the stampede scene I just kind of wanted him I wanted somebody to
just step to the side like the whole herd didn’t take up the entire Valley so
just step to the side man and the problem is solved whereas in the
original animated series like there was no escape for him it was no way he could
like hide behind anything it was just much better done and just I just really
feel like the new version lacks any heart there was also these really random
like periodic cloud shots that I don’t know why they annoyed me they just did
and in the very beginning it opened with watching a mouse and the trouble was the
mouse was moving very quickly and the camera followed it so it was like
watching something that was doing this and on a big screen that’s kind of
irritating and I have to say the songs were nowhere near as good as the
original animated ones and I kind of had high hopes because you don’t beyonce’s
and they sucked by comparison I mean they were good songs and they were well
sung and Seth Rogen has a great voice to be Pumbaa but the original is so much
better there was no need to remake this movie what did I like about this movie I
loved the scenery it made me want to go back to Africa and start traveling
around Africa again it’s just such a beautiful place and it made me just
think back to nights I spent in Botswana and watching elephants wrestle each
other from like a meter away from me as they cross through this huge body of
water and watching giraffes fight and watching them have to spread their legs
really wide to be able to bend over to drink it’s just such an incredible
landscape and I just would love to spend more time there so I did really like
that and obviously the animals look pretty cool I come in we’ve seen other
movies where they’ve animated the animals and had them talking like is it
Mowgli Jungle Book remake that didn’t go so
well and they did a pretty good job with making the animals look good it wasn’t
quite as cheesy as I thought it was going to be I remember seeing the
original trailer and thinking actually that it was fan-made and hoping that
that wasn’t really how it’s gonna be it was but um it wasn’t it wasn’t as
cheesy as I thought it was gonna be and Timon and Pumbaa had a great
back-and-forth they had really amazing dialogues they bounced off each other
well Seth Rogen’s voice is perfect for Pumbaa and I love that they made Timon a
little bit more flamboyant and he was definitely a really interesting
character it loves that they get James Earl Jones back as Mufasa
his voice is just perfect and that’s a great nod to the original animated one
and it would have been really hard to find someone who has a better voice but
that’s really it that’s all I liked about this movie so I didn’t really like
it that much everyone I saw it with came out and kind
of went me someone liked it but nobody liked it more than the original animated
series nobody liked the songs more we all said that we will
left kind of wanting the original songs and some of us actually drove home
listening to the original songs because we were left feeling unsatisfied by that
movie which is I’m sure not what they intended but I just don’t really see
what all the fuss was about I don’t see why they had such a buildup for this
movie other than trying to get a bit of cash in the back pocket I don’t see what
all the fuss was about with Beyonce’s involvement she was barely in the movie
she liked some maybe three songs in the movie and even then I think one was kind
of just like not niala singing it was just like a song for the movie and
awesome and I kind of feel bad saying that because I love Beyonce but a lot
was made of her involvement and she just didn’t get much airtime and I don’t know
just and I hate to say it but I mean it was a Friday night that we went to see
it so it was after work and we all went as a big work crew down to see it and I
was pretty tired halfway through because that’s how much I enjoyed the movie so I
think if you’re gonna go and see The Lion King look I would honestly wait
till it comes out on some sort of streaming service I wouldn’t pay for it
it wasn’t worth it it’s not one of those movies that I think you need to see on a
really big screen I don’t even know how to write it because I just felt so myth
about it and I think I probably would have liked it more if there wasn’t the
original animated one but it just didn’t even come close to touching the original
animated one really the only characters that I thought that they did anything
different with that was in any way an improvement was Timon and Pumbaa and but
it wasn’t enough to carry the movie and I really think that the trouble is once
you start animating the characters too they look more realistic you start
opening yourself up to too many problems and really the the number of lions
versus the number of hyenas was just just too much of a plot hole for me I
just couldn’t I couldn’t sit there and enjoy it after that and that’s probably
my fault but anyway but let me know Oh below in the comments what you
thought at the Lion King whether you’ve seen it whether you’re not going to see
it and whether you like the original more or the new version I’d be really
curious if someone out there likes the new version more than the original
animated series why especially if you actually grew up with the original
animated series if you’re of a younger generation and the first time you’re
coming across the Lion King story is with this new version and then you’ve
gone and watch the animated version I would be less surprised if you liked the
animated version less but I’d be very surprised if there’s someone out there
who grew up with the original animated Disney movie and then likes this new one
more but definitely let me know below in the comments what you thought and don’t
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