MAD MINUTE – Lee Enfield No.4 MkI Iron Sight Gunplay BF5

oh gee scared me hey there’s a guy right here collateral
hey everyone Azura here today I’m bringing you another iron sight rifle
gameplay using the Lee Enfield on Hamada breakthrough this gun shoots so quickly
and sometimes too quickly there was even the pre-world War one bolt-action rifle
speed shooting exercise used by the British riflemen called the mad minute
the first record was set by sergeant major Jesse Wallingford in 1908 he was
able to land 36 shots on the 48 inch target at 300 yards within the minutes
mind you they were using the Short Magazine Lee Enfield No.1 MkIII with five round magazine That is absolutely insane so in this video I’m
going to try to emulate them in addition to running around like a madman using
the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk I rifle with iron sights compared to other
bolt-action iron sights in game this one seems to be much harder to use the front
sight sort of obscure the screen a little bit but as I progressed through
the round here I started to get a little bit more accustomed to the sight and
start to do fairly well in the end I got a 3kd while getting 78 kills which was
not too shabby so if you enjoy videos like this one
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button if you think this has earned it otherwise enjoy the gameplay oh my god there is tank two more bullets No well that was very accurate nope you’re not doing that Oh there is another one, ah teammate got him oh my goodness oh that was not a person you can never
be too safe you know ah so many dang there is an AA right there oh hello come on hit him already oh there’s a tank right there I am going to come get you oh and never mind there’s a another tank
sorry oh gee scared me wait there’s a guy right here collateral damn another guy I think he died gotcha There is a guy back here where is he
Ah nevermind, screw it oh there’s so many here
No don’t smoke it come on now there we go
another one three we almost won Give me more I got you oh that was close well the tank had like
one health and I repaired it back to a hundred nice man

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  1. You all have been clicking the subscribe button like you are doing the mad minute drill, absolutely legends πŸ™‡
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  2. A weapon such as this appears to demand a great deal of agility on the part of its user, but it appears to pay off in a sort of unorthodox fighting style that is, by proxy, difficult to counter and interesting.

  3. Lee Enfield with iron sight is one of my favorite ways to play this game. its only downside is how quickly it chews though its ammo.
    You should've added a bayonett for extra style points. Also, those gold sight look really dumb. ^^

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