Madeline Delp Visits the North Carolina Museum of Art

we just got out of the North Carolina
History and Science Museums and I have to say I’m pretty just profoundly awed but
everything that we saw now we’re gonna take the flip side of that and go see
the art museum and see how people have been able to take their creativity to a
whole other level this has a great story this is a work that the sculptor Michael
Richards did as a sort of homage to the Tuskegee Airmen who were a group of
African Americans during World War two they were pilots but the amazing thing
about this is Michael Richards studio was in the Twin Towers almost all of his
works were destroyed at 9/11 and so it’s one of the very few works by the artist
that has survived it’s a perfect example of a work of art that meant one thing
but then in terms of cultural events all of a sudden it takes on this other
amazing thing with planes kind of like crashing into Michael Richards who died in
9/11 every great work of art has a story to tell and I mean that’s why being a
curator is such a great job we had a lot of talk about this some of us curators
thought isn’t don’t you wanna just like push it and see it swinging back
and forth and this is like the great fear that we had but Larry and actually
the curators are very much you know we wanted people to get as close to this as
possible because the texture and the whole form all around is I mean it’s
pretty amazing it’s bronze actually and she’s
also a seamstress which she actually sewed that work of art and stuffed it so
so what do you think that would be maybe it’s because i just came from the science museum but I’m seeing a bug of sorts actually with the eyes I feel a very strong connection with the earth with this because of the dirt that was used but just the sense of how it almost looks like they’re the fossils of people from the past but also the present this is the Annunciation hail Mary full
of grace the Lord is with you this is when Christ is miraculously
implanted in her womb we know that this picture was painted for a chapel owned
by these folks in the French province of Auvergne and what’s amazing is if
you were in the chapel and you looked out the window on March 25th nine months
before Christmas this is exactly what you’d see and we even identified some
of the mountains here and over here these are prayers and what she is
praying for is that she would have a child she has a girl that girl marries a
Medici they have a child who comes back to France and she is the mother of three
French kings it’s more than a work of art it’s like a painted prayer that was
a pretty good prayer these are all Rodins the three figures
are identical figures they’re just three of the same figure and these are water
lilies if you go to Monet’s house in Giverny water lillies are a big thing there
and Rodin and Monet knew each other and were friends and this is the best collection of Rodin
between Philadelphia Washington and California a lot of times when you go
see Rodin some museums they’re all pushed up against the wall
but Rodin wanted you to see his works in 360 degrees and so with one or two
exceptions you can see these in 3d which are really amazing I’m amazed how well
he’s able to capture the just the physical presence of both of them and the anatomy so well

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