LIVENS PROJECTORS: All Map Locations, Timers, Strategies for Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC

Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC adds a new
stationary weapon, called the Livens Projector, or Gaswurfminen, depending on the map. These weapons lob almost two dozen gas projectiles
at a predetermined target. They can be a bit tricky to use and find,
so here are all the details on how they work and where to find them on Caporetto, River
Somme, and Passchendaele. Since they’re embedded in the ground, Livens
Projectors can be difficult to locate. Keep an eye out for the indicator lights,
located directly above the projector controls. Like the spotting rockets on Nivelle Nights,
the light makes it easier to find the position and glows when the stationary weapon is ready
to fire. To maximize the effectiveness of the Livens
Projector, it’s best to wait until a target point is being contested by the enemy before
firing. Once all projectiles have been launched, it
takes exactly two minutes before the Livens Projector can be fired again. As for the locations of the Livens Projectors
on the new maps, most of the projectors can be found on the Caporetto map. There are 5 on that map, which makes sense,
since they played a pivotal role in the actual battle. For historical reasons, they’re called Gaswurfminen
on this map. Since Caporetto features conquest assault,
Gaswurfminen positions heavily favor the Austro-Hungarians, and chain together from their spawn. It’s vital to understand the stationary
weapons only become available once the Austro-Hungarian team captures the objective where the projector
is located. If you don’t know this, you’ll often question
why the launching tubes are missing. The first Gaswurfminen position is located
near the vehicle spawn, and targets an area near A to give the Austro-Hungarians a chance
to break out from their spawn. From that point on, Gaswurfminen positions
help the Austro-Hungarians leapfrog their way from objective to objective. The projectors at A target B, those at B target
C, those at C target D, and those at D are aimed at objective E. Once the Austro-Hungarians
take an objective, either team can use the Gaswurfminen at that position. On River Somme, only the British have access
to a Livens Projector, which is located in a trench by their spawn. Like other projectors, this one also has a
readiness indicator light, though it’s mounted in the trench. The projector is fixed at the Wellington Farm,
to aid the British in taking the first objective on conquest assault. If your team gets pinned trying to attack
that first objective, use the Livens to help establish a toehold. On Passchendaele, the Germans have Gaswurfminen
located in their spawn, ready to fire at Adler Ridge, which is objective A. This is useful
in helping the team break out, if hemmed in by the British. The British on the other hand don’t have
have access to a Livens Projector of their own, though they arguably have the more defensible
side of the map. Hopefully you’ve found this brief guide
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100 thoughts on “LIVENS PROJECTORS: All Map Locations, Timers, Strategies for Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC

  1. Why most people dont use this i play a lots of match and only i use it and i have got lots kills it sucks on the river some there are lots of germans and everyone run on that fucking objective A without using livens projectors it is good i dont know why people dont use it

  2. One of those gas grenades is blocked by a tree in passchendaele at 3:11
    It's cool this thing, it gives u advantage if u cant reach the first objective in river somme for example

  3. I heard rumors Battlefield was broken, played 1 match today and holy shit they were right. Every hit results in a 2 frame per sec scenario. Absolutely unplayable! I want to play with ze GASWURFMINEN!!!

  4. PLEASE READ ME I found an easter egg in one of the new maps there is a bottle of wine in a house at point C, with which you can kill in one fell swoop and you get a battle pass PLEASE READ ME

  5. Launching the Livens Projector and rushing A on Somme ASAP pretty much is the only way to save yourself from getting baseraped

  6. This is an excellent video! Very well put together and narrated well. Like I have said before, you are the best Battlefield youtuber by far.

  7. Hey flakfire do you think this would be cool if this work for artillery too? But the cool down would be 10min or less
    Like to me that would be cool (because it would give you like a more apocalyptic like feeling if that makes sense) but i know some players would be annoyed by it.

  8. Yesterday I played some rounds and everyone hated the new maps because they thought they were too unbalanced. In fact not a single Gaswurfmine was fired. I'll try them out today but it would be completely insane how huge the impact of the Gaswurfminen would be.

  9. Thanks a lot for this video, it was very helpful. I was confusing the Projector with the other Gasgrenade-shooting stationaries!

  10. These would be useful on any BF map that suffers from base rape, here it's the livens, but you could have artillery performing the same role.

  11. Why doesn't Battlefield explain this in game? Its heedlessly lazy considering that these smoke mortors can be pivotal to winning a round. Not to mention the shooting bug where killing an enemy will cause your game to lag. I would've preferred these new maps to have a regular conquest mode, when you don't tell players of an advantage games end up being ~500 to 1000 in score by the end of the round. The losing side a majority of the time (in my experience) is the side that has no flags at the beginning of the round. Its quite perturbing to hear of this mechanic in the game from outside the game itself. Its similar to how the Disney StarWars movies need lore outside the movie to explain itself, i.e. books, comics, shows. Its ridiculous to expect the average player to spend time researching their interests in your product outside of the product itself. Its a money scheme in some instances and a fool's errand in others. I'm dissappointed in the end because I love what this game offers in action but not in trivia or hidden mechanics. Give more power to the players, let the chaos be had on the battlefield.

  12. I found this video very useful, SINCE BATTLEFIELD NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THESE BEING IN THE GAME. Thx for the video tho, I'll be watching in the future.

  13. I think it's such a shame that the livens gallery flamethrower did not make it into the game. but I love your cinematic video. historically it has been proven that this brutal weapon was used in the first world war! The new soundtrack from the DLC is reminiscent of "The Dark Knight". Thank you

  14. Hey Flakfire I have a question. I have been killed and killed people in your group FLAK. Is there any to spaces to join? (Note: this was on Xbox one)

  15. you can find a bottle of wine on Passandale it is near E, you can pick it up and than use it once for an instand knife kill.

  16. Really disappointing that they didn't implement the Livens Flamethrower. It would have been great fun sending plumes of flame over a single point blocking both teams from capturing it temporarily.

    Used it for the first time last night at the start of river Somme. 6 kills in one bombardment

  18. Since the livens progrcyers fire gas i think the team that is being effected by it can where gas masks to protect themselves

  19. Me as a German I am really happy when an English speaker takes the time to actually find out how a particular word is being pronounced correctly ^_^

  20. I found the livens projector on caporetto and i was like "must push button" so i did and i got 2 kills on the first try

  21. I got a 5 multi kill without knowing what I did. I didn't drive it. I pressed the button, left, and later got kills
    Never found it again

  22. The livens projector is best used as a trap or popcorn weapon. Your team can anticipate the enemies flanks and ambush them. They can also be used to drive out attackers from capturing an objective

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