MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar – Windows 10 Gaming Performance Battlefield 1, Hearthstone, GTA V, & More

100 thoughts on “MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar – Windows 10 Gaming Performance Battlefield 1, Hearthstone, GTA V, & More

  1. Best macbook pro gaming test EVER.Many youtubers sees this macbook pro as a piece of rubbish but you're doing a good job of proving it isn't.Thanks for making this review!

  2. Not enough vram for 1440/2160 qhd/uhd but still Great Video. Very playable at 1080! My late 2015 MacBook Pro 13" with iris 6100 could barely run games a 720p but I have an Alienware 17/Custom PC for gaming. I would have loved to have seen how The Division ran on it. I'm addicted to that game.

  3. Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 2016 15inch with touch bar , but after 2 weeks with it, i have a crack sound when I open the screen, do you have the same problem after gaming or working when your Mac is hot and then cold? :/

  4. how do you run the games on the Samsung SSD? Im confused… I heard that installing bootcamp will cause speaker problems. Is that fixed?

  5. be sure to have vsync turned off that will limit the fps to help with screen tearing. If you have it turned off you will get more fps such as in GTA V you would have gotten around 40-50 fps.

  6. This is the base GPU for the new MBP 15? If so, that is very nice for the games you showed. Also, could you try running Star Wars: The Old Republic on it?

  7. Have you gamed on a windows pc?? Trust me once you play games with high graphical settings at 1080p at 60fps on machines costing much less than the mac book pro you'l realize that gta 5 with settings that looked to be on low at 30 fps is certainly not playable looked like a slide show to me. And that was inside a building with very little going on. Just wait when you get into the city and you have cops chasing you, explosions going off would expect around high 20s at best.

  8. Does the keyboard area heat up when playing graphics intensive games? My old MBP used to heat up to the extent that it hurts pressing and number keys or WASD

  9. Hi man, I got 15inch with touch bar, but why I cant play league of legend? Each time i start to play it will freeze there, even though i changed video resolution, still does not work.!!

  10. Great video, it is really one of the best MacBook gaming videos. That said, could I ask for a DotA 2 experience running at Mac OS? Thank you very much

  11. I might be too late with this, but I'm considering buying this model and am very torn. I'm it much of a laptop gamer since I have a Xbox One, but it still would be nice just to have the option to play games (best of both worlds). I'm primarily a graphic designer which this MacBook shouldn't have a problem with. I may get flack for this since people don't like this game, but I'm a HUUGE The Division fan and would absolutely love if you at least test it out and gave me some settings you tried and what your verdict is. I don't require a video of it since you seem by far the least biased and yet, very honest when it comes to MacBook and gaming. Thanks for the awesome video. You brightened my day and made my decision in purchasing one a lot easier 🙂 Liked and subbed of course 😉 Take care! – A new fan from Bratislava, Slovakia

  12. I was thinking of buying the maxed model with 460, but wasn't sure if it's worth it as Macs aren't for gaming. Thinking the base model will be fine with 512 SSD.

  13. Hi,

    I have this computer as well and am interested in gaming on it. Can you explain how to get windows 10 on a MacBook Pro? And is this safe for the computer to be running both operating systems? And could the computer run most new games?


  14. Not the best test……play these games with intense enviromental action also add multiplayer and that'll give an all round bench. Good enuff for me though I'll be building a htpc with this chip when its available. Congratulations AMD for bringing integrated gameplay to Mac. Now you guys can ditch Mac and move on to building your own gear for less than $2,000 and it'll smash any Mac

  15. Terrible testing, you need to read up before doing this.
    1. Overwatch required restart when you changed the setting but you never restarted it.
    2. GTA had sync on that's why you were stuck at 30.
    3. Doom had TXAA (aa).
    4. Battlefield had some settings turned to high
    5. Running off external SSD drops it by 1-5 fps depending on the game

    Good effort nevertheless.

  16. Can you try Players Unknown Battle Grounds on this model mac? on the fence about purchasing and downloading

  17. while I like your attitude and videos, this shows how weak gaming is on that laptop, subtile less than 60fps and lower the. Pure HD (1080p). to get it work. I guess the macbook pro screen makes things look good.

    BTW doom is choppy…sorry

  18. can't wait to see how it does with a full sized external gpu.. the monitor makes it look like ultra settings on my desktop pc with a 4790k, 980ti, and 32 gigs of ram…

  19. thank you so much for making something real, every single other person keeps setting it on native res and nothing else :/

  20. My MacBook Pro 15 inch run my games perfectly fine. My only problem is that the computer gets CRAZY HOT! I don't hear the fans either, is this normal? Anyone else experiencing similar situations?

  21. The human eye can see a lot more than the 30/60 fps, but with a 60 HZ monitor your restricted to seeing the 60 and under frame rates.

    Attach a 144 hz monitor, you will easily see a difference when hitting above 100.

  22. Thanks for review. Not a full on gamer but good to know I can have 15" Macbook Pro for all my real sh*t and still use it for some half decent gaming. Thumbs up

  23. This macbook costs about 2000€ ,
    Wtf was they thinking when they build that piece of shit? U cant run gta 5 in FHD with 60fps ? I would never buy that shit , with that money u could build urself a 4k gaming pc

  24. Thanks for the video. Did you need to upgrade the drivers for the AMD card because i heard it solves compatibility problem with some games?

  25. I know this video is over a year old, but I am definitely going to try this. I have the exact same model and I always thought it wouldn't have the balls to push any games. I play mostly Blizzard games and league of legends so I think I should be fine, just need to install Windows.

  26. A little late to the party but this is a very helpful video for those considering getting a Mac and wanting to do more than just editing

  27. Thanks for this video. I wanted to know how gaming is on MacBook Pro and Air running Windows 10, this video answers it all.

  28. I really like my Macbook Pro… I like having a Windows partition for gaming only, keeps me productive being more than a click away to time-wasting 😉 Does run hot though, that's for sure 🙂

  29. lol, HUGE difference from 60fps to 120fps, not sure where you get this "the human eye can only see 60fps" , anywho, nice vid 🙂

  30. Thank You, I was really depressed about not being able to play The Witcher 3, as I have played 1&2 many times. You have given me HOPE, and thanks for showing the other games as well, really informative. Also, I was on the fence about Bootcamping my Mac but you sir have driven that fear outta me!! Respect due to you.

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