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Hi everyone it’s Farah and welcome to my
channel The Farah Project. Today I’m going to be sharing my first book review
for the first book I finished in 2019 and it is Looking for Alibrandi by
Melina Marchetta, or is it Marketta? I’m not sure. Now I’m
starting to doubt myself, I’ve always called her Melina Marchetta but I think
it’s Marketta. Let me know down below. So Melina
Marchetta is actually, Marketta, is actually one of my favorite authors in YA
specifically I’ve read a bunch of her books. I’ve read Saving Francesca, On
the Jellicoe Road, The Finnikin of the Rock trilogy – which is called the
Lumatere Chronicles and now I’ve read her first book, her debut book Looking
for Alibrandi. Looking for AliBrandi is the story of a young teenage
girl, in her last year, in a Catholic High School. She is an illegitimate child and
one day her father shows up. She needs to figure out what she wants to do with her
future at the same time she’s falling in love with this boy and just so much is
happening in her final year in school and of course teenage hormones, which I
think Melina Marchetta does such a great job at writing. Teenage hormones. So one
of the reasons that Melina Marchetta or Marketta is actually one of my favorite
authors in YA is because she writes really realistic teenagers. In this case
Josephine Alibrandi, the protagonist, is so freakin annoying. It’s because she’s a
teenager and she writes her realistically. She goes through these
hormonal rages, one minute she’s really happy, the next she’s really sad at the
same time she has these big raging fights with her single mother but also
her grandmother. So one of the primary focuses in this book is not only about
this high school girl trying to get through high school and everything that
goes along with it relationships, friendships, love, studies, future but also
grappling with her cultural identity. She is an Italian origin who lives in
Australia and so she looks Italian, she doesn’t have the blonde blue-eyed look
and so she is somewhat targeted as an outsider and it’s about her coming to
terms with her cultural identity, embracing it but also being Australian
at the same time while assimilating certain
aspects of the Australian culture and keeping in touch with her own original
cultural roots and ethnicity and it’s so interesting seeing her coming to terms
with that throughout the story not just by meeting her father but also learning
more about her mother’s history and ultimately her grandmother’s history who
was the one who migrated originally from Italy to Australia. Melina Marchetta
has such a great way of tackling social topics but specifically really heavy
ones such as social class but also racism and mental illness, you get all of
these things in here and more. You also get a lot of different types of
relationships highlighted in the story within Josephine’s life. She’s got her
relationship with her parents, obviously, her estranged father who came back out
of nowhere she’s never met him before but also her relationship with her
mother, her single mother, who had her when she was really young,
also her relationship with her grandmother who is she sees as someone
much older and so much more annoying and how they start to bond over time so
there’s the familial aspect of it but also the love aspect of it, the romance
how she falls in love for the first time in high school. Can I say that I
really enjoyed that relationship? No but I’ll talk about that in a bit there’s
also her friendships in high school and it’s- it’s interesting because I’ve
actually been talking about this recently with my own high school friends who I’ve
met recently and it’s about this thing about you growing up with these people
in high school and being forced to be friends with them and getting to know
different aspects of them and relating to them in a way that you probably
wouldn’t have if you’ve had your choice of friends. In university you can go off
and make friends with whoever but in high school it’s your class and so it’s
actually really great. I love the fact that you are forced to be friends with,
people who may not have been your first choice, your vibe, if that makes any sense
and so you start to see how she’s friends with these girls who all have
one thing in common and that they’re outsiders or they’re perceived as
different but also not specifically her first choice as friends because there
are certain aspects of them that she doesn’t enjoy but they’re still friends. But
to go back to the romance, relationship, between her and- I can’t remember
the name of the guy, Jacob Coot was his name. It’s interesting because this
was I think published back in the 90s as Melina Marchetta’s debut novel but
seeing the YA culture now and comparing it to how this was written
back then it’s interesting to see the relationship and how it will be
perceived and I don’t think it would have been perceived very well only
because these two characters there’s very little that they have in common and
they fight a lot and there’s a lot of there’s- it’s a mean relationship
but at the same time I do see how it’s realistic. They fall fast and hard in, in
a way that only teenagers can because they see something in one another that
attracts them to one another not necessarily just like in a very shallow
way but also on a deeper level that they don’t know or know how to explain
but again I didn’t love the romance not because of that aspect of it not because
they fell for each other rather quickly or because they fought a lot and got
into a lot of arguments but also talked it out which was nice and actually rather
mature of them but because it just didn’t give me the butterfly feeling. I
don’t know, I just I could tell that they weren’t compatible but I could be wrong…
we’ll see don’t want to say too much…I might have already said too much…
All in all, I really enjoyed the book because if all the issues it brought
forth but I didn’t love it. It’s not my favorite but a pretty decent way to start
off the year. I’m happy with that. So let me know down below if you guys
have read this book, if you’ve read anything else by this author. What was
the first book you finished this year and how did you like it?
Are you slumping? Are you on a roll? Are you content? Are you having a good year, guys?
Let me know down below, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for
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