MA State Publications Depository Program

Calling all state agencies! At the State
Library of Massachusetts it’s our mission to help people find the
information they need. As a part of that mission, we are the centralized resource for
state publications from the distant past to the present. To keep our records up to
date, we need a little help from you.There is
a state mandate that asks each agency to submit their publications to the State
Library, including reports, advisories, meeting minutes and guides. In return
you’ll get a lot of help from us too. When you submit your publications, we’ll
upload them to our digital repository and distribute paper copies to select
libraries across the state. Then if someone has a question and the
answer is in a state document, we’ll be the ones who helped track it down. That saves your agency time and
resources. And the best part, it’s free! Plus, every document you submit helps us
preserve a bit of Massachusetts history for generations to come. You can send us digital materials by
email and mail or bring paper copies to Room 341 in the State House. Our goal is to collect informative, valuable documents.So, you don’t have to
send us every poster, transcript and form. To learn more about how to submit your
publication and whether or not you need to, go to our
website or stop by the State Library and ask!

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