M4 Sherman Ultimate Guide & Specializations Analysis – BF5 Pacific Theater New Tank Review [Part 1]

Hey what’s going on, Azura here. Today we
are going to explore the Sherman tank in depth, talking about its specializations, main armament
stats, armor stats and my thoughts on different ways the sherman can be used to its maximum
effectiveness. So the Sherman tank came with the pacific
theater and is available on those maps at this time. All the tanks that came with this
expansion also came with an extensive specialization tree that allows you to spec out the tank
the way you want to play. The Sherman is a direct counter to the Japanese Type 97 Chi
Ha tank or the Type 3 Chi Nu and the Type 4 Chi To tank when upgraded which I will discuss
in a future video. So let’s take a look at the specialization
tree here first, instead of the 4 levels of specializations the British and the German
tanks have, the Sherman has 6 levels. This enables you to choose between many different
builds, but the three main ones will be a howitzer cannon with flame thrower to create
massive chaos, the infantry support build with the high explosive smoke rounds or the
ultimate tank killer 76mm sherman build. Before we get into these builds and my impression
of them, let’s talk about how each of these main cannons perform. Let’s begin with the
velocity. As expected, the 76mm cannons have the advantage on the fast projectile velocity
of 530m/s which allows it to effectively use the better zoom optics specialization for
precision sniping at targets far away. The default 75mm M3 cannon is also not bad at
420m/s. At most of the distances you would use these cannons, you should really have
no problem adjusting for the elevation and lead. But then you have the 105mm HE howitzer
cannon which has a very slow initial velocity of 150m/s. All howitzer rounds also have half
the amount of drag in the game which allows it to have this slow but floaty trajectory.
For this cannon, you will need to adjust for both the lead and elevation quite significantly
and is really best for targets up to 100m or so. Then let’s talk about damage next. But before
I do, I do want to say that the damage values in the game files do not directly reflect
the damage you deal in game to armor vehicles, but these numbers do correspond to infantry
damage directly. There are a few factors in the files that both myself and the people
at symthic still have not teased out. So what I would do here is to show you the raw numbers
from the files and you can do more or less a qualitative comparison between the different
cannons. The blue here is impact damage, that means the amount of damage the target receives
from a direct hit but if you are aiming at an enemy tank, this impact damage value will
also be affected by the angle of impact, the more perpendicular to the point of impact,
the higher the damage you deal. I will discuss about angles later in the video. Then orange
is the blast damage, that means the maximum amount of explosive damage you deal from a
nearby impact. So for example, it will mean how much damage you will take as a tank in
addition to the impact damage you receive from the direct hit or as an infantry, how
much damage you take if the tank shell landed right next to your feet. And green here shows
a very basic estimation of the total damage but of course in reality, it is much more
complicated than that so take this total damage with a grain of salt. So here, as expected,
the high explosive rounds tend to perform very well in the blast damage category, dealing
more than 100 damage, meaning 1 hit kill an infantry. But the AT rounds have a low blast
damage that trade off for higher impact damage that mostly affects armors rather than infantry.
So here, an interesting thing we can see here is that angle matters a lot more for these
AT rounds and not as much for the HE rounds. That’s because blast damage deals damage in
a sphere and angles do not matter but impact damage highly depends on angle. So if you
are using AT rounds against tanks, hitting them at the best angle is going to be very
important. Otherwise, you may deal even less damage than if you were using HE rounds. So
a couple of notable points here is that the Sherman 76mm HEAT rounds deal a massive amount
of damage, the total damage actually exceeds the Tiger I’s HEAT round. Here I will show
you a clip of me shooting the rear of the Type 97 Chi Ha tank dealing 90 damage in 1
hit, and 64 damage to its side. This means that this cannon has a 2 hit kill potential.
That’s absolutely ridiculous. Then next take home key point here would be
the Calliope’s main gun listed as 75mm M3 AT gun, this gun has a very low blast damage,
meaning it is quite bad at killing infantry, dealing a maximum of 50 damage if you landed
the shot right next to their feet. It is really a specialized cannon against tanks, although
not as amazing as the 76mm HEAT shell. You are better off using the rockets or your coaxial
gun against infantry unless you can score direct hits on the infantry. Next up, it will be the blast radius, I touched
on that a bit earlier. So blast damage a sphere of explosion that deals less and less damage
the further out you go. Blue here is the blast radius, that means the maximum distance from
the point of impact that a target will still receive some damage. The inner blast radius
in orange means if a target is within that distance, it will receive the maximum amount
of damage. Because the damage will decrease the further out you go from the point of impact,
there will be a point where a one hit kill is no longer possible and you will only damage
the enemy partially. The bar in green basically means that as long as you hit the enemy infantry
within that distance, you will guarantee a kill immediately. I put a somewhat to scale
soldier at the bottom here at a rough height of 1.7m. So if you put that next to the green
bar using the Sherman 105mm howitzer HE round as an example, you can one hit kill the infantry
roughly 4-5 person wide away. But you will still do quite significant damage outside
that range, especially if they are already wounded. The 76mm and the 75mm guns are identical
when it comes to killing infantry. let’s quickly go over rate of fire of the
sherman. Basically they all shoot at 20 rounds per minute except for the 76mm HEAT round
which is at 18 rounds per minute and the howitzer at 12 rounds per minute. Oof, that was a lot of numbers, feel free
to go back and pause at those slides if you need to. Now let’s talk about the Sherman armor. Let’s
first go over when you are attacking a Sherman, at which angle should you best aim for. There
are many numbers with angles in this game but I have simplified this down to a few numbers
that correspond to each side of the tank. So let’s talk about this diagram real quick,
the green here means the maximum multiplier you receive from the impact damage if you
hit that side at the perfect angle. the more deviated you are from perpendicular, the lower
the multiplier you get and will actually go as low as 0.1x meaning you will barely do
any damage. And the white number is the minimum amount of angle you should aim for. If you
are at an angle outside of that, you are much better off shooting at the turret, which deals
1x damage for the sherman tank. So the best thing you can do is to shoot at the rear of
the sherman, which will deal the most damage, even if the angle is not perfect as long as
it is within the green brackets. The next best thing would be the side armor, and then
the front. And once again, if you are facing the sherman in the front, you are better off
aiming at its tracks as side damage is counted instead of front, allowing you to deal far
more damage. Alright, then next would be the best angle
for defensive play if you are piloting the Sherman. When you are engaging an enemy tank
or if you are attacking an objective, the best angle for the sherman in particular will
be turning your hull 44 degrees off center. And the way you know how much it is would
be to look at the HUD at the bottom of your screen to match what I have here on the screen.
Of course it works on both sides. What you want to do is to have the gun barrel marking
a bit past the midline of the diagonal lines. This will of course have to be an estimate,
especially when you are in the middle of battle. The reason why you want to be in this angle
is to force your opponent to hit your turret which only deals 1x damage as opposed to 1.2x
in the front or 1.6x on the side. But if the enemy is not hitting your turret and landed
on either the front or your side armor, you will only receive 0.5x the impact damage and
may also increase your chance of having a round ricochet off you. You will still of
course receive the full blast damage so it is not as effective against HE rounds. Alright, so we are done with all the numbers
and stats of the tank. Let’s talk a bit about my impression on the few different builds
I have tried. I have tried essentially 3 different major builds and of course you can kind of
pick and choose a few other specializations like smoke and reinforced parts. The first
would be to use the flamethrowers and howitzer cannon, this build forces you to be up close
an personal and I picked to have smoke discharger over reinforced turret because it creates
chaos and helps with escaping. This build allows you to kill bunched up enemies like
pillbox bunkers or attacking an objectives, the flamethrower just creates chaos and and
scare your enemies and create denial areas if you spray flames on the ground. What it
does lack is precision anti-infantry counters like the coaxial MG for your medium range
and headglitcher infantry. Your howitzer round is not going to be as precise as your other
main guns and losing the coaxial can be detrimental in some cases. While this is fun for certain
situations, it is not my first pick. The second build would be based around the
default 75mm gun with the HE smoke shell. Depending on your first 2 specializations,
you can go with either a coaxial flamethrower or a MG. This tank comes in handy during breakthrough
attacking modes when you can deny enemy tanks by hitting them with the smoke HE shell, forcing
them off their defensive position. You can also fire these at infantry players around
objectives allowing your team to push up with cover. Overall it is an interesting and dynamic
build but lacks the intense raw power against enemy armor. The third build would be going down the right
side tree with the 76mm gun along with the HEAT rounds. These heat rounds are the definition
of raw power. It is by far the second most powerful round in the game following the 380mm
shell from the sturmtiger. You can 2 hit kill any enemy tanks in the pacific theater as
long as the angle is correct. You also do not give up any anti-infantry capabilities
compared to the default 75mm cannon. Both the 76 and the 75mm HE rounds have the same
20rpm rate of fire as well as the same blast damage and blast radius. You can also pair
this with the zoom optics for long range sniping and coaxial gun for defense against infantry.
Overall, this is currently my first pick as a competent infantry killer and a superb tank
killer. And that’s it for this video, what do you
think about the Sherman tank? Let me know down in the comment section. Be sure to check
back later for my review of the other new armor vehicles in the pacific. Also, if you
like this video give it a thumbs up if not a thumbs down. feel free to follow me on Twitter
and join my discord channel links are down below. I would also appreciate it immensely
if you decide to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell for notification, otherwise
have a tanktastic day and I will see you again soon.

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