Looney Tunes: Back in Action All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)

hahaha soon the whole world will be
helpless before me why should i transform you into my famous ways with
this magical blue monkey diamond if I have anything to say about it evil who
are prepared to suffer the righteous theory of my oversized home latex muscle
girls muscle hope all this what do you mean hold it don’t you want to see my
righteous fury it’s really righteous Jessie I’m afraid you’re just not action
star material who will I guess we know what 65 years of loyal service is worth
in this town thanks a lot mr. moral support
hmm yeah yeah it’s a smash hit I love it and to think I already went out of
pocket for the rock diamond five bucks at the pawn shop why it’s the real blue
a monkey dined okay so it’s not an original concept but did you say real
yes real at last I found it i evil chairman of Acme industries i began by
taking over the studio that gave my company such a bad name and now with
this diamond I can turn everyone into monkeys and conquer the world starting
with the two of you ah a Hollywood executive who secretly evil should we be
surprised now but the mask was a nice touch okay
huh well that wasn’t supposed to happen big diamonds big diamond yep and
dangerous in the wrong hands so what do you think you want for saving the world
where schmorl’s that thing’s worth a fortune yes back here you little lifetime of
total financial security it’s almost a security orgy after them darn special
effects oh boy I wouldn’t step that’s better
that’s better sad sad sad sad sad and fabulous fortune
corn in an instant Wow yes I bet it go bail em out so pal
you’re a sock not as big as me of course but a star number like me you try to
help some people I’m zoomed bug there’s wanted posters looking for me
everywhere I’m a hunted duck doomed to browse the land always on the run always
searching for that man with one arm it’s I bet any other a-list celebrity
wouldn’t have to wait this long another victory for Daffy Duck funky Hubbard I love the diamonds a future of luxury
and security don’t worry dad all we gotta do is check the map screen
look hey there he is let’s see where he lands look parents
friends gay Paree plenty of Berets fondue when come tonight
you know in Europe I’m considered a genius parents and make it snappy
ah take a check why that’s highway robbery where are we
gonna get that kind of go on a Hollywood movie stars salary
well there was plenty of money laying around back in there there was okay
want to grab some of that money by yourself pal I’ll just um cheer you on
you know from way back here where’s the angle it’s better for survival if you
want a breather just hit the tomb walk button okay show a pink – you know we
want to grab all those three monkeys – me what would the magic diamonds at all
you never know who they could be did you ever get the feeling you was
being grim giving her a no we can afford a cab whoo-hoo
Quasimodo and so on yep mortal peril here we come Joan of Arc Jerry look
that’s mortal peril has been risk to life and limb with the emphasis on life
yep I’m out but what about the Royals in all the monkeys so what does they do
everybody loves monkeys and a giant shiny valuable diamond what are we
waiting for we got a world to save move it Oh bad
Paris gee I know a Fred Picasso in Hoboken I
wonder if there’s any relation welcome to the Royal famous louver Museum for
what hurt there louver but what are they got in this joint yeah a couple of to
three paintings what do you say me to go bout the main gallery over there past
the sculpture of the monkey was the big diamond diamond oh great now we’re Las Vegas we just came from Los Angeles
for crying out loud then again once I’ve got the diamond
what better place to launch my new high-class lifestyle than the land of
the 99-cent shrimp cocktail Las Vegas and don’t spare the horses you want how
many Frank just keep the motor running Depardieu already
knock yourself out boy I take a dare electric bill I wonder where the little swimming
weeklies went where he is hey that’s my life you’re living welcome to my casino crusher before your
next big tussle what do you say to one of our famous 98 cents 99 cents shrimp
cocktail hey you won if this is women I want to
be a louver come on sweetie we’ve got to get to the super-secret
alien research facility area 52 whoo Presley where’s anyway it’s practically
around the corner area 52 driver Bravo sure thing to the chef’s treat oh honey what is this some kind of suction or
something I don’t know you think I can’t we get to know each
other before my Martian invasion force arrives to blow your quaint little
planet – bill what do you say fellows well we’re missing one for bridge but
how about a couple of hands I run for your life
I’ll go first sorry don’t know that one but how about a round and let’s see what
the inside of a drop of a fly now where did I put that back Tony in 47 said
speaking for after oh he’s gonna fillet me he’s gonna fillet me go let him
interrupt my beat look we’re free one minute I’m enjoying a midnight swim the
next I’m getting my tail feathers proof are some boss down with a spittoon on
his head and now look at me cockadoodledoo now this here sauna I got
it in my mom’s stay in this student body so if Anyanka don’t go leaves with me the jungles always lovely this time of
year Just My Luck it’s the heat and the humidity come back come back
vibranium y28 atomic transporter please enjoy
how much welcome to my world ow fine this will give us a chance to save
the ice before we sink the wild sure will make it a twofer wake me when it’s
over Grampa cockatoos giant pines and
poisonous snakes from teleporter gets us to Tierra del Fuego and pull out a
handful of the blue monkey hey we want to be getting close to the Big Finish
rich woman’s what o’clock attacks if one’s gonna get like 20 further inland
video game I’ll have to make my move boom you let it cluster let’s wrap this
up so I can get to the fabulous I can smell her healthy richness let me
apply your children so I can ring the bell I don’t know dad seems like well
you ought to find more money before we wrap it up you know so we can change
them all back I got you down not when I’m ho ho
you wouldn’t day the sooner we get those monkeys the sooner I’ll help you open
the door fun have it your way killjoy Batman and
people call me paranoid well give me a yes yes very fuel on the
other side of this door I’m calling the Union serious get the diamond why bother
we’ve never met but neither would i but I do enjoy asymmetry the Chairman
chairman chairman as long as iris yeah the can we meet again now you’ll see the
awesome power of the blue multi diamond in action will stop you cammon not if
you want to save this monkey well he is only one or your friend the real mr.
Warner a little lady ah that’s granting to you
you big man not so brave now a rabbit and just in case you get any ideas hey easy on the upholstery what’s the
big idea me and the jewel were just getting to
know each other now watch as the whole world goes eat over at me that’d make a
good slogan I hate wonder whatever happened to that
and meet my a chimp an no what do you say Leo Stein oh I’ll make a fortune
selling hats me banana peeler you familiar whew
well nobody’s gonna met you mullet it’s now or never walking gee I was sure I get to be in
the big boss battle frankly I’m for it
fuck it fast I think he beat but Giants soul monster I did I did look it’s the
Chairman Oh wicked awfulness don’t worry I’ll fight away in a second
they all do in these things see he so that’s it it’s over
well that was sort of anticlimactic don’t you think we made it yeah but now we’ve got no way
to telling everybody back from monkeys various he still got my meal ticket finally reunited and it feels he didn’t
yeah the gravy train and what’s the station anybody else got a hankering for
a banana can we keep it ah come area little light flavor you it
was a mighty help lifting the big dam given up your dream in all to save the
oil here rub it in lunch and everyone I just like to thank you all for saving
my life today we saw a little-known side of one of our family members and I for
one think some recognition would be an order I’m talking about someone who’s
quick on his feet no one quicker someone good under
pressure pressures my middle name a bird of
uncommon valor I got valor in spades I believe that
today Warner Brothers have discovered a new action hero and we’re going to be
making a lot of movies together right and you can expect kickbox waffle from
me mr. Warner Titanic impact title ball Tweety yes sir
palace always wins out in it sweetie I just like to thank all the little people
perceive a jolly good fellow for he’s a jolly good fellow for you for dolly too
so Oh nobody can – hi and many more hahahahahaha fabulous riches a chance to
impress the big boss I have it all in my grasp I might blow it ah hey damn we’re
all going to the dhobi to celebrate Tweety’s no movie deal want to come
never mind me I’ve got a date with the worm oh so even have me oh come on we
got boys back in boy banks you sure you don’t want to ride arrived what’s it
gonna cost me don’t worry dad I’ll cut you a special
deal you want how much by by travelpod

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  1. In The Original Movie Concept The President It Really Turned The Planet Earth In the Planet Of The Monkeys?

  2. 12:19
    Ben Tennyson: OK! Let's go!
    Max Tennyson: Not so fast, Ben. Haven't we forgotten something?
    Ben Tennyson: No, Grandpa, I don't think we have.
    Gwen Tennyson: Ben, Grandpa's right. Don't you think we oughta get more of those monkeys first, so we can change them all back when we get the diamond?
    [Ben glances at the door, then at Gwen and Max]
    Ben Tennyson: [Sighs] Fine, we'll go get those monkeys.

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  5. To me daffy will always be my favorite hero and loony tune character cuz i like daffy duck he is funny and very entertaining to watch.

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