Making of HOME Part3: Photo Exhibition- HOME Project Magnum

OK so, is this the final size? That is the desired size, yes You know I wonder if there’s… because it’s gonna be many
I think it could be… Let me look at his email again Sorry, oh there it is Feel like it’s quite high What does the general public
think the curator is I really don’t think that many people
would know what the curator is My name is Pauline Vermare and
I am the cultural director of Magnum in New York I curated this exhibition with
the whole team at Magnum and Fujifim So the HOME project originated
in Tokyo in 2017 It was a conversation between Hiroji Kubota,
one of the Magnum photographers and Kunio Aoyama who was a friend of Hiroji’s
and working for Fujifilm Together they decided that it would be wonderful if Fujifilm would invite a group of Magnum photographers to work on one subject and together they determine that “HOME” would be a wonderful subject to work on because it was a very delicate subject that also was very universal and could have gone in many directions and indeed it when in 16 different directions Being a curator you really have to be very respectful and mindful of the vision of the photographer so the vision of the photographer doesn’t stop
when he takes the photograph You want to take the photo that is the print and put it on the wall and work in the three dimensions You know the space
your gallery or museum Is it one large print? Is it many small prints? Is it aligned?
Is it no more of an constellation? So it’s gotta be 8 prints total We have 6 today Anyway more to the point you work with
a lot of Magnum photographers I am Esteban Mauchi, master printer here at Lamount I work printing images for artists I don’t think there’s much awareness on
what it takes to have a great photograph I still have a hard time explaining this to my family
what I do for a living This one could be a little darker
What do you think ? Llike a little more contrasted? On the highlights, yes To work with a master printer is an
amazing gift for a curator because you know you’re gonna be
able to rely fully on his expertise and skills There’s gonna be this very refined conversation about the printing, about the framing,
about the mats, or no mats I think the most important part of master printer
is to be open-minded Over the years I realized there are no rules Everyone has a very different way of seeing things Even what for somebody it’s the right color
correction, for some others it may not be You just have to be very open-minded
to what the artist wants to express and see things You know I think it just needs a little touch of contrasts Yeah, this one for sure in the middle Little bit on the blue-ish side So what makes this project HOME
so special and so beautiful and really a must see is the depth of treatment by those 16 photographers
on this one seemingly easy topic or light topic In fact you realize looking at this work that
home is a very complex subject to document Alessandra Sanguinetti whose work is beautiful She decided to focus on one home
and the one home that she chose was Buenos Aires where her parents still live
her aging parents so she took photographs of them
in the detail of the skin taking us very close to that melancholic
notion of the passing of time She really went deep physically, emotionally
as well as photographically You can see the details in her photographs
and then the prints Quite remarkable which allowed for a very discrete,
very sensitive use of the GFX 50S mirrorless camera At this point Philip Lamount has printed 190 prints approximately which is what the show is going to be and the end results thanks to the Fuji paper really renders the quality of the detail of the of the image itself into, you know, the physicality of the print

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