Live PD: Assault with a Shovel (Season 2) | A&E

[dramatic music] – Right now, we’re en route
to a fight in progress. It looks like a subject broke
a window to a residence, and entered the residence. And still has a shovel. – Let me see your hands, man. – I don’t have anything
that belongs to you! – He assaulted me. He hit me with a shovel,
and broke this window. – Stand up. – You came in my house and
beat the hell out of me! – Stand up.
Stand up. You’re not under arrest. You’re just going to
be detained, right now. – Yes, sir.
I understand. Officer, I’m not fighting. – Have a seat, right here. Sarge, can you watch
him real quick? Have a seat, man! The way I left you!
– Ah– wait. I’ll get up. – You keep hurting yourself! – It was because– – Watch out, Sarge.
He’s– – He pushed me into that
glass, brother, my back is– – Well, yeah. But no one told you to– no
one told you to lay down! – Yeah, but I can’t adjust. It’s hurting to sit up. – Right now we’ll put you in– – Just relax, man. Sir, I’m going to get you
some ambulance for your cuts. OK? – –here another two weeks. He stayed the weekend. And he was going to pay rent.
Right? On the first, he was
supposed to pay $200, because we were
renting that room out. We had it for sale. – OK. – And he’s just loopy. So I told him today,
he’s got to go. You know?
I said– – When– when today did
you tell him he has to go? – He went to leave
about 7 o’clock– just before dark. And we were in bed. Me and my wife go to bed early. And Linda said,
“what’s that noise?” And I started listening,
and I heard this– you know– like a ticking noise. And I open the door, and
he’s standing in the hallway with that– that yellow shovel. – Can you go take me,
and show me real quick? – Yeah. This is the shovel he came
at me with, right here. – And this is where he lives? – This is where– no.
He didn’t– – Well, this is
where he was staying. – For two days. – OK. – He was supposed
to pay on the first. Right?
– OK. – He was just staying here,
because I was– he’s homeless. – And he just hit
you with the shovel? Or what happened? – He hit me with the shovel. He pushed me, and I
was tugging at him, and he jumped– this
guy’s stronger than I am. Knocked me into the
tub, and just started pounding me in the face. I said, I don’t want
to fight no more. – He punched you in the face?
– Yeah. That’s where this is from. – How many times did
he punch you in the– – Three times. He hit me real hard. I said, I don’t want
to fight no more, I’m not gonna call the cops.
You just go. – OK, sir. Did you feel pain at
the time of the assault? – I’m hurtin’ like a bitch, now.
Yes. It hurt bad. It’s hard to see. Like I said, he just
kept hitting me. – OK. At any point, sir, were
you in fear for your life? – A lot.
– OK. – You know, we were in
fear the first minute I seen him in the house. – Do you want to press charges? – Anything I can to
get that damn thing– just get him out of here. – OK, sir. Listen– do me a
favor, and stand up. I’m going to put
you inside the unit. OK? Stand up for me. – OK. – Just walk over there. – All right? He’s going to be going
in for aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Watch your head. Move your head.

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