M.A., Museum Professions

the Seton Hall graduate program in
museum professions is designed to prepare students for museum careers I’ve
been working here at the New York Historical Society since early in 2015
and I would not have this job and would not be able to do the type of work that
I do every day without the solid master’s program in Museum professions I
came and looked at the program and I fell in love with the opportunities that
I had here and with the experiences that the professor’s had that they could they
could give to me as a student so most of our courses are taught by
working museum professionals so our students are getting first-hand
experience with people who work in museums you’re going to museums you are
doing case studies so it’s very hands-on learning based experiential based it’s
not just theoretical I love the part of the relationship where they care about
us as students and as individuals it creates a balance for me to feel trust
into this institution and I think that creates great success
another key thing that sets our program apart is the proximity to world-class
museums got all the museums in New Jersey New York is just a short train
right of way so I think there’s a lot of opportunity that way because I have
those opportunities because I’m so close I have been able to intern at the
American Museum of Natural History I was an intern at the Guggenheim Museum and
that internship actually turned into a full-time job for me immediately after
graduation I didn’t come in here expecting to learn what I have and this
program has opened my mind up to a whole new idea of what a museum can be in

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