Loadout German Stormtrooper MP18 | Battlefield 1 Assault Gameplay

Hey guys, LevelCap here. Today is Monday, Which means it’s time for an episode of Loadout. The series where you guys, the viewers, get to pick a gun and customization for me to use. The way you do this is you leave a comment down below, letting me know what kind of weapon and accessories you’d like to run with, and I will pick one of the top rated comments for the next episode. Today’s top comment comes from Bill Evans, who says the German Stormtrooper loadout. Primary is the MP18 submachine gun, the trench variant. Then we’ll be using the P08 as our pistol, gadget one is the AT rocket gun and gadget two is the anti-tank grenades, for our grenade we’ll be using the standard grenade stick, and for melee, any blunt weapon. And then Bill goes on to say: You are part of an elite unit of German troops designed to shatter the lines of the allies and raid the trenches. Play on a western front map Operations, and always be attacking. Go forth an charge into the enemy encampments and take out the camping noobs. Thank you, Bill. Now this is a fairly basic loadout. All the weapons are very easy to get, if not by I think by default already unlocked, or else unlocked very early on in the game. The MP18 is a fun little SMG, it’s probably one of my least favorite SMGs, but it’s still very good regardless. It’s got great hipfire accuracy, which makes it useful in getting on the point, since gas is so prevalent, especially in Operations gamemodes. Having something that takes advantage of the hip fire mechanic will really put you at the when you’re in close quarters with gas everywhere. And although it’s hard to see, I am running with the custom PTFO weapon skin for the MP18, which you could have gotten during a week long period. Who knows, maybe DICE will make it available in the future if you don’t have this weapon skin. It is, however, so subtle that unless you’re really looking for it, I doubt most people would even notice. Now out of the three SMGs in the game, the MP18 is actually probably the most realistic weapon in terms of what you would expect on the battlefield. It was fairly widely used towards the end of the war by the German military for the purpose of clearing trenches and close quarter combat. Obviously they needed some pretty effective close quarter weapons and that’s basically what this gun was entirely designed for. And despite really enjoying this SMG in Battlefield 1, it is still my least favorite of the three. The Automatico has that 900 round per minute making it insanely good at close quarters. The Hellriegel has a 650 round per minute rate of fire and a 60 round magazine. And then you’ve got the MP18, which has only got a 550 round per minute rate of fire, and a 32 round magazine. So damage wise, it is the slowest damaging SMG in the game, but it’s still pretty good overall. There’s not a lot of other classes in the game that have really good close quarters weapons, so unless you’re going up against an Automatico or a shotgun, there isn’t a lot that’s going to severely out-damage you. Now here we are on the second map of Operations Kaisershlacht, Amiens, which is such a great close quarters infantry map. Absolutely plays to the strengths of the Assault class. Regardless of what what Assault weapon you’re using, you’re probably going to do alright on this map, provided that you’ve got a nose for flanking. I mean, that’s what I’m doing right here, and managing to a lot of kills with people not even returning fire. Now of course we’ve got those anti-tank grenades, which are also anti-infantry grenades if you choose to use them as such. Often if there isn’t enemy armor nearby, I will be throwing those into alleys or buildings, and they’ve gotten me a lot of kills. And in fact, room clearing is probably one of the most important things to do on this map. The fact that the Assault class gets a standard frag grenade plus two anti-tank grenades, you can think of that as three anti-infantry grenades if you want, or just one anti-infantry grenade and two anti-armor grenades. Either way, you have a lot of tools at your disposal to deal with infantry. Even the anti-tank rocket gun is very effective at taking out infantry, especially those that are shooting out of windows of buildings or really far away, you can one-shot them with the anti-tank rocket gun if you’re a decent shot. Now here we are on one of the most difficult sectors to take on Amiens, there’s three flags, and the defending team really only has to keep at least one of those flags in conflict in order to for the to stay in the game, or stay in this sector of the game. And so pushing up is very difficult, you really have to work with your team by capturing all three of those points – as you can see, I just used the rocket gun there to take out somebody at range – We managed to push into close quarters here in the A building. And things always get intense in A. There’s lots of grenades flying through these windows all the time. I’ve thrown grenades in here, that’s how we cleared out this room in the first place, and now the objective is to push on to the other points, but we’ve already got so many people attacking this one room. It doesn’t make sense to push on to the next point until you clear it out. And even after doing so, you really have to leave at least of few people behind to try to defend it. Luckily, you do get some good sector defense points for being on a capture point while killing enemies that are assaulting you, so there are benefits for staying on the points, but nothing that quite adds up to capturing the flag itself. You get so many points for being that player running around between different points, capturing new flags repeatedly. And here I am again, using those anti-tank grenades in an anti-infantry method. Sure we could be in a bit of a pickle if a tank by, but I don’t see any on the mini map right now, and we haven’t been harassed in a little bit. Sometimes, it just makes sense to really get those grenades out there and try to kill infantry. Your lifespan in this game is usually very short, so it can make a lot of sense to just get rid of your gadgets as quickly as possible in the attempt to try to clear out some infantry, because if you die before you get a chance to use your anti-tank grenades against infantry, that’s kind of a waste. You’ll notice I have my gas mask on a lot here, even when I’m not in gas. I really dislike gas in this game because the border at which you’re getting hurt by it and which you’re not being hurt by it obscure. It’s hard to notice, especially when the gas is in a room below you or above you, you can often start to take damage from it when you can’t even see it. So since the MP18 has such good hip fire potential, I just keep the gas mask on half the time when I’m in these really intense combat situations. Any little bit damage taken by gas can certainly mean life or death. Now we’re still fighting at the same sector. At one point, we almost had it, then at another point we had no points left. This is a very, very difficult sector, because you’re trying to organize and coordinate your entire team of 32 players to disperse evenly among the points, or maybe put a few more guys on one point and a few less on another point. The thing that really hurts it though is that once you capture a point, nobody really wants to stay behind and defend it. There’s not a lot of points in it, there’s not a lot of excitement in it, but it is incredibly important, and key to moving on to the next stage. So it wasn’t until we go into a situation where naturally we were in a good place to defend the other two points and assault the final point that we were able to finally move on to the next sector. And in fact, capturing both C and B, and then going for A finally is usually the way to go. A is one of the hardest points to actually hold because the enemy spawns so close to it they can get back to it and capture it pretty quickly. B is pretty choke-pointy, so it’s very hard for the enemy to get in there, and C is usually far enough away that they won’t for it unless they go for A or B first. So that philosophy worked, we actually didn’t end up needing to rely on an armored train to come in and help us out and blow away their armor. So moving on to the final two points. These ones can be tricky as well, because the enemy team has some pretty good defensive locations. What I find helps most when getting into these last points, especially the palace, is to really take down some of the walls on the side. You increase the opportunities that your team has to get in their, like the different angles you can attack from, and the enemy team can’t really hide up or post up on the windows quite as much because they’re just more exposed. So the AT rocket gun can be a very good tool for blowing holes in walls, and making the enemy team they actually don’t have a lot of good cover. And of course donning that gas mask at the end is extremely important because it’s so close quarter and so insane with tons of grenades of all sorts that you may as just have that gas mask on to begin with. Now what I like about this loadout is that it really doesn’t require a big investment in time to unlock all the weapons and gadgets here, and it’s still very effective. I think DICE did a pretty good job about that with Battlefield 1 is making sure that all the basic guns and the basic kit complements can still be very good and very competitive as you’ll see at the end of the round here. I absolutely dominated, and was way ahead of my team when it came to score. So having a good game sense, good techniques – if you watched my video yesterday, that I talked about how to get first place in Battlefield 1 – applying all those tactics and stuff to even basic kits can easily get you a first place on the scoreboard. So overall, I do really like this loadout. I do think the primary weapon is something you could replace with something else out their once you find your gameplay and understand your play style a little bit, you might prefer the Automatico, the Hellriegel, or even a shotgun. Those, I think, are generally speaking superior weapons, but as you can see, I was doing just fine with the MP18. And although I didn’t talk about the P08 sidearm too much, it’s an okay sidearm. I’m always talking about the M1911, ’cause I just think it is the best out there by far. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Loadout, don’t forget to leave your comments down below for next week’s episode, and as always, I’ll see you guys next time. This is LevelCap, signing off.

100 thoughts on “Loadout German Stormtrooper MP18 | Battlefield 1 Assault Gameplay

  1. the british infantry loudout
    weapon lee enfield mark 3 (infantry)
    side arm m1911
    gadgets trench parascope, and flare gun.
    melee shovel
    granade frag granade
    play as scout class
    you are a british infantry soldier deployed to the western front from Belgium, ready to fight.Also try to play in the western front map.love the videos.

  2. Pancho Villa class
    Russian 1895 Trench (If you have the "Mexican" or "Pancho Villa" camo, please use them)
    Any revolver of your choice
    Gadgets: Flash flare gun and sniper decoy.
    Smoke grenade
    Sawtooth or combat knife
    This class is supposed to give an accurate understanding of how the real life Pancho Villa fought. He was a master of guerrilla warfare and the class is built to create a similar situation. Using a quick fire lever action rifle and a revolver for close quarters and smoke grenades to fall back and retreat, this class will replicate the fighting style of Pancho Villa. Thank you.

  3. Loadout: The new guy
    primary weapon: starting weapon for any class.
    srcondary weapon: starting weapon for any class.

    gadgets: starting gadget for any class

    In this loadout you are the new guy that just got the game and haven't unlocked anything play with any class but use ONLY the starter weapons.
    good luck!

  4. The American trench raider loadout

    M97 Trenchgun backbored
    M1911 pistol
    incendiary grenade
    any gadgets
    US trench knife

    You are a newly enlisted Doughboy who has been given a shotgun and assigned to a trench raiding detail in the Argonne forest. Your mission is to clear the way for the main body of troops that had followed you into battle. And don't forget about the M97's slam-fire capability. -Peyton

  5. The Reserve Unit
    Martini Henry
    No. 3 Revolver
    Spotting Flare
    Trench Periscope
    Compact Trench Knife
    Play rush and always try to be on the defensive

  6. The Metro 2033 Loadout:

    You are russian STALKER who drank too much vodka and decided to crawl out of the metro system where you found out that World War 1 is raging on. Your weapons are assembled from gunparts of the past and this is your loadout:

    M1909 Benét-Mercié Storm
    Repetierpistole M1912
    Ammo crate/pouch
    Limpet Charge

  7. Silent Sniper Loadout

    M1903 Marksman Variant
    Mars Automatic
    Flare Gun-Spotting
    Any grenade
    Survival Knife

    You are a freshly deployed sniper, designated with the task of picking off advancing enemy soldiers. Use your M1903 marksman to kill from a distance, while not revealing your location. When things get up close and personal, use your Mars and knife to quickly silence any enemies. Spot enemy soldiers with your flare gun and periscope, so nobody can sneak up on them or you. Try to play defenders on any Operations. This is your task, should you choose to accept it.

  8. U.S. Suppressive machine gunner

    Benét Mercíe lmg

    Ammo crate
    Mortars (HE)
    Hellfighter bolo knife

    Play Argonne forest conquest and kill all

  9. Doomguy
    Model 10-A Factory (Combat Shotgun)
    1903 Hammerless (UAC Pistol)
    Frag Grenade (Frag) or Gas Grenade (Siphon Grenade)
    You could use the AT Rocket Gun for the Rocket Launcher or Gauss Cannon but not really lol. And finally for the melee weapon, use a blunt object of some kind, like a Club because Doonguy likes to beat the crap out of demons in some of his glory kills. Stick to fast paced gamemodes like TDM Argonne Forest where you can constantly be swarmed by enemies.

  10. the automatico is just so un controlable at anything other than close range, and such high fire rate you almost never get more than one kill before reloading, mp18 i usually get at least two kills with out reload maybe 3

  11. +levelcap the cqbeast loadout
    primary-automstico m1918, storm or trench
    secondary-howda pistol
    gadget 1-at rocket gun
    gadget 2-anti tank grande
    grande-gas (for grande spam)
    melee-your choice
    hey levelcap, its time to become the king of cqb in bf1, use your automtico to clear rooms and trenches, howda pistol its pretty much a better shorty 12g, use the gadget to distroy tanks or just for more explosive, and gas for clearing your way to victory!
    love your videos levelcap, keep the hard work :D.

  12. Mustafa Kemal loadout

    Gewehr 98 infantry
    Bodeo or Luger
    Stick grenade
    Flare Gun

    You are Ataturk, founder of the modern Turkish Republic. Your hobbies are kicking asses and reforming.

  13. Aggressive Scout:
    Gewehr m95 carbine
    P08 pistol
    Incinedary grenade
    Incinedary Tripwire Bomb
    Spot Flare.
    Any Melee.
    Play on operations, defense or offense. Play on the front lines, rush objectives, dominate enemies. Ive found this loadout to be the best for a scout on close range maps. Best of luck

  14. The Gunslinger Loadout

    Primary: Russian 1895 Trench
    Secondary: No. 3 Revolver
    Gadget 1: Flare
    Gadget 2: Any
    Grenade: Standard
    Melee: Combat knife

    You work as a mercenary in the wide open west during the massive migration of Americans to the western United States. By some unknown power you are thrown through a portal and find yourself on the front lines of WW1. Despite not being on the same footing as your opponents technologically, you find your skill with a lever action rifle and classic western revolver carries you through.

    Use the faster fire rate of the Russian 1895 trench to your advantage to land quick 2 shot kills in close-medium range. In close quarters pull our your faithful six shooter to 2 shot anyone who thinks they have faster hands than you.

  15. Austrio-Hungarian rifleman
    Primary: Gewher m.95 (infantry)
    Sidearm: Frommer stop
    Gadgets: Any gadgets
    Gernades: Stick gernades
    Melee: shovel or combat knife

    You are a defender in the alps and must defend your land from the Italians and if failed your empire will collapse and fall
    (Play Operations In Iron Walls or rush in either Monte Grappa or Empires Edge)

  16. The ANZAC Loadout
    Model 10 shotgun
    No.3 revolver
    Anti tank grenade

    You have Been deployed in Gallipoli as an Anzac soldier. A British officer orders you and your Anzac battalion to charge and capture an ottoman beach outpost.

  17. Arditi Loadout (Assault class)Automatico Gasser M1870  (I don't what Italian army during wwi used so let's assume this one was taken from a dead Austrian guy)DynamiteAnti tank grenadeNormal grenadeknifeUsed mainly only knife and grenade.

  18. Hungarian or Austrian mountineer soldier

    -Hellriegel 1915
    -Gasser 1870
    -Anti-tank grenade
    – Dynamite
    -Gas grenade

    Play on Monte Grappa and figth in the Astro-Hungarian side. That's a really good set for eliminate bunkers and really good in street figth. I hope you have fun with this set. 🙂

    Greetings from Hungary 🙂

  19. Small loadout many oppurtunities. Scout With the m1903 experimental. Kolibri. k bullet and Flash flare. Impact nade. Use the m1903 With Flash flare to clear rooms and k bullet as your sniper. Use the Kolibri to finish of The pesky low Health ppl. Hope You like this. 🙂

  20. The red baron loadout
    Red barons po8 pistol and
    Any sharp melee weapon

    You are the red baron and your plane has been shot down you must fight only using melee weapons and your pistol.

    thank you

  21. Doughboy Trench Gunner:
    BAR M1918 Trench
    -Basic Iron Sights
    -1x Magnification
    -Left Recoil Bias
    M1911 Pistol
    Ammo Crate
    Crossbow Launcher Frag
    Frag Grenade
    US Trench Knife

    To Level: a recent reddit post pointed out that changing the recoil bias of the weapon actually adds a compensator or other barrel modifier to the weapon. Having a leftward recoil bias removes the compensator and reveals just a plain barrel for some of the LMGs, the BAR is one of them.

    This loadout is made to be historically accurate, so while there isn't a naked version of the BAR available, this is the closest version we have of it asthetically. Hope you pick my loadout Levelcap

  22. thx for the great video.
    guys I'm about to buy this game I just wanted to know if there is enough players on the pc to play with?

  23. The Normandy beach American soldier class is medic primary is the selbstlader 1906 side arm is m1911 gadget one bandage pouch gadget two is your choice grenade is frag melee is us trench knife play on operations so as to keep pushing to the next stage

  24. Just a suggestion to the channel.

    You should really focus on strategic moment throughout the sectors, that was pretty interesting to me. I mean i guess that could fall on the lines of sharing your style of play but it was just interesting to see how another player went about their assault flanks and shit.

    Anyway, good video man. This was one of my favorites of yours.

  25. Some of those hip fire kills were unreal how do you steady your weapon so much? are you burst firing or just holding down the fire button?

  26. Loadout: M1 Garand Rifle Loadout

    Class: Medic
    Primary: Selbstalder 1906
    Secondary: M1911
    Frag Grenade
    Any knife type
    Gadget 1: First aid bag/kit
    Gadget 2: Syringe

    You are an American soldier fighting on the western front in WW2. (Yes I know the time setting of BF1.) As you push westward, use you rifle to finish off enemies at medium range, and use your trusty sidearm to mop up the wounded. Do your best to help out your team mates with heals and revives to keep the allied offensive moving.

    I'm a huge fan of your videos and I hope you pick my Loadout, thanks!

  27. Has there been a Sgt. York loadout from the AEF done yet?
    SMLE MkIII Infantry (York had an Americanized version of the Lee Enfield dubbed M1917 that fired a 30-06 cartridge)
    Trench knife
    Frag Grenade
    Play as an American attacker on Argonne Forest
    Too bad other players can't surrender to you during gameplay

  28. The Pacifist
    Primary: M1903 experimental
    Secondary: Kolibri
    Melee: do not use
    Grenade: Gas
    Class: sniper shield
    Equipment2: Periscope
    Equipment1: Sniper shield
    You are part of a special ops team that is taking the world of combat in a new direction. When the going gets tough they send in the Pacifist to get the job done….or at least try.

  29. American trench soldier: m97 shotgun m1911 anti tank grenade and at rocket gun and trench mace hope you put my load out in your video:)

  30. All American Sniper Loadout
    Scout Class
    M1903 Sniper
    M1911 Doughboy
    Any scout Gadets You want
    Combat Knife
    Frag Gernade

    Or use this class

    British Heavy Gunner
    Class Support
    Louis Gun
    M1911 Doughboy
    Ammo Box? I rhink is what its called
    HE or Airburst mortar
    Have fun either sniping or cutting people in halve. Keep up the great work and I love your videos and your airsoft guns. And remember to have fun. 😀

    The reason I decided to make these classes is because Im a history buff I know basicly anything about the Second World War (World War II or WWII) if you ask me ALMOST anything I'll know it.

  31. British machine gunner
    from the movie "passchendaele"
    Lewis gun factory
    no gadgets
    use grenades
    trench knife if you have it
    but you must stand in one place and try to get much kills as you can like from the movie. then when the video meets it end use your knife or melee weapon to finish off the enemy team.

  32. German Pioneer
    Madsen MG Low Weight
    P08 pistol
    Repair Tool
    Limpet Charge
    Incendiary Grenade

    The German Pioners were an elite unit that specialised in demolition and construction. They were also known for utilising experimental weapons such as the flamethrower and the Madsen MG.

  33. Sgt York loadout ; SMLE infantry, 1911, frag grenade, sniper shield, and frag tripwire. must play argonne/conquer he'll. York capture a company of Germans alone with this loadout

  34. the American heavy infantryman with the:

    Lewis MG
    frag grenade
    large ammo box
    sunburst mortar

    Your job is to break through the enemy lines from Argonne Forrest to Amiens in operations.
    thx, and keep doing these, I love them so much.

  35. Supporter loadout:
    Primary:Lewis gun suppersive
    Secondary: m1911
    Gadget 1:Ammo pouch
    Gadget 2:Limpet Charge
    Granade: Light anti-tank granade
    Melle: Spiked club

  36. You know, I get that not all people know how to correctly pronounce German words, but it was so painful hearing him say Kaiserschlacht @ 3:02

  37. afte the patch hits:

    bedouin rebel

    primary: martini henry
    secondary: no.3 revolver
    gadget 1: incendiary mine
    gadget 2:periscope
    melee: bedouin dagger

    you're a bedouin fighiting against the invanding turkish forces, your support from the british was bare minimum and have to make-do with the old and handmade weapons you have, a single-shot martini henry, an outdated revolver and some molotovs, defend your land!

  38. The Arditi Loadout:
    Automatico M1918 Trench
    Mle 1903
    (Any explosive gadgets)
    Frag Grenade
    Spiked Club

    You just Join the Arditi As a volunteer and you are deployed to the Alps
    (Please Try to play on the Alps Maps)

  39. German Machinegunner
    -MG15 Low Weight
    -P08 pistol
    -Ammo Crate
    -Limpet charge
    -Trench knife

    You're goal is to suppress or kill enemy by shooting opened areas while defending you're objective. Machine Gun 15 is you're machine gun and you're P08 is just a backup, ammo crate is how you have infinite ammo, limpet charge is to stop tanks just incase you encounter them, Smoke is to move positions, and trench knife because that the germans used to the most and i think invented it.

  40. The Belgian rattlesnake
    Lewis gun optical
    Bulldog revolver
    Ammo box
    Limpit charge
    Gas grenade

    You are a Belgian soldier, sneak up on you prey
    And, like a snake, jump out and kill them.
    Play on western front and they shall not pass maps( not fort vaux)

  41. 1:59 the hellreigel never went onto combat and we only have about 5 or 4 photos proving it was a thing so its a 50/50 thing for the MP18 to be realistic i haven't yet looked into the automatico yet becuase i haven't bevored to look into them

  42. As annoying as the gas is its at least realistic and hard to deal with which gives the person throwing it an advantage since not taking damage is a simple button press

  43. The MP-18 has a reported 10,000 models made for use in WW1 and aside from the aircraft mounted villar perosa was the only gun classified as an SMG to have seen use in WW1, the automatico came to be shortly afterwards and the the hellriegel was an Austrian prototype that never saw the light of day outside of the pictures found in Austrian archives. The MP-18 also contributed to a majority of designs that would later be used in WW2 such as the MP-34, Sten, and PPSH. So although it was hardly used it is arguably one of the most important guns to ever be created.

  44. My "MADE UP" gun: M1920 B.A.R Extended instead of a 20 mag, it has the Lewis Gun magazine, the mag is loaded by the bottom, as is for the normal Lewis Gun. RPM: 600 DM: 25

  45. My loadout
    The Italian Gunner
    Perino Low Weight
    M1912 pistol
    Limpet Charge
    Defensive perk

    You, the Italian gunner was deployed at the Italian operation to retake your land from Britain, you will provide cover fire for your comrades. Play offensive if needed.

    Edit: Have fun LevelCap!

  46. The civil war veteran

    -Martini Henry
    (W/ bayonet)
    -No secondary
    -No gadgets
    -smoke grenade

    Hey levelcap. I made up this load out based on what a veteran in the civil war would've carried. The martini Henry represents itself or, with its long reload, a muzzle loader. Soldiers would've often fought in field battles, in grids each taking turns firing. This was before smokeless powder, that's where the smoke grenade comes in. I hope this gets a lot of likes because it would be cool to see what you can do with it.

  47. Ironic this vid says Standard German stormtrooper, and the first thing I see is a Habsburg Jadkommando -_-

  48. How about this loadout with gas grenades and you toss the grenades into trenches or highly full areas while charging with gas mask on. The rest of the weapons are the same.

  49. Bf1 should have added the kar98aż it’s what most stormtroopers really used they did sometimes use Gewehr 98s

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